Success Story of Amit Kumar Mishra (Cleared IBPS PO)

Oliveboard undoubtedly has been the most successful test series since the time of inception of online test series. All others are just playing the game and nowhere even close to matching the level of Oliveboard. Be it the question pattern, the solution, the comparison with other candidates, the percentile theory, the user interface. I think all these features distinguish OB from the crowd of other online portals, I started giving exams back in 2014, the first exam being SBI Clerk, in which I qualified the written but ultimately missed the final selection by 2 marks (which is a huge margin, as it was SBI Clerk and that too Uttar Pradesh).

I did not know how to approach the test, which section to start first and which questions to solve and which one to leave. Then I gave IBPS PO and cut off was 82 that year, I got 109, but couldn’t give the interview because of some process related problems. Back in that year I had only applied IBPS PO, I did not know about other exams at all. So, starting from next year I gave every exam I came to know about and I took Oliveboard test series and I started to realize that the level of examination is always going up and so OB was equally competing with high level question patterns and specially reasoning which was getting tougher after every exam.

The best approach to an exam is start from the section where you cannot mark “mark for review” option. You either know the answer or you don’t, like English, or GA or computer, finish these two because then you’ll have ample amount of time left and you won’t be tensed as to finish quants and reasoning and then coming back to GA or English or computer, that way you’ll end up giving less time to quants and reasoning.

Do GA first, then computer then English and then go for your favourite out of quants and reasoning, mine was reasoning so I always went for it first. In reasoning also do everything else first and mark the puzzles to attempt later. You’ll realise all your reasoning will be done in 18-20 mins approx. and you’ll be left with 4 puzzles at the end. Go for the puzzle type you’re good at and you can easily solve 2 of them in 18 mins. Then come to quants. This way you can be cautious and at the same time relaxed with more time in your hand for the time taking sections.

Oliveboard has made huge impact in improving reasoning and quants section. I was scoring very less in quants earlier and then I upped my level with their test series and the series helped me qualify another series of exams.

Right from 2014, here goes the list.

  1. SBI Clerk 2014 -Reached till interview
  2. ‎IBPS PO 2014 – couldn’t give interview
  3. ‎SBI Associate PO 2015 – couldn’t qualify in final selection
  4. SBI PO 2015 – cleared by a huge margin but again failed in interview 19/50. Lol
  5. ‎IBPS PO 2015-16 – reserve list 52/100 in interview. Later got Vijaya bank but did not join, joined UIIC AO
  6. IBPS Clerk 2015-16 – PNB worked for 6 months
  7. ‎RRB Clerk 2015-16 – Kashi Gomti Bank, Varanasi – worked for 2 months
  8. RRB PO 2015-16- reserve list again 45/100 in interview. 145/200 in mains. Got Aryavart Bank later, but did not join
  9. OICL Assistant 2015-16 – did not go for typing test
  10. LIC AO 2015-16- did not join as had already joined clerical cadre
  11. SBI Clerk 2016 – did not join as was already in PNB
  12. UIIC AO 2016 – currently working, since April 2017

It was not a very pleasant journey from the beginning. It was like a series of missing exams because of interview. I was a commerce graduate, who got 57%, so thanks to all the exams that did not ask 60% as eligibility criteria. Regret it now as I couldn’t give so many exams, including Grade B. The ending of the journey has been good so far. Anyway, this is not the final mark of the journey. Hoping to achieve more.

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