How To Prepare for Computer Awareness Section In Banking Exams

The banking exam season 2017 is here! Most of you have attempted the SBI PO 2017 prelims exam and are now gearing up for the SBI PO 2017 Mains exam. Other major banking exams such as Dena Bank PO, IBPS PO, etc are also lined up in the near future.

In this post, we will present some preparation tips for the Computer Awareness section which is common to most of these banking exams. 

Note: The pattern has been changed i.e. from Computer Awareness to Computer Aptitude for SBI PO Mains. Now, new types of questions will be asked in the computer section which will mainly be based on a conversion from Binary to Decimal & vice versa. 

Computer Awareness Section

Computers form the basis of working in any organization in today’s age. Thus, a basic level of familiarity with computers and computer concepts is a must for any job seeker. This is exactly what this section of the exams tests you on.

Understand that these bank exam tests don’t require you to be an expert. They just want to make sure that a candidate won’t have a problem carrying out the required work. So use this as an opportunity to not just prepare for the exam but to be a good computer operator.

What will be asked in the Computer Awareness Section?

The syllabus of this paper can be broadly put under the following categories:-

  • History of Computers
  • Computer Fundamentals 
  • Parts of a Computer System
  • Data Processing Cycle of a Computer
  • Computer Languages 
  • Input Devices & Output Devices 
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Microsoft Office
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • File Extensions
  • Networking and Internet
  • Computer Viruses
  • Important Abbreviations

Where to prepare from?

Don’t get caught up with proper computer textbooks because they would be of a much higher level than is required for exam preparation purposes. Instead, opt for online e-books and capsules that are tailor-made for every exam. You should also take regular quizzes on this (available online for free) topic so that you remember it. These quizzes will also give you a fair idea about the kind of questions you can expect in the exam.

To aid your preparation, Oliveboard has two free giveaways for you:-

  1. Computer Awareness E-book 

Some Preparation Tips

The computer awareness section can be a game-changer in this otherwise difficult examination. So, the first thing we would want to say here is that, don’t ignore this section.

  • Follow a systematic & integrated approach: Finish the chapters and keep taking regular tests.
  • Revision is an important part of preparation. So, keep revising whatever you learn.
  • In the computer awareness section, you can expect some numerical problems from a topic like number systems. So, it is a good idea to keep practicing these conversions in order to answer questions more quickly.
  • SBI PO Mains is an exam high focussed on Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude & English language but the General awareness and Computer awareness sections play a supporting role and can help you clear the overall cut-offs.

Let us know if you have any doubts & queries regarding the exam in the comments section below.

All the best!


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