Self Preparation for DU-LLB Entrance 2022

Self Preparation for DU-LLB Entrance: Faculty of Law, Delhi University, is a well-established, time-tested law school. It is the national hub for legal education. The department has produced numerous legal luminaries, Supreme Court and High Court justices, outstanding advocates, political leaders, policymakers, and trend-setters in many aspects of life since its foundation in 1924. The Department imparts LL. B., LL. M. and PhD degrees. 

Although the present intake for LLB students is standing at 2400 students, cracking into this prestigious law school is no cakewalk. Given that the university brings in diversity and attracts talented minds from across the country at nominal fees (approx. INR 15,000/- for three years), the entrance conducted is pretty (or crazy!) competitive.

In this blog, we’ll talk about preparing for the DU-LLB entrance 2022 and whether preparing it by yourself is a good idea or not?

DU-LLB Entrance 2022

The DU LLB entrance exam is taken by close to 20,000 candidates every year to enter the LL.B. course at the University of Delhi. The Degree is a three-year post-graduate programme. Admission to LL.B. is made strictly based on merit in the Entrance Exam. The LLB Admission Exam at Delhi University is a university-level entrance exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers it to students seeking admission to law school. 

About DU-LLB Entrance 2022

  • This year, the DU-LLB Entrance Test 2022 will be held ONLINE at various centres as notified in the Post Graduate Admissions, Bulletin of Information 2022-23. 
  • The Test shall be of two hours duration. 
  • The Test Paper will consist of one question paper containing 100 objective-type questions with multiple choice answers relating to-
    • English Language Comprehension, 
    • Analytical Abilities, 
    • Legal Awareness & Aptitude, and 
    • General Knowledge. 
  • The language of the Entrance Test shall be English. 
  • Each question shall carry four marks. 
  • For every correct answer, four marks will be awarded, and for every incorrect answer, one mark will be deducted. No mark will be awarded or deducted for a question which is left unanswered.

Syllabus and Question Pattern of DU-LLB Entrance 2022

The sectional breakup of the question paper is as follows –

Section(s)Indicated Syllabus
English Language & ComprehensionJumbled words/ SentencesFill in the blanksIncorrect sentencesUnseen passagesEssay-writingReading comprehension
Analytical AbilitiesSeriesBlood RelationsDirectionsCritical ReasoningSyllogismAnalogy
Legal Awareness & AptitudeIndian ConstitutionContract ActCriminal LawHindu Marriage ActLaw of TortsLegal GK
General KnowledgeCurrent Affairs of past one yearPolityEconomicsEnvironmentGeneral StudiesGeographyHistoryScience & technologySports

Note – The Quantitative Aptitude or Mathematical Ability Section has been dropped this year.

See where you stand in your preparation. Attempt a free mock test now!

Whether self-preparation for DU-LLB Entrance 2022 a good idea?

We at Oliveboard understand that decisions like this can appear daunting for aspirants. Hence, we have tried to rack our brains over the pros and cons of self-preparation for CLAT. Now do understand that these are general terms, and you’ll have to see for yourself what suits you and what is beyond you! The decision should be informed and yours because when “…a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.” 

The following points tell you why self-preparation may be a good idea for DU-LLB Entrance 2022 –

  • Customisable Timetable – Self-preparation gives you the space to formulate a strategy that meets both your needs and wants. You need to be good with your language and reasoning abilities with a hunger for being updated about your surroundings. These are your “needs” for the exams. Next, your “wants” enhance your performance and get the edge over others to convert your dream.
  • Internet Sources – In today’s world, everything is available on the internet. Self-preparation gives you the scope and freedom to utilise them efficiently. 
  • It is an aptitude test!- The fact that DU-LLB Entrance 2022 is an aptitude test does help with deciding in favour of opting for self-preparation for the exam! Have a deep look at the syllabus again! If you feel you have the mettle for it, go for self-preparation for DU-LLB Entrance 2022.
  • You get to decide the amount of Input for desired output – Have you heard of the Pareto principle? Also known as the 80-20 rule, according to the Pareto principle, for any given event, 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs). You want to give a mock, you decide! You want to focus on just reading abilities, you decide!

However, your decision also boils down to your critical reflection of yourself. It all boils down to you answering these questions for yourself – 

  1. Whether you are a procrastinator?
  2. Whether you find it difficult to follow a fixed timetable?
  3. Whether you are just starting with your preparation?

If your answer is no to all or any of these questions, you should opt for self-preparation for DU-LLB Entrance 2022.

How to prepare for DU-LLB Entrance 2022 without coaching?

