SEBI Grade A MCQs PDF – Download all Revision MCQs PDF Here

Revision becomes crucial as the exam date approaches nearer. It becomes even better when you get to revise the topics of the syllabus in the same format as it is asked in the exams. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled SEBI Grade A MCQs PDF for Paper-2 subjects of the SEBI Grade A exam. You can use the link given below to download the PDF eBooks and carry on with your SEBI Grade A revision. 

I. SEBI Grade A MCQs PDF – Paper-2

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1. Economics Revision – 50 MCQs 

50 Economics Revision MCQs for SEBI Grade A

2. Companies Act Revision – 50 MCQs

50 Companies Act Revision MCQs for SEBI Grade A

3. Management Revision – 50 Questions

50 Management Revision MCQs for RBI & SEBI

4. Finance Revision – 100 MCQs

100 Finance Revision MCQs for RBI Grade B & SEBI Grade A 

5. Paper-2 Complete Revision – MCQs PDF

SEBI Gr. A Mega-Marathon Paper-2 Complete Revision MCQs

II. How to Prepare for SEBI Grade A 2022 in 45 Days? | Study Plan By Riti Maám

III. How to Prepare for SEBI Grade A 2022? SEBI Grade A Preparation Tips | Strategy | Syllabus | Pattern

Take a look at SEBI Grade A Courses for Your Complete Preparation

SEBI Grade A Online Course 2022

After receiving tremendous positive feedback from the SEBI 2020 successful candidates, we are launching a comprehensive plan for the upcoming SEBI Gr. A exam. The study material ranges from videos + notes for Paper-2 subjects to current affairs capsules and mock tests for Phase 1 & 2. 

SEBI Grade A 2022 Course Highlights

Videos + Notes for Paper-2 SubjectsCA Coverage + Descriptive English
Topic-wise tests for Paper-2 Subjects10 Full-Length Mock Tests (Paper-1 & 2)

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