SSC CGL TIER 2 English Section – Best Preparation strategy

The Exam is coming: The SSC Tier 2 exam is just around the corner. Most of us might have one or two weak sections in the examination for which we feel that a good strategy will help to ace the examination. But what could be the strategy that is an important question. We are here trying to help you find your own strategy which suits you as per your own weak and strong areas. Let us begin with SSC CGL Tier 2 english section.


What you need to know about the SSC CGL TIER 2 English section

The weightage of SSC CGL  TIER 2 English section is 200 marks out of 400 marks. There are total 200 questions and 2 hours are allotted to complete the section.  It means we get 120 minutes (i.e. 120*60= 7200 secs)  to solve 200 questions which is 36 seconds for each question. This suggests that the exam is more or less a speed test so more and more questions should be attempted correctly. There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer. In the overall exam, there is no sectional cut off. No mark will be deducted if the question not attempted by a candidate.

ssc cgl tier 2 english

The above weightage of sections is as per previous years SSC tier 2 English examination.

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How to deal with English Section as a whole

Now let us come to the main part of the discussion i.e. how to deal with the questions in English section. First of all, go through the English section of at least 3-4 previous years question papers. As you can see in the table above that it basically consists of 14 areas of English language and comprehension. Out of which S. No. 2,3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 ask direct questions i.e. sound vocabulary and good knowledge of idioms and phrases is sufficient to solve questions asked from these parts. For these sections what you can do is to practice vocabulary with at least 15-20 words daily. First start with words asked in previous years papers to understand the difficulty level of questions. Write down those words/ idioms along with their meaning to give yourself a start. There are multiple list available online which includes at least 200 words which can be asked in SSC exams. Learn those words and meaning. Do the same for idioms and one-word substitution. Make a separate collection for these sections. After you are done with these words you will have an idea about the types of question asked in the exam.

Topic Wise Preparation tips for the SSC CGL TIER 2 English section

We will now discuss the other parts of the section one by one.

I. Reading Comprehension

There were four passages asked in last year’s exam, which covered different fields i.e. environments, comedy, physical training and last one raised an international issue of disadvantaged children. The Language of the RC is not very difficult. Regular reading habit and RC sectional practice keeping the time limiting in mind will help you to easily ace this section. KEEP A TRACK OF TIME while solving RCs.

II. Shuffling of sentence in a passage

This is also known as para jumbles. Same as RC this section will be easier for those who have good comprehending skills as the different sentences are part of the same paragraph which is itself part of an article. So, reading skills and good practice of this section will help you perform good in this section. Even if you do not read much till now, practice more and more. Para jumbles can be solved with a few tricks, learning those tricks will help you to solve these questions easily. Above all, read carefully and try to understand and connect the sentences.

III. Cloze passage

It is a paragraph containing a few blanks. This section requires three skill set i.e. comprehension skills, grammar, and vocabulary. Grammar plays an important role in this section. So, a good knowledge of grammar usage is important. Basically, overall, in SSC CGL TIER 2 English section grammar plays an important role though not very difficult concepts’ knowledge is expected in the examination.

IV.Direct/ Indirect narration and Active/ passive voice

These two sections consists of almost 50 marks in the examination. So, this makes this section pretty important. Simple concept related questions are asked but yes, knowledge of basics related to indirect/direct narration and active/passive voice is must.

V. Error spotting and Sentence improvement

Again, familiarity with basic concepts of grammar is must to solve these two sections. From use of tenses to use of correct degree of adjective, question can be framed from any of the basic concepts.

Finally, practice as much as possible. Give sectional tests of your weaker areas. Go through your mistakes and improve accordingly. Do remember grammar plays an important role in SSC CGL TIER 2 English so take it seriously. A dedicated 3-4 hours for a 1 month on exam related concepts will help you to perform very well in grammar related questions. So, pull up your socks and get ready to give your best in the exam.

Sure Shot Tips for solving questions in the examination

I.Root words for Antonym & Synonym

Root words play an important role in understanding vocabulary. You can understand meaning of words through root words.

For ex: The root word ‘Crypt’ means to hide. ‘Crypt’ is used as root word in ‘apocryphal’ means ‘of doubtful authenticity’ and ‘cryptic’ means ‘having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure’. So, we can have an idea what the word wants to convey through it. This can be sued top solve antonym synonyms in the examination.

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II.Tackling Para Jumbles

In Para Jumbles try to link one sentence to the other through conjunction such as ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘since’, ‘although’ etc. Find similarities in the idea conveyed in two sentences which can make them consecutive sentences. Then remaining two sentences can be easily arranged.

III. Error spotting

If you go through previous years papers, there are a few repetitive concepts asked in the exam, make a list of those errors. While solving the question, if you are not able to decide the error then first try to find if the question has any of those errors which you learnt about. If grammar is your weak portion, then this method might work for you.

IV.Finally, the Universal method of Elimination

While solving a question try the method of elimination i.e. one by one removing options which you think cannot be the answer anyhow. This method works well in the examination to get you closer to the correction option. In cloze test also this method will work wonders for you.

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Hope you find this article useful and it will help you to strategize as per your weak and strong areas. We will be coming up with a series of articles on SSC CGL tier 2 with more tips on ssc cgl tier 2 English section as well as other sections.


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