Top 100 RRB NTPC Biology Questions – Part 4

This is the RRB NTPC Biology Questions 4 (Fourth Part) blog in the Top 100 Biology Questions series. These Top 100 practice questions series will be very helpful for RRB NTPC 2019 Exam practice. The RRB NTPC practice questions 4 has 20 questions. Solving these biology questions would help you ace your general science section of the RRB NTPC 2019 Exam. So, here you go -:

RRB NTPC Biology Questions 4

These will be short one line questions for your practice. You are advised to memorize these questions and answers. It would help you increase your RRB NTPC Score in the 2019 Stage 1 CBT.

Q61. Which chemical is popularly used in Rat poison?

Q62. What is the Dental formula of man?

Q62. What is the name of first cloned sheep?

Q64. __________ is the normal cholesterol level in human blood.

Q65. A __________ is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system.

Q66. 99% percentage of water is lost during transpiration, True or False?

Q67. Which enzyme is present in all members of the animal kingdom except Protozoa?

Q68. Zika virus is carried by ________ Mosquito.

Q69. Tomato contains which acid?

Q70. Which animal respire without having blood in them?

Q71. Which cells acting as phagocytes are present in the liver?

Q72. Which cell organelles function as the power house of a living cell?

Q73. A bite of a mad dog causes –

Q74. Which disease is known as ‘silent killer’?

Q75. Human saliva contains the enzym known as _________.

Q76. Which gland disapears during old age?

Q77. The insect responsible for the spread of Kala-azar is –

Q78. ______ is known as the strongest natural fibre.

Q79. Which is known as graveyard of RBC’s ?

Q80. The gland known as master gland in human body is the ___________.

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RRB NTPC Biology Questions 4 Answers

Following are the answers to the above given Biology practice questions for the RRB NTPC 2019 Exam.

Q61. Ans: White Phosphorus Q66. Ans: TRUE Q71. Ans: Kupffer cells Q76. Ans: Thymus
Q62. Ans: 2123/2123 Q67. Ans: Amylase Q72. Ans: Mitochondria Q77. Ans: Sand Fly
Q63. Ans: Dolly Q68. Ans: Aedes Q73. Ans: Hydrophobia Q78. Ans: Silk
Q64. Ans: 180-200 mg/dL Q69. Ans: Oxalic Acid Q74. Ans: High Blood pressure Q79. Ans: Spleen
Q65. Ans: Neuron Q70. Ans: Hydra Q75. Ans: Ptyalin Q80. Ans: Pituitary gland


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