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How to Clear SSC CHSL 2024 In First Attempt?

The Staff Selection Commission has released the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) 10+2 Examination 2024 date, which is scheduled to be held between 1st to 12th July 2024. Candidates applying online for the SSC CHSL 2024 examination must start their preparation. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for the CHSL exam contributing to the high level of competition for the SSC CHSL Exam.

To clear SSC CHSL In first attempt aspirants needed a strategically planned approach. Candidates need to understand the structure of the exam, follow the syllabus, and prepare by following important tricks and tips. Managing time is also important because the exam has different sections of varying difficulty levels that must be finished within the given time limit.

This blog will help you with important tips, tricks, detailed preparation strategies for each subject, and a list of important books for preparing to crack the SSC CHSL Exam on your first attempt.

SSC CHSL Exam 2024 – Important Dates

Before beginning your preparation for the SSC CHSL 2024 examination, candidates must mark these dates as they are of utmost importance for the complete preparation of the CHSL 2024 Examination.

SSC CHSL Notification 20248th April 2024
SSC CHSL Registration Process8th April 2024
SSC CHSL Last Date to Apply 20247th May 2024
SSC CHSL Last Date to Payment Fees8th May 2024
Correct Window Form Dates10th May 2024 to 11th May 2024 (23:00)
SSC CHSL Tier 1 Application Status 2024To be Announced
SSC CHSL Tier-1 Admit Card 2024To be Announced
SSC CHSL Exam Date 2024 (Tier-1)1st to 5th and 8th to 12th July 2024

SSC CHSL Revised Exam Pattern

The 2024 SSC CHSL Tier 1 syllabus includes multiple-choice questions, while the Tier 2 syllabus comprises three sections, each with two modules. Candidates need to familiarize themselves with the SSC CHSL 2024 syllabus to prepare effectively.

Exam NameSSC CHSL 2024
Mode of ExamOnline
SSC CHSL Exam Date1st to 5th and 8th to 12th July 2024
Marking SchemeTier 1: For Each Correct Answer: +2.0 Marks
For Each Incorrect Answer: -0.5 Marks
Tier 2: For Each Correct Answer: +3.0 Marks
For Each Incorrect Answer: -1.0 Marks
Selection ProcessTier 1 and Tier 2 exam

SSC CHSL Selection Process 2024

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts the Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) exam to recruit candidates in various government departments and ministries. The updated SSC CHSL Selection Process 2024 involves two stages – Tier 1, and Tier 2.

Tier-1Objective Multiple ChoiceComputer Based (online)
Tier-2Objective Multiple Choice + Skill Test & Typing Test, Tier-II will include three sections having two modules eachComputer Based (online)

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2024 – Tier 1

Candidates will get a total time of 60 minutes whereas candidates eligible for scribe will get 80 minutes to complete the exam.

PaperSubjectsQuestionsTotal Marks
1General Awareness2550
2General Intelligence 2550
3Quantitative Aptitude2550
4English Language2550

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern 2024 for Tier 2

The Tier-II exam pattern is as follows:

of Questions
Maximum MarksTime allowed
(2 hours
& 15 minutes)
Module-I:   Mathematical Abilities
Module II:      Reasoning and General Intelligence.
Total = 60
= 180
1 hour (for each section) (1 hour & 20 minutes for the candidates eligible for a scribe)
Module-I:            English Language & Comprehension
Module II:          General Awareness
Total = 60
= 180
Module-I:        Computer Knowledge Module
= 45
15 Minutes (20   minutes for the      candidates eligible      for a scribe)
Module-II: Skill Test/ Typing Test Module
Part A: Skill Test for DEOs.15 Minutes (20 minutes for the   candidates eligible  for a scribe)
   Part B: Typing Test for LDC/ JSA.10 Minutes (15 minutes for the      candidates eligible       for a scribe)

Crack SSC CHSL 2024 In First Attempt – Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy

A good plan for each subject is very important to do well in the SSC CHSL exam. We’ve listed all the information for candidates below.

SSC CHSL English Preparation Strategy

Preparing for the English section of the SSC CHSL exam requires a systematic approach and focused study. This section assesses candidates’ comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and ability to understand English usage in various contexts.

To excel in this section, candidates need to adopt effective strategies. Below are the key points to consider for a comprehensive SSC CHSL English preparation strategy:

Skill AreaStrategies
Reading Comprehension1. Read passages in one attempt to grasp the tone and main idea.
2. Focus on identifying key facts within the passage.
3. Preview questions to understand what to look for while reading.
4. Regular practice to improve comprehension speed and accuracy.
Cloze Test1. Choose appropriate options to fill in the blanks.
2. Understand the context and meaning of words or phrases provided.
3. Expand vocabulary and review grammar rules for better performance.
4. Apply logic to determine suitable answers within the passage.
Synonyms and Antonyms1. Learn new words from diverse sources to enrich vocabulary.
2. Keep a record of unfamiliar words for reference.
3. Practice recognizing synonyms and antonyms in context to enhance understanding.
Idioms and Phrases1. Practice with mock tests and previous year’s questions.
2. Utilize flashcards for easy memorization of idioms and phrases.
3. Familiarize yourself with common idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs to improve performance.

