Reading Comprehension Resources & Practice Part 1

Here we are with another Article from the Guardian on an important topic that is “2019 G20 Summit”. Read the article in its entirety to gain insights from it in terms of General Knowledge as well it is a great article to be read and understood for Reading Comprehension Practice. You can also refer the Englishnomics Video that gives you  complete clarity on the “Reading Comprehension Resources Part 1″ and gain useful insights given by Oliveboard’s English Faculty Harshita Mam.

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Reading Comprehension Resources Part 1

Trade wars, tweets and western liberalism: G20 summit wraps up in Osaka

1. Wraps up – Completed/ To Finish Something

Usage: We ought to wrap up this meeting and get back to work.

Shinzo Abe declares Japan’s first G20 a success, but the summit revealed deep divides.

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, may have described the G20 summit as a success on Saturday afternoon, but the two days that the leaders of the world’s 20 richest economies spent in the rainy-season humidity of Osaka also magnified deep and potentially unbridgeable divides on everything from climate change to the future of western liberalism.

2. Magnified – Enhance/Enlarge/Boost

Usage: He always magnifies the problems and inconveniences of travel.

3. Unbridgeable – Problems too big to be solved/resolved

Usage: There is an unbridgeable divide between the country’s two main political parties.

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The G20 nations, Abe said, “have a responsibility to squarely face global problems and to come up with solutions through frank dialogue”. Their communique, which had looked in doubt 24 hours earlier as the EU and the US sparred over how to describe the climate crisis, went some way towards meeting his demands.

4. Squarely Face – Directly/In a straightforward or honest manner

Usage: We must face these problems squarely.

5. Communique – An official announcement made to the media/press releasebulletin

Usage: The company released a communique to the news outlet that explained why the former CEO resigned.

6. Sparred – Argue

Usage: We have had a long friendship, although recently we have sparred more than we have supported each other.

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You can read the complete article here.

Refer to the video below for your better understanding of the above article.

Some Other Important Terms related to this Article

1. Bilateral – Involving two parties, especially countries (Bi=two)

2. Pull Asides – Private Conversations

3. Plurilaterals – Involving more than two countries or Parties but not too many

4. Multilateral – Many, especially several different countries

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We hope that you would like our new effort, our new blog “Reading Comprehension Resources Part 1”. We would be back with another article for your reading comprehension practice. 

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