Success Story of Ajit Olkha – Cleared NIACL AO 2019, IBPS PO 2018, SBI Clerk 2018

Know Success Story of Ajit Olkha, the detailed preparation strategy for banking & insurance exams from Ajit, who kept learning from his mistakes during his preparation days to devise the best preparation method for such competitive exams and went on to clear NIACL AO 2019, IBPS PO 2018, SBI CLERK 2018 in his initial attempts.

Here is his inspiring story:

Hello everyone, I am Ajit Olkha & currently working as an Administrative Officer (AO) in The New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL). Here I am sharing my strategy which helped me in clearing – NIACL AO 2019, IBPS PO 2018(UNION BANK), SBI CLERK 2018

Let’s have a look at my strategy (I would say 2 different strategies! One is for bank, another is for insurance). 

1- Bank exams(MAINS) – Nowadays mains paper of IBPS PO and SBI PO/SBI CLERK is coming very tough and that is a plus point for you because you need not to attempt everything, you need to be selective while attempting questions. All you need is to attempt a good number of questions(above an average attempt) with full accuracy. 

Reasoning – See first of all you should have a good command over miscellaneous topics because in mains you will be able to solve these questions. Now when it comes to puzzles, you should practice 3/4 variables puzzles and new types of puzzles on a daily basis. Oliveboard mocks has a quite good collection of these puzzles. I would suggest you to give Oliveboard mock tests for detailed preparation.

Quantitative Aptitude – This was my strongest section. And believe me your strongest section will save you in hard times! First of all you should have a clear understanding of concepts.. Once you are done with concepts then you should solve Quantum CAT by Sarvesh or Arun Sharma. These books matches the level which is being asked these days in mains exam. After doing the above things. Just go and give sectional mocks of quant and just practice! Quant is all about practice. The more you practice the more you will learn.

English – I would suggest you people to Read any good English newspaper. Reading newspaper will help you a lot because these days in English section they are focusing more on comprehension section and your reading abilities. So by reading newspapers on a daily basis you will improve a lot.

General Awareness/Banking Awareness – It is very important for Banking mains exam because the level of paper will be so high that you will not be able to score that much in quant and reasoning but you can score around 90% in this section. Strategy – Try to follow OLIVEBOARD BOLT for the current affairs portion. For banking awareness you can learn from various online videos for banking news 

2- Insurance Exams(MAINS): For insurance mains exam your strategy should be different!

Let me tell you why. 

The level of Quant and Reasoning is of very moderate level in the mains, that means you need to have good speed here. You can even attempt 95% in Quant and Reasoning here! (I was able to do 40/40 in Quants in ESIC SSO Mains and 45/50 in NIACL AO mains). So for insurance exams you need not to prepare for high level questions instead you just need to prepare the same type of questions again and again so as to increase your speed. 

General Awareness/Insurance Awareness: As I have already told you Reasoning and Quants are moderate here so in order to outclass others you need to perform good in GK and English. 

GK: Oliveboard Bolt will help you to cover this section.

Insurance Awareness : You can read insurance current affairs in the gk pdfs and for static insurance watch all the videos available on youtube channel. You need not do anything else! 

English : Read newspaper and give sectionals 🙂 

Above I have discussed only about mains, now let’s talk about prelims. Cutoff for every prelims exam these days is going high because they are giving clerk like paper in every pre exam! So in order to cross this hurdle you can do the following: 

Reasoning: Try to attempt quiz daily and solve short and tricky puzzles from Oliveboard mock tests.Try to solve the same puzzle with 2/3 different approach and then decide which one will be more beneficial. 

Quants: Firstly prepare each and every chapter of arithmetic and solve quiz on that particular chapter after finishing the basics. Secondly, try to give sectional on a daily basis and whenever you find a new type of question note it down in a seperate copy and learn the concept. For DI, do level wise questions from Oliveboard mock tests. For fast calculation, earn vedic maths and follow the way of fast calculation. 

English: Mocks will be enough for this. 

Some things I have learned in the last 1.5 years: 

a) You have to become at least average in your weak section. 

b) Prepare for prelims and mains together, you will not be able to perform efficiently if you will prepare for mains after the declaration of prelims results! 

c) Never get disheartened by low attempts in hard shift and never become excited after attempting more in the easier shift! 

If the shift is easier increase your speed and try to attempt maximum because  normalisation can do anything! 

d) Try to make notes of current affairs and keep revising them every week.

e) Mock test scores are made to help you push your limits.. Every mock will be harder in comparison to the real exam. 

f) For main, Oliveboard mock tests are very important. 

So, believe in yourself & you can conquer anything 🙂

I hope my journey will help other aspirants in their preparation.All the Best Guys!

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