Success Story of Ajay Bhondve – Cleared RBI Grade B 2021

Read the Success Story of Ajay Bhondve, a veteran IT professional for 9 years and an engineering graduate from Mumbai University. Go through his preparation strategy and the perfect plan which he executed during his 5th attempt at RBI Grade B.

Success Story of Ajay Bhondve

Hi, I am Ajay from Mumbai, I have done my B.E. (IT) from Mumbai University and I have around 9 years of experience in the IT industry. This was my 5th attempt at RBI Grade B, in the earlier attempts I had not even managed to clear the phase1 of this exam. The QA section was letting me down, but I was getting a good score from the remaining sections.

I had even maintained a “failures” folder of my RBI attempt mark sheets on my laptop. I worked hard on QA this time and gave other exams like SBI PO, SEBI Grade A and IBPS PO for honing my QA skills, but my target remained RBI Grade B. The revised pattern in phase 2 this year was perfectly aligned with my proficiency in writing descriptive answers as I had appeared for UPSC mains twice before and my typing speed is pretty decent as well. I was pretty confident of clearing this phase. The interview was smooth and relaxed, unlike the Quora answers I read before appearing for the interview. Answered most of their questions satisfactorily as per my understanding and only for one question I said I am not aware of. 

Ajay’s Subject-wise Preparation Strategy

Phase 1

For phase 1 of the exam, I had opted for Oliveboard’s test series which really helped me in the current affairs preparation as well. 

Phase 2

Preparation for all the subjects in phase 2 was more or less the same. I did not opt for any course. I strictly followed the syllabus given in the advertisement and made my own handwritten notes after going through a couple of sources online and offline for each topic.


I had also read books on economics like Ramesh Singh, Ahuja. Also, RBI’s website has content on all the topics given in the syllabus, so I ransacked their website and made relevant notes for myself. Along with this, I used to read daily 1 newspaper and closely analysed and bookmarked the editorials related to the Indian economy. I had also recently read Dr Arvind Panagriya’s book “India Unlimited: Reclaiming the Lost Glory”, the contents of this book are excellent sources for writing descriptive answers in phase 2.

Management and Ethics

Same strategy I had employed for the management and ethics sections. For Management, there are some blogs and websites which are offering good content for free. For ethics and corporate governance, again, the RBI website was the saviour for me. The syllabus is exhaustive, you can’t read or buy so many books. I didn’t buy any books for any of the papers, just combined notes from multiple sources and made good handwritten study material which I revised again and again.

It might still not cover a few topics on which I did not find any material, but I had covered close to 80% of the syllabus in my notes. A far as essay writing is concerned, I always followed a rule to write essays on non-technical topics which are generic in nature and can be understood by a common man in a simple language and not loaded with heavy words. This strategy has paid dividends to me twice in UPSC as well and in NABARD Grade A exam last year. 

Role of Oliveboard in Ajay’s Success

With their test series, I was able to figure out where I stood in my preparation and improve my score in the QA section, especially as that was my weak point earlier. Their General Awareness section helped me with knowledge of contemporary topics.

Ajay’s Tips for Aspirants

Back yourself, don’t take too much pressure on this exam, where failure is a rule and success is an exception. Don’t read too many books and increase your study burden. Make a single concise study material for each topic and stick to it and revise it regularly. I made handwritten notes because one tends to remember easily what he writes himself. If you can’t make notes yourself, then buy it and stick to it, don’t change it. Attempt generic topics in essay and descriptive answer writing as far as possible. Wish you all the best and good luck!

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