RRB JE Job Profile 2019 – All you need to know

Indian Railways has released an advance notification announcing 14033 vacancies for various posts like Junior Engineer (JE), Junior Engineer – IT (JE-IT), Depot Material Superintendent (DMS) and Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant (CMA). Before you proceed with the Online Application Form we would like to inform you about the complete RRB JE Job profile in detail, allowances and the duties in the roles you will be assigned. Lets begin with the detailed analysis of the Job Profile of Junior Engineer(JE) in railways.

You can check the RRB JE notification HERE.

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The work of the Junior Engineer depends on which specialization they are recruited for. The list of specialization are as follows;

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Information and Technology Engineering

Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer: Civil Engineering

 The Civil Engineering department has many posts under it  A junior engineer in civil works as a supervisor and is made In charge of the Inspector of Works in Civil Engineering Department.

RRB JE Job Profile: Roles and Responsibility of Civil Engineers in Civil Department

Junior Engineer(Works)-The responsibilities of the person entitled with this role will be to look over the repairs, Platform Extension Work/Shed Constrictions and maintenance of the Staff Quarters as well as Office.

Junior Engineer(Bridge)-This job profile has responsibilities related to the construction of bridges, holding bridge workshop and maintenance of Bridges in the Railways Department.

Junior Engineer(Permanent Way)- A person entitled with this responsibility has to ensure that the tracks are maintained in its best conditions so that trains can travel in a smooth, fast and efficient way. He will handle the workers such as Trackman, patrolman etc.

Junior Engineer(Track Machine)- A Track Machine Engineer will be in charge of the machines along with the technicians. His responsibilities will include satisfactory working of machines, to make sure that necessary staff is present for the optimum utilization of the machines at the time of track possessions or line blocks.

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Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer: Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering in Railways is responsible for maintenance of traction distribution, electric locomotive, train air conditioning and lighting, generation of power supply etc. The various posts and their duties under the electrical department have been mention below.

RRB JE JOB PROFILE: Roles and Responsibility of Electrical Engineers in Electrical Department

General Services Engineer(GS)- The person entitled with this job role has responsibilities such as maintenance of various equipment’s used in Railway Department.

Traction Distributions Engineer(TRD)- A traction distribution person handles the maintenance of overhead equipment’s (OHE), and substations which are indulged in shifting of rolling stock.  Electrical Engineers also have to collectively work with other central departments of Railways to get the collaborative works done.

Traction Rolling Stock Engineer(TRS)- A person with this role is responsible for the safeguard and production of Main Line EMUs(MEMUs), Electrical Locomotives and Electrical Multiple Units(EMUs).

Traction Operations Engineer (TRO)- A Traction Operation Engineer ensures that the drive Wheels spin at a standard rate if the motion of wheels is too fast, it is there job to inform the railway drivers to prevent accidents.

Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer: Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering is responsible for providing safe and smooth train operations. It helps in the utilization of optimum line capacity. They also help in maintaining the Train Indication Boards in Railway Platforms.

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RRB JE JOB PROFILE: Roles and Responsibility of Electronics and Communication Engineers in Electronics Department

Junior Engineer(Signal and Telecommunication)- This person is the supervisor of the Telecommunications Department of Railways and is in charge of installation and maintenance of the machines.

The further segregation of the Telecommunications Department is in two types;

  1. Station Units-This person oversees the signalling installations of the stations.
  2. Production Units- The production team ensures to provide the raw materials needed for proper installations of the units.

Junior Engineer(Drawing and Design)- He supervises the blueprint and the layout of Signals to be put on the Railway Track Lines for the proper and efficient functioning of Railway Operations.

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Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer: Mechanical Engineering

A Mechanical Engineer in Indian Railways is responsible for manufacturing, maintenance and operations of  Wagons,  Locomotives and Carriages. The Job Profiles included under this department is mentioned below.

RRB JE JOB PROFILE: Roles and Responsibility of Mechanical Engineers in Mechanical Department

Junior Engineer(Mechanical)- A junior Mechanical Engineer  who is supervised by Section Engineer is divided into two Units;

1)Production Unit- Under this unit, he has the responsibility to oversee the maintenance of trains and the conditions of Wagons and Goods Carriages are in a good condition.

2)Workshop Unit- A person in Workshop unit makes sure that the maintenance and periodic checking of components of Locomotives and Coaches are done as per scheduled time.

Junior Engineer(Mechanical Workshop Engineer)- A person with this job profile has to create a system of zero deficiencies and defects on Locomotives, Carriage and Wagon(Collectively known as rolling stock).

Junior Engineer(Carriage and Wagons)- This person makes sure that scheduled inspection of carriage and wagons are monitored along with the trail components.

Junior Engineer(Diesel Mechanical Engineer)- The maintenance and operation of Diesel Locomotives are being operated under this person.

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Job Profile of RRB Junior Engineer: Information and Technology Engineering

The Department of Information and Technology in Railways plays a very important role. They look after the website security, IT policies, updates of the real-time schedules of arrivals and departures of trains online. They also look after the installations of Wi-Fi, Train Indicators Systems and GPS Digital Clocks.

RRB JE Job Profile – Roles and Responsibilities of an Information and Technology Engineer.

Junior Engineer(IT)- The person entitled with this role is responsible for policy framing and IT related matters of Railways. He/she is the Content Manager and Webmaster of the Indian Railways Site.  They are also responsible for maintenance of Hardware such as Fax Machines and Officer Equipments.

This will be all from our end in this blog on RRB JE Job Profile 2019, we hope this blog has helped you in understanding the career path you wish to peruse in case you get selected as a Junior Engineer in Indian Railways. To prepare for Railways RRB JE please refer to Oliveboard RRB JE Mock Tests. Wish you All the Best for the exam.

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