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SBI PO 2019 Mains Last Minute Tips and Attempt Strategy

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips

The Mains of SBI PO 2019 Exam is scheduled to be held tomorrow that is on 20th of July 2019. Now this is the Mains Exam and you need to be very cautious while attempting your paper. Prelims was just a qualifying phase but Mains score will be included while calculating your final marks and therefore it becomes even more critical to prepare yourself well and give the exam your best shot. In this blog we have come up with SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips to assist all aspirants who will be taking the Exam tomorrow. 

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips 

1. First of all, Calm Yourself down

Always remember “Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges, so Relax”. Take the Mains Exam as a challenge and with calm mind devise an attempt strategy as to how are you going to attend and attempt the paper. Remember that if the paper is easy, it will be easy for all and if it is difficult, it will be difficult for all aspirants taking the Exam. So, be at ease now, you have prepared enough.

2. Be Confident

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” Believe that you have prepared enough. You have given it all your effort. This will create a positive image in your mind about yourself and the same will have a positive effect on the day of Exam. 

3. Take an 8 Hours Sleep

Now this one is the most important thing that you should do. A sound sleep reduces stress, improves your memory, lowers your blood pressure, sets you in better mood. Needless to say these are things that you will need on the Exam day. Take proper sleep and you yourself will see the benefits.

4. Do not try to take up a New Topic & master them now

Taking up a new topic at this point in time can be a very bad idea now as it will tire up your brain and make you feel exhausted. The better option can be revising Important Formulae and Tricks so that these formulae are on your finger tips and increase your speed and accuracy in Exam.

5. Gather all Important and Useful Documents needed for Exam

For the Mains Exam, the most important thing that you will need will be your admit card (Call Letter). Get out atleast two printouts of the call letter and keep it with you. Also do not forget to take passport size photographs with you. Get your admit cards ready by sticking your photo on it. Take the necessary stationery items like pen, pencil, rubber etc with you. 

Download Admit Cards Here 

SBI PO 2019 Mains Call Letter

6. Reach the Examination Destinations atleast one and half hour before the allotted time.

Reach the Exam Center on time. Running last minute is a bad idea. Reach atleast half an hour before the time allotted in the cal letter with necessary documents.

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips – Attempt Strategy 

1. Scan through the complete section that comes first.

Let’s say it is the Reasoning & Computer Aptitudetry and comprehend the questions asked for atleast 2-3 minutes and then decide which questions that you want to attempt first. This would let you decide which questions you are comfortable attempting and thereby reducing the time that you take to solve each question. 

2. Read the questions with utmost sincerity 

Read the questions thoroughly and comprehend them properly before jumping on to solve them. Understand what is being asked in the question. Do no hastily skip the question just by looking at it.  It might  be possible that you might just be able to do it if you read it properly. So, before skipping, read it carefully because sometimes the questions that look difficult, are actually easy to solve. Also do not get stuck onto one question if you are unable to reach to a solution. You need to pick and choose the questions and attempt them accuracy. 

3. No Blind Guesswork

There is negative marking of one fourth in each of the questions. Keep this in mind especially in the General Awareness and English Language section. You must attempt questions in this section with pure dedication and almost 100% accuracy. 

SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips – Descriptive Section

There will be two types of questions in the SBI PO Mains 2019 Descriptive Paper those are: 1. Letter Writing 2. Essay Writing.

Refer Here for the Descriptive writing guide

  1. The cumulative time given for the descriptive section is 30 minutes and you need to type both these using the Computer Keyboard
  2. For both the Letter & Essay, try to think of points before framing the essay or letter. Think of the content that can be included in them. 
  3. For both the Letter writing and Essay writing, use simple language and avoid difficult words. The complex words could be used only when you are very confident of their usage. The Grammar and Punctuation used should be error-free. Use the language that is easy to comprehend and easily understood. 
  4. Read the Topics given for Letter Writing and Essay Writing and write your content in line with the topic. Do not beat around the bush and be ambiguous in what you are trying to say. 
  5. Adhere to the Word-Limit given in the question. 
  6. Be careful what type of Letter you write – Formal or Informal. The formats for both these letters is different and should be adhered to.
  7. For Essay writing start with introduction part and put the strongest and relevant points in the beginning. Again try to adhere to the word limit. Try to end the essay with an opinion and also with possible solutions as to what can be done about a particular issue if the topic demands it. This would put up a good impact.

We hope that SBI PO Mains Last Minute Tips & Attempt Strategy tips prove useful to all aspirants. You can also visit Oliveboard’s Discuss Forum to read the descriptive portions written by other Exam Aspirants and Peers.

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