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SIDBI Grade A Officer Posting: SIDBI has released the official recruitment notification for the post of Grade A Officers. Online registrations are open till 3rd January 2023. Candidates willing to appear for the examination must be aware of the posting process of SIDBI. Shortlisted candidates will be posted in various cities in India. So, it’s very important for candidates to have an idea regarding the posting procedure.

SIDBI Grade A Officer Posting Circles: How many circles are there?

SIDBI has branches in most of the cities of India. Although, SIDBI Grade A Officers have higher chances of getting posted in the major offices of the SIDBI. We have mentioned below the list of the cities which have major offices/branches of SIDBI.

  • Mumbai: SIDBI’s head office is located in Mumbai, and it has a number of branches in the city as well.
  • New Delhi: SIDBI has a number of branches in New Delhi, including a regional office.
  • Kolkata: SIDBI has a number of branches in Kolkata, including a regional office.
  • Chennai: SIDBI has a number of branches in Chennai, including a regional office.
  • Bangalore: SIDBI has a number of branches in Bangalore, including a regional office.
  • Hyderabad: SIDBI has a number of branches in Hyderabad, including a regional office.
  • Pune: SIDBI has a number of branches in Pune.
  • Ahmedabad: SIDBI has a number of branches in Ahmedabad.
  • Jaipur: SIDBI has a number of branches in Jaipur.
  • Lucknow: SIDBI has a number of branches in Lucknow, including a regional office.

In addition to these major cities, SIDBI has a presence in many other locations across the country. Grade A officers may be posted at any of these offices depending on the needs of the organization.

Check the details of SIDBI Grade A Officer 2023 Recruitment!

SIDBI Grade A Officer Posting Process

  • Shortlisted candidates have to serve a probation period of two years which can also be extended up to four years. During this year, candidates will be posted and transferred to various locations within the country.
  • Even after the completion of the probation periods, candidates will be transferred to various branches of SIDBI as per the requirement of the organization.
  • Candidates can tell their preferred location after the completion of the probation period but it is not definite that they will get a posting in their preferred location only.

Transfer Policy for Females in SIDBI

  • Female candidates can ask for the posting in the same location as their spouse. Mostly, females are posted or transferred to the places they prefer on the basis of their spouse’s location.
  • Unmarried female candidates can also ask for a transfer nearby their family residence. However, the final decision of transfer is totally up to SIDBI.

SIDBI Grade A Officer Transfer Allowance

SIDBI provides transfer allowance to the Grade A Officer whenever they transfer. This allowance is provided to cover the traveling, living, and goods transportation expenditure of the employee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my posting location after getting qualified?

No, candidates can only give preference.

What is the duration of the probation period for the SIDBI Grade A Officer?

SIDBI Grade A Officer has a probation period of 2 years.

Who decides the posting location of SIDBI Grade A Officers?

SIDBI finalizes the posting location of the Grade A Officers.


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