IT BOLT – Free Specialist IT Officer Notes PDF [Bank & Govt. Exam]

Download the Free Specialist IT Officer Notes PDF here in this blog. This blog will be very helpful for the aspirants preparing for the Specialist Officer post in the IT domain. May it be Bank or Insurance Firm like IBPS, SBI, LIC, SEBI, etc. it will be useful for one and all. This Free PDF will contain complete details that you need to study and prepare for the Specialist Officer (IT).

Here’s dive into what all we will be covering in the blog:

  • IT BOLT (SO IT Study Notes) – Download Link
  • Steps On How To Download the PDF
  • Highlight on what will be covered in the study notes.

1. Specialist IT Officer Notes – PDF Download Link

Download the IT BOLT by clicking on the link provided below:


2. How To download the Specialist IT Officer Notes Free PDF?

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Specialist IT Officer notes

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3. IT BOLT – Highlight On The Topics Covered

3.1 Basic Concepts of Computer System

This topic will start with the basic structure of the computer system and will cover details related to memory, CPU, computer architecture and more. Computer Structure and Storage devices and types will be in the second half of the topic discussions

3.2 Operating System

The operating system will start with what is the operating system and its types. Functions of the operating system and types of scheduling will be discussed in detail here. The operating systems security and the virtualizations will be the highlight of this topic.

3.3 Database Management System

DBMS or as we call it a Database management system is used to keep the information on the system in a defined set of manners or rules. This topic will be covering the detailed information on the types of DBMS used and the security of each type.

3.4 Overview of Computer Network

A computer network is comprised of the connectivity devices and the network components. This forms the internal structure of the computer system. It is used to perform the basic operations on the system network. Every operation performed on the computer system is comprehended by the Network.

3.5 Data Structure

Data structure as the name suggests is a way of organizing the present data in your system. It is very widely used in combination with different languages. The computer also occupies space for input that is fed and data stored. Data structure allows the settling of inputs with the lowest space possible. The components will be discussed herein detail

3.6 Software Engineering & SDLC Models

The term software engineering is related to the development of software products using well-defined rules,
principles, theories, and techniques. SDLC refers to the Software development life cycle: In its lifecycle, a software goes through various phases and these phases are known as software processes that are common to all software. Get a brief overview of the topic.

3.7 Programming Languages (C/UNIX/JAVA)

Programming languages need no introduction in today’s world where almost every command we give in some or other way is controlled by the programming languages. Starting from small MSME’s to big MNC’s everyone is using the programming languages to make the task easier.


That is all from us in this blog, we hope the Specialist IT Officer Notes PDf provided here proves to be useful in your exam preparations. You can download the Oliveboard App and get daily GK Quiz, Free Podcasts, etc. To prepare with thousands of fellow aspirants visit Oliveboard’s discussion forumAll the Best for your Exam preparation, Keep Learning with Oliveboard.

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