RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions 2019-20 [28 Dec’ 20 – 13 Jan’ 21]

RRB NTPC has been started from 28 December 2020 and will last till 13 January 2020. With the conclusion of the daily shifts, many students appearing for the upcoming shifts wonder how was the paper? what were the questions asked in the examination? and more. To help you with the answers, we have brought you a complete list of RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions covering all the General Awareness questions asked in the exam along with the solutions. Read along to know the RRB NTPC 2019-20 Memory Based  Questions.



RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions | All Days, All Shifts

RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions | 16th January 2021


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Questions available till 11th Jan 2021.

RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions | 13th January 2021

HQ of the European Union – Brussels, Belgium

Who is known as the bird man of India?  – Salim Ali

Which city is called the Sangamar city of India? – Kishangarh

WHO headquarters? – Geneva, Switzerland

Himachal Day is celebrated on?  13th January

Pravashi Bhartiya Day is celebrated on? 9 January

When was BHEL established? 1964

Where was the venue of Asian Boxing Championship 2020? India

What is the shortcut of Paste – Ctrl+ V

Battle of Palassey was fought in the year? 1757 AD


RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions | 29 December 2020

RRB NTPC Memory Based GA Questions – Shift 1

Q1) What is the formula for lime water?

Q2) Proton/ Neutron was named by_____.

Q3) What is the full form of HTTP?

Q4) Governor of Telangana?

Q5) Father of Babur?
Ans: Umar Mirza

Q6) CM of Telangana?
Ans: P Vijayan

Q7) Who is the PM of Japan?

Q8) Full form of GST?

Q9) GST is which type of tax?
Ans: Indirect

Q10) Question based on Sean Connery?

Q11) Where is Sukreshawar Temple situated?
Ans: Assam

Q12) Pirpanjal Tunnel is name after
Ans: Atal Bihar Vajpayee

Q13) Largest Freshwater Lake In the world?
Ans: Lake Baikal

Q14) Earth Day Theme For 2020
Ans: Climate Action

Q15) ICC headquarters?

Q16) Question Based on President Article?

Q17) What is the tag of Indian Bank?

Q18) Which organ secretes bile juice?

Q19) Who is the head of UNO?

Q20) Who established Congress?

Q21) What is LICHEN?

Q22) What was discovered by Rober Hook?
Ans: Dead Cells

Q23) Which blood group is the universal acceptor?
Ans: AB+

Q24) Which country topped in the Human Development Index?

Q25) Who is the governor of RBI?

Q26) Question on ATP (Adinosine Triphosphate) – Energy Currency of the cell

Q27) God father of Adarsh Gram Yojana?
Ans: JP Narayan

Q28) What is the capital of Bhutan?
Ans: Thimpu

Q29) Question on Sanyasi Rebellion?

Q30) In which year Sanchi Stupa was included in UNESCO’s world heritage site?
Ans: 1989

Q31) When is constitution day celebrated?

Q32) Which is India’s First Tiger Reserve?
Ans: Jim Corbett

Q33) Full form of PMKVY?

Q34) Who gave the Theory of Relativity?
Ans: Albert Einstein

Q35) What are Scalar & Vector Quantity?

Q36) Question related to atom?

Q37) Question related to lens?

Q38) Swaraj Ki Mang kab ki gyi thi?

Q39) Launch Vehicle of Chandrayan-II

RRB NTPC Memory Based Questions | 28 December 2020

RRB NTPC Memory Based GA Questions – Shift 2

1. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D?
Ans. Knock knee, Rickets

