Success Story of Abhishek Kumar – Cleared SBI PO 2021-22

Hi,I am Abhishek Kumar. I am 22 years of age. I come from Bihar and have completed my Graduation in Physics in 2021.

Inspiring Preparation Strategy of Abhishek Kumar

My preparation was not consistent before graduation. But, it was only after completing the graduation in 2021 that I started a planned approach. It’s hard to say how long one needs to study to clear the exam.  The level of the syllabus doesn’t even cross Secondary Level except  LR & GA which means we never have to prepare for it from scratch. There is nothing in the QA & LS syllabus that each one of us haven’t studied till Xth. Then the question arises how we need to prepare then? The answer lies in simultaneous development of SPEED & ACCURACY in the case of Quantitative Aptitude & SPEED READING and COMPREHENSION in the case of English Language. You can’t clear this exam without focusing on both these aspects. One more mistake that aspirants make is to create artificial distinction between Prelims & Mains and then keep postponing solving difficult DIs & Puzzles until it’s too late. I would advise you to focus equally on both.

Abhishek Kumar Section-Wise Preparation Strategy

Quantitative Aptitude – QA is synonymous with intensive & consistent practice. Without it,you will always find yourself lagging. What I did was first finish two textbooks and then supplemented it with a lot of sectional,topical and full-length mock tests for Prelims. As DIs feature predominantly in Mains,I made a playlist of Mains level DIs on YouTube which sufficed for me.

Reasoning – Puzzles & seating arrangements are the heart and soul of this section for both Prelims & Mains. While other miscellaneous topics are easy to master, conquering puzzles requires a certain level & quantity of consistent practice. YouTube served me well for this too. Mains requires you to study one more topic – Critical Reasoning, which many aspirants find very hard. It is one topic that is extremely difficult to crack but it is not impossible. You need to improve the ability to spot keywords and truly understand the demand of the question. It naturally can’t happen without practice. Oliveboard mocks have some of the best questions on this topic.

English Language – It consists of three pillars- Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading. Remembering grammar rules by heart, boosting your vocabulary, and active & intensive reading would serve you well. It is one topic that can’t be mastered within a short span of time like one month which may be the case with Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning. It is a long-drawn process and you can’t skip it.

General Awareness – GA has come to be known as the most volatile section of late in every banking examination. Be consistent and prepare for it from two sources. I cant stress the importance of constant revision enough. If you don’t revise enough, you will pay dearly for it.

How Oliveboard Helped Abhishek Kumar?

I had subscribed to Oliveboard’s test series and I can vouch for the fact that they are the industry-leader in terms of sheer quality of whatever they produce. Any aspirant can go for it without giving it a second thought.

Abhishek Kumar Tips To Aspirants

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The most important thing that will help you clear any banking examination is not solving tons of textbooks or jumping from one source to another or even solving hundreds of mocks, but CONSISTENCY & ACTIVE STUDYING. What actually is ACTIVE STUDYING? It is giving your 100% when you study and making full use of your time.

This is all from us in this blog, Success Story of Abhishek Kumar. Stay tuned with Oliveboard for more exam related information.