SSC CHSL Reasoning And General Intelligence Preparation Strategy

The reasoning and general intelligence section of the SSC CHSL exam plays a crucial role in assessing candidates’ logical reasoning, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. To excel in this section, candidates need to adopt effective preparation strategies. The key points are provided below for a comprehensive preparation strategy:

CategoryStrategies and Considerations
Understanding the Importance1. Recognize the significance of reasoning in testing logical thinking and cognitive abilities.
2. Understand that this section assesses more than just knowledge; it tests analytical skills.
Topic-wise Preparation1. Divide the syllabus into topics like symbolic operations, figural patterns, analogies, etc.
2. Allocate time for each topic based on its weightage and your proficiency level.
Regular Practice1. Practice a variety of reasoning questions regularly to enhance problem-solving skills.
2. Engage in puzzles, analogy patterns, and numerical series to improve speed and accuracy.
Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers1. Take regular mock tests to simulate exam conditions and assess your preparation.
2. Analyze the previous year’s papers to understand exam patterns and difficulty levels.
Shortcut Techniques1. Learn shortcut methods and tricks for quick problem-solving, such as Venn diagrams and alphabet tests.
2. Master techniques to save time during the exam.
Conceptual Clarity1. Focus on understanding the concepts and logic behind each reasoning question.
2. Develop clear concepts in topics like
Logical reasoning,
alphanumeric series, and
blood relations.
Time Management1. Practice managing time effectively to complete the reasoning section within the exam’s time frame.
2. Prioritize questions based on difficulty and allocate time accordingly.
Revision and Consolidation1. Regularly revise reasoning concepts and strategies.
2. Identify and improve weak areas through targeted practice and revision.

SSC CHSL General Awareness Preparation Strategy

The General Awareness section in the SSC CHSL exam is crucial for scoring well. It encompasses various topics such as current affairs, history, geography, science, and more. To tackle this section effectively, a structured preparation strategy is essential.

CategoryStrategies and Methods
Daily Newspaper Reading1. Spend time reading newspapers daily to stay updated on national and international events.
2. Make notes of important news items, events, and dates for revision purposes.
Watch News Channels1. Allocate time to watch national news channels regularly to enhance understanding of daily events and developments.
Engage with Mock Tests1. Practice mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and question types.
2. Analyze performance in mock tests to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Follow Current Affairs Magazines1. Subscribe to or regularly read current affairs magazines for updates on significant events and developments.
Basic Science Knowledge1. Brush up on fundamental concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as these may be asked in exams.
Political, Business, and Economic Awareness1. Stay informed about political, business, and economic affairs to competently answer related questions.
Static General Knowledge1. Study static GK topics such as history, geography, and important dates to accurately answer questions.
Additional Tips1. Stay updated with technical knowledge if relevant to your field of study or interest.
2. Create revision notes summarizing key facts and information for quick revision before exams.

SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

The Quantitative Aptitude section of the SSC CHSL exam demands strategic preparation to tackle various mathematical concepts effectively. This section encompasses topics like percentage, ratio and proportion, square roots, average, interest, profit and loss, discount, mixture and allegations, speed time and distance, and time and work. To excel in this section, a well-planned preparation strategy is essential.

StrategyMethods and Details
Master Mental Calculations1. Develop proficiency in mental calculations, especially for percentage problems.
Memorize Essential Formulas and Shortcuts1. Memorize square roots, cube roots, multiplication tables up to 30, along with relevant formulas and shortcuts.
Thorough Practice of All Topics1. Practice all chapters rigorously.
2. Understand complex topics thoroughly and solve a variety of questions.
3. Focus on practicing questions of varying difficulty levels to strengthen understanding.
Utilize Mock Tests and Previous Year’s Papers1. Take regular mock tests and solve previous year’s question papers to gauge your preparation level.
Address Weak Areas1. Identify weaker areas and allocate more time to practice them intensively.
2. Focus on improving proficiency in topics like Speed Time and Distance or Time and Work.
Time Management1. Practice time management during mock tests to effectively allocate time to each question in the actual exam.
Review and Revision1. Regularly review and revise learned concepts and formulas to reinforce your understanding.

Best Books For SSC CHSL

While preparing for the SSC CHSL exam, selecting the appropriate study materials is crucial for building a solid groundwork towards success. Just as books are considered invaluable companions, they play a very important role for the candidates to achieve their goals. Therefore, candidates need to read these recommended books for each subject of the SSC CHSL exam.