Please see that every year the competition for seats in the Faculty of Law at Delhi University is on the rise. The reason for the same is that the Law Faculty, Delhi is an excellent place for any legal practitioner given the presence of the Supreme Court, High Court of Judicature, National Benches of several tribunals like NCLT, NGT, etc., Offices of Tier 1 law firms, Chambers of legendary Advocates and practitioners, etc. It is equally a great place for any UPSC aspirant. YES! You have coaching classes nearby with the faculty situated in the heart of North Campus, University of Delhi.

Hence, you should be on point with your strategy. For starters, begin with the basics of all the sections.

Preparing for the “English Language and Comprehension” Section

  • As the trends from previous years’ papers suggest, the passages may be from various technical and scientific topics. Still, you will not require any prior knowledge of any specialised areas to understand or analyse the passages.
  • Try to read some of the same sources that the question setters use to develop questions – you don’t have to read the complete book if the source is a book, but keeping track of sources like newspapers and magazines would be quite beneficial. Read the opinion and editorial sections of newspapers in particular, as many paragraphs are borrowed from them. 
  • Read Wren n Martin for High School Grammar selectively. The Grammar portion, especially the well-established rules in Parts of Speech, will be of immense help in solving tricky questions from the area of Para jumbles, etc.
  • It may be difficult to expand your vocabulary in the days leading up to the exam, but make sure you stop whenever you come across a term you don’t understand, whether in the newspaper, a textbook or even while watching a show on the internet and look it up in a dictionary.

Some of the Books & Sources you can refer to –

  1. Wren and Martin for High School Grammar or Oxford HandBook for Grammar
  2. Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
  3. Editorials of The Hindu, Indian Express, etc.

Preparing for Analytical Abilities section of DU-LLB Entrance 2022

According to Previous Years Question-paper analysis, only the most basic questions from topics like – blood relations, Syllogisms, seating arrangements, direction sense, coding, inequalities etc are asked in this area. These questions can be practised from several sources (pick one or a maximum of two per topic, out of the listed) –

  • Analytical Reasoning (English) by MK Pandey.
  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal.
  • Arihant’s A New Approach to Verbal and Analytical Reasoning.

Also, it is always a good idea to practice with past years’ papers, especially in the logical reasoning section. Solving them ensures that you’re in tune with the trends of the questions asked, which areas are important, which topics yield the maximum number of questions, etc.

Preparing for Legal Awareness & Aptitude section of DU-LLB Entrance 2022

The questions in this section are mainly in the Principle-Fact-Decision format. Hence –

  • Aim for a cursory understanding of the law and its application – Read important sections from Bare Texts of Indian Contract Act, Indian Penal Code, etc. Any available preparatory material like the “Legal Awareness Legal Reasoning” or “Legal Aptitude for the CLAT and other Law Entrance Examinations” by Bhardwaj can also be extremely helpful.
  • Aid this with recent developments – To follow the news means to follow the trends and patterns of the ever-changing dynamics of society, and thereby the laws or the need to outlaw them. How do you keep a tab? Simple –
    • Keep a tab on hot news and important judgments listed on LiveLaw or Bar&Bench
    • The editorial section of The Hindu and Indian Express Explained can also be particularly helpful.

Moreover, you should also learn and practice from areas like Legal Fundamentals and Terms, Legal Maxims and Important Landmarks and Supreme Court Judgments. 

Preparing for the General Knowledge section of DU-LLB Entrance 2022

  • Always rely on a decent newspaper for current events. To broaden your horizons, read a good magazine and make timely notes. You can also sign up for a monthly or biweekly magazine that provides concise and well-organized information.
  • Both Legal GK and Current GK have to be given equal importance. Remember, the latest pattern also tests your ability to know the causes or effects of a particular event. So, it would help if you made an effort to understand the world’s affairs.
  • Static GK portion has always been a lengthy and unpredictable section. But you can ace it by working systematically and smartly. Try to jot down bullet points and not just mug up things. Always understand the importance of keywords that can strike your mind on exam day.
  • Take some interest in what you’re reading and discuss with other aspirants about the latest current events. You can also make it a habit to study in small groups and share notes. This not only leads to increasing in knowledge but an easy way to cover the topics.
  • Try attempting the latest quizzes regularly. The more questions you come across, the easy it gets.

Final Tip: Practice

As per Aristotelian Nicomachean Ethics, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Get as much practice as you can to score decently in the DU-LLB Entrance 2022.

It is only when you start practising that you learn a few inherent concepts, like –

  • Small changes to the wording of a principle can make a big difference to the outcome of a question. For example, the “Or” and “AND” situations.
  • Similarly, small tweaks to the facts can also have a big impact on the outcome of a question.

Now, where can you get that practice from?

  1. Previous year question papers (At least past 10 years), and
  2. Mock tests

For more help with your self-preparation for DU-LLB Entrance 2022, tune in to Oliveboard. For tips and tricks on preparing for other law entrances, check this. Ciao!


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