2. Where is Cl placed in the period table?
Ans. Group 17

3. What is heavy water?
Ans. D20

4. CEO of Nokia?
Ans. Pekka Lundmark

5. Who is the Chairman of BAFTA?
Ans. Krishnendu Majumdar

6. Who is the governor or Rajasthan?
Ans. Kalraj Mishra

7. Where is the headquarter of UNDP?
New York

8. Who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2020?
Paul Milgrom & Robert B William


9. Where is Bharatpur?

10. What is the study of universe called?

11. Battle of Pallasey was fought in the year?
Ans. 1757

12. Jaliwanwala Bagh massacre took place in the year?
Ans. 13 April 1919

13. What is the full form of NIU?
Ans. Network Interface Unit

14. Where is the headquarter of BARC?
Ans. Mumbai

15. What is the full form of FICCI?
Ans. Federation of Indian Chambers Commerce and Industry

16. Where is the headquarter of UNSC?
Ans. New York

17. Which city is called the City of Saffron?
Ans. J&K

18. Who is the CEO of Paytm?
Ans. Vijay Shekhar Sharma


Other questions asked in the shift 2 were

  • Which film received the maximum award in Film Fare award 2020?
  • Karl Landsteiner got a noble prize for?
  • G20 summit was held at?
  • G.N.P
  • Where is NDA is located?
  • Which is the tallest Budh statue is located?
  • Who discovered the Nucleus?
  • Mopala revolt occurred at?
  • Who is the Governor of MP?
  • Sun’s which layer is visible to us?
  • Who calculated National Income in India?
  • Currency of Japan is?
  • Gol Gumbad is located at?
  • Where is the biggest solar power plant?
  • What is the salary of Vice President of India?


RRB NTPC Memory Based GA Questions – Shift 1

Q1) Who is the head of DRDO?
Ans: Satish Reddy

Q2) Who was the Viceroy when was Bengal Divided?
Ans: Lord Curzon

Q3) Which is India’s First National Park?
Ans: Jim Corbett National Park

Q4) Surat is situated on the bank of which river?
Ans: Tapti

Q5) When was the 2nd battle of Panipat fought?

Q6) Where was the commonwealth youth game held?

Q7) Environment day theme?

Q8) Where is the Gobi Desert?

Q9) Bank Of Baroda is merged with which bank?

Q10) Who won the US Open 2020 (Men)?
Ans: Dominic Thiem


Q11) What is the unit of distance?
Ans – Meter

Q12) Who is current the CJI?
Ans: Sharad Arvind Bobde

Q13) What is the density of earth?

Q14) What is the density of moon?

Q15) Where is Saddle Peak or Saddle Hill located?
Ans: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q16) Diseases caused by the Virus?

Q17) Measurement of substance?

Q18) What s the brain of the computer
Ans: CPU

Q19) Swaraj Mera Janamsidh Adhikar Ha is said by?

Q20) When was Chandrayan 2 was launched?
Ans: 2019

Q21) Election Commission operates under which article?
Ans: Article 324-329 Part 15 of the constitution.

Q22) What will be the effect on Mass when you travel to the moon?
Ans: No effect

Q23) International Mother Earth day is observed on?
Ans: 22 April

Q24) Who is the author of Raj Tarangini?
Ans: Kalhana

Q25) If your weight on earth is 60kg. What will be your weight on the moon?
Ans: The weight on the moon will become 1/6th of the original weight i.e 10 kg


Q26) Where is mukurthi national park?
Ans: Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

Q27) Where is women’s day celebrated?
Ans: 8 March

Q28) When is Ozone Day observed?
Ans: 16 September

Q29) When was CPCB established?
Ans: 1974

Q30) Light year is an unit of _______.
Ans: Distance

Q31) Gyanpeeth 2019 was awarded to?
Ans: Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri

Q32) Rukmini Devi Arundale is associated with which dance form?
Ans: Bharatanatyam

Q33) International Mother Earth day is observed on?
Ans: 22 April

Q34) When was jnanpith award given to Amitav Ghosh?
Ans: Dec 2018

Q35) What is the formula of urea?

Q36) What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index?
Ans: 94

Q37) Which state has the longest seashore?
Ans: Gujarat

Q38) Sericulture is?
Ans: Silk cultivation

Q39) Who is the CM of Himachal Pradesh?
Ans: Jay Ram Thakur

Q40) Where was IPL 2020 final held?

Q41) Who is the PResident of UNSC?

Q42) Question related to dandi yatra?

Q43) Deputy CM of Haryana?

Q44) Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is situated in?
Ans: Tirunelveli TN

Q45) What is the strength of Lok Sabha?
Ans: 552

Q46) Small pores on leaves used for gas exchange is called?
Ans: Stomata

Q47) Census in INDIA started in?
Ans: 1881

Q48) Which gas is called Laughing gas?
Ans: Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Q49) Satluj river enters India through which pass?
Ans: Shipkila Pass

Q50)Full form of MICR?
Ans: Magnetic Ink Character Reader

CEO of Microsoft?
Satya Nadella

RRB NTPC Memory Based GA Questions – Shift 2

Questions Asked To Be Updated Soon

RRB NTPC 2019-20 Detailed Exam Analysis


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