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Reading Comprehension is one such perennial question that is being regularly asked in the English Language section of the various Banking, Insurance, SSC and other Government Examinations. RCs also carry a major chunk of the overall marks allotted to the English section. Therefore, it becomes even more important to give RCs their share of importance. So as to be able to solve reading comprehension questions, one must be in a habit of reading and being able to comprehend them as well. Reading a variety of articles regularly increases the reading and comprehending speed and indirectly gives expertise in RCs section and helps increase the overall marks in the English section. We have in blog “Reading Comprehension Resources” covered a topic that you can read and try to comprehend as well we have given meanings and usage of difficult words and usage. You can also refer the Englishnomics Video that gives you Reading Comprehension Resources and also gain useful insights given by Oliveboard’s English Faculty Harshita Mam.

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Reading Comprehension Resources

Budget 2019: Giving wings to the aviation sector

Below given is the article that you can read for your reading comprehension practice and at the same time know the meanings & usage of difficult words here. You can also watch the video of Englishnomics for better understanding.

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The world’s seventh largest aviation market could finally have something to cheer about. Three months after the country’s oldest private airline, Jet Airways, went bust, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has laid out a series of plans to lift the beleaguered sector. The government will bring out a policy framework for making India a global hub of aircraft financing and leasing activities. Globally, airlines purchase aircraft and then sell them to lessors from whom they then lease them back. Most of the lessors are based out of Europe, the US or China.

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1. Cheer About – To be happy about it

Usage: There are so many reasons to cheer about the Government’s decision to exempt certain imports from duties.

2. Went Bust – Bankrupt/ Go broke/ To loose all money

Usage: The company went bust after the economic depression.

3. Beleagured – Suffering/ Under Stress

Usage: The arrival of the fresh medical supplies was a welcome sight for the beleaguered doctors working in the refugee camps.

4. To lift Beleagured Sector – To lift it up/ To make it better/ To improve its situation

“This is critical to the development of a self-reliant aviation industry, creating aspirational jobs in aviation finance, besides leveraging the business opportunities available in India’s financial Special Economic Zones, namely International Financial Services Centre,” Sitharaman said. India’s aviation sector is presently in the midst of a capacity expansion, and is expected to take delivery of over 500 aircraft in the coming years, providing a significant opportunity for leasing and financing.  

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5. Self-Reliant – Self-Sufficient/ dependent on ones own resources

Usage: Single parents have to be self-reliant and inventive.

6. Aspirational – to Aspire for something, achieve benefits/ social prestige

Usage: High-end smartphones have become aspirational status symbols, especially among the young.

7. Leverage – Try to get maximum advantage out of something

Usage: Home equity is invaluable if you leverage it to build wealth.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to develop India as a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) hub, the government is also planning to bring in policy interventions to ensure self-reliance in the sector. “The government will adopt suitable policy interventions to create a congenial atmosphere for the development of MRO in the country,” Sitharaman said. The lack of MRO facilities and higher costs have meant that Indian airlines have been dependent on several countries, including Singapore and Sri Lanka, for undertaking MRO options. 

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8. Overhaul – Renew/ Repair/ To bring about changes in something/ To modernise something

Usage: The government has recently overhauled the healthcare system.

9. Interventions – Take part in something/ to prevent or alter a result/ interfere/ action taken to improve something

Usage: The intervention by UN troops prevented fighting from breaking out.

10. Congenial – Healthy/ Agreeable/ Favourable/ Good 

Usage: We spent a relaxed evening with congenial friends.

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“We welcome the government’s intent to adopt suitable policy interventions to stimulate the MRO industry in India,” says Palash Roy Chowdhury, chairman, AMCHAM Civil Aviation Committee and managing director–India, Pratt & Whitney. “We look forward to much-needed government support that will enable the local MROs to compete with foreign ones who enjoy a more favourable import tax regime. This will not only boost the local MRO industry but also contribute to the government’s tax revenues.”
India’s aviation industry has been in doldrums since the past few years, particularly due to higher fuel costs and low fares among carriers. The impact has been quite evident since last year when the government couldn’t find any buyers for Air India, and Jet Airways shut down in March this year. Even the government’s ambitious regional connectivity scheme is yet to gather momentum. In May, just a month after Jet Airways shut operations, overall domestic passenger traffic between January and April 2019 grew by just 2.5 percent compared to 24.6 percent in the corresponding period last year. 

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11. Doldrums – A state or period of stagnation or depression/ a situation of hopelessness

Usage: After Jane underwent a painful divorce, she was in doldrums for quite a while./ SBI Clerk results is creating doldrums among aspirants.

Now, in an attempt to ensure a smooth sale for Air India and even Jet Airways, the government is also looking at relaxing the FDI (foreign direct investment) norms for the aviation sector. India’s current laws allow 49 percent FDI in the aviation sector. “The government will examine suggestions of further opening up FDI in aviation, media (animation, AVGC) and insurance sectors in consultation with all stakeholders,” Sitharaman said.

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