General IntelligenceQuantitative AptitudeEnglish Language & ComprehensionGeneral AwarenessComputer Knowledge & Proficiency
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. R.S AggarwalNCERT Mathematics from Class 6th-11thObjective General English by S.P BakshiMonthly Magazine (Pratiyogita Darpan or Competition Success Review)Computer Awareness by Arihant Publishers
Analytical Reasoning by M.K. PandeyQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Dr. R.S AggarwalWord Power Made Easy by Norman LewisCurrent AffairsComputer Knowledge for Competitive Exams by Dr. P.K. Pandey
A New Approach to Reasoning – Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical by BS Sijwali, Indu SijwaliMagical Book on Quicker Maths by M. TyraHigh School English Grammar and Composition by P.C. Wren, H. MartinManorama Yearbook 2024
Fast Track by Rajesh VermaLucent’s General Knowledge by Lucent Publication

SSC CHSL 2024 Preparation Strategy

Candidates who want to Apply Online should also be interested to know how to prepare for the SSC CHSL Exam 2024. We’ve outlined the strategy for each subject earlier. Now, let’s discuss the overall preparation plan for all stages of the SSC CHSL 2024. The preparation plan for SSC CHSL involves understanding and focusing on different subjects and stages of the exam.

StrategyHow To Follow
Subject-wise Approach1. Allocate specific time to each subject for focused study.
2. Ensure comprehensive coverage within a structured timeframe.
Strong Foundation1. Master engineering concepts, formulas, and theories thoroughly.
2. Establish a solid understanding and knowledge base.
Problem-Solving1. Regularly practice problem-solving to hone analytical skills.
2. Improve mathematical proficiency essential for engineering exams.
Time-bound Practice1. Solve questions under timed conditions to improve efficiency.
2. Enhance accuracy and simulate real exam scenarios effectively.
Selective Study1. Prioritize topics with higher exam weightage.
2. Ensure adequate coverage of the entire syllabus.
Note-taking1. Maintain concise, organized notes for quick revision.
2. Summarize key points and formulas for easy reference.
Online Resources1. Utilize diverse online tutorials, video lectures, and quizzes.
2. Access a wide range of study materials conveniently.
Group Study1. Engage in collaborative study sessions with peers.
2. Exchange ideas, solve doubts, and gain diverse perspectives.
Stay Healthy1. Prioritize a healthy lifestyle.
2. Ensure sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.
3. Maintain optimal mental and physical well-being.

Tips to Clear SSC CHSL in First Attempt

Cracking the SSC CHSL exam on your first attempt requires a well-structured plan, dedication, and smart strategies. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve success:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus:

  • Familiarize yourself with the SSC CHSL exam pattern, including the number of papers, sections, and marks.
  • Thoroughly understand the syllabus for each section, including general intelligence, reasoning, general awareness, and technical subjects.

2. Create a Study Schedule:

  • Devise a realistic and consistent study schedule that covers all subjects and topics.
  • Allocate sufficient time for each section based on your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Choose the Right Study Material:

  • Select the best books and study resources for each subject, focusing on reputed authors and publishers.
  • Utilize online platforms for mock tests, practice quizzes, and question banks.

4. Focus on Basics:

  • Begin with building a strong foundation in fundamental concepts of each subject.
  • Concentrate on strengthening your basics before moving on to advanced topics.

6. Practice Regularly:

  • Consistent practice is key. Solve a variety of questions, including previous years’ papers and mock tests.
  • Review and analyze your mistakes to learn from them.

7. Take Mock Tests:

  • Regularly take full-length mock tests to gauge your preparation level and identify areas for improvement.
  • Analyze your performance, focusing on weak points and working on them.

8. Revision:

  • Regularly revise the topics you’ve covered to reinforce your memory.
  • Create concise notes or flashcards for quick revision.

9. Stay Updated:

  • Stay current with the latest developments in your field of engineering for the technical section.
  • Keep abreast of current affairs for the general awareness section.

10. Maintain a Positive Mindset:

  • Stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude throughout your preparation.
  • Believe in your abilities and stay focused on your goal.

We hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the SSC CHSL Preparation Strategy. To read more such blogs, visit the Oliveboard website!

SSC CHSL In First Attempt: FAQs

Is it possible to clear the SSC CHSL exam on the first attempt?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to clear the SSC CHSL exam on the first attempt with proper preparation and dedication.

What are the subjects covered in the SSC CHSL exam?

The SSC CHSL exam covers four main subjects: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence, and General Awareness.

How can I improve my speed and accuracy for the SSC CHSL exam?

Regular practice with mock tests and previous year question papers can help improve speed and accuracy. Time management is also crucial during the exam.

When is the best time to start preparing for the SSC CHSL exam?

It’s advisable to start preparing as early as possible to cover all subjects thoroughly and to have sufficient time for revision.

What is the exam pattern for SSC CHSL?

The SSC CHSL Tier-I exam is conducted online and consists of four sections: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, General Intelligence, and General Awareness. Tier-II is a descriptive paper, and Tier-III is a skill test/typing test.


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