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Top 100 RRB NTPC Biology Questions – Part 2

RRB NTPC Biology Questions 2

This is the RRB NTPC Biology Questions 2 (second Part) blog in the Top 100 Biology Questions series. These Top 100 practice questions series will be very helpful for RRB NTPC 2019 Exam practice. The RRB NTPC practice questions 2 has 20 questions. Solving these biology questions would help you ace your general science section of the RRB NTPC 2019 Exam. So, here you go -:

RRB NTPC Biology Questions 2

These will be short one line questions for your practice. You are advised to memorize these questions and answers. It would help you increase your RRB NTPC Score in the 2019 Stage 1 CBT.

Q21. RBC’s count in the blood  is increased when a person is having _________.

Q22. Where are the Lacrymal glands situated in the human body?

Q23. The red, blue and purple colours seen in plants is because of the ________  pigment.

Q24. Which part of the human brain controls Motor skills of the body?

Q25. What is the name the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood .

Q26. Name the gas used for making vegetable ghee?

Q27. Which is the largest gland in the human body?

Q28. The smallest functional unit of a kidney is the ?

Q29. James D. Watson, a Nobel Prize winning scientist is expert in the field of ________.

Q30. Polio is caused by a _________.

Q31. The flow of energy in the Energy Pyramid is always _________.

Q32. Saliva helps in the digestion of ________.

Q33. Which Parent’s chromosome is used for sex determination test?

Q34. The bio-gas used for cooking is a mixture of ______.

Q35. The yellow colour of the human feces is a result of the pigment called _______.

Q36. Which air pollutant causes the most serious health hazards?

Q37. Vitamin K is required for the synthesis of _________.

Q38. Which compound is used in anti-malarial drug?

Q39. Dental cavities are caused because of the deficiency of?

Q40. What is the process of filtering blood through an artificial kidney called?

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RRB NTPC Biology Questions 2Answers

Following are the answers to the above given Biology practice questions for the RRB NTPC 2019 Exam.

Q21. Ans: Polycythemia Q26. Ans: Hydrogen Q31. Ans: Upwards Q36. Ans: Sulphur dioxide
Q22. Ans: Eye Orbit Q27. Ans: Liver Q32. Ans: Starch Q37. Ans: Prothrombin
Q23. Ans: Anthocyanin Q28. Ans: Nephron Q33. Ans: Father Q38. Ans: Chloroquine
Q24. Ans: Frontal Lobes Q29. Ans: Genetics Q34. Ans: Methane & Carbondioxide Q39. Ans: Fluorine
Q25. Ans: Insulin Q30. Ans: Virus Q35. Ans: Urobilin Q40. Ans: Dialysis


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That is all from us in this RRB NTPC Biology Questions 2 blog. Keep checking this space for the remaining 3 parts in this series of Top 100 RRB NTPC Biology Questions. You will get all exam updates for RRB NTPC 2019 hereGet free study notes. To prepare with thousands of fellow aspirants visit Oliveboard’s discuss forumAll the Best for your RRB NTPC Exam, preparation, Keep Learning with Oliveboard.

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