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Success Story of Praveen Mandar: Meet Praveen Mandar from Jaipur, who is just 23 year old, cleared the IBPS Clerk exam in his first attempt. His determination and hard work paid off, proving that age is no barrier to success. Praveen’s story is an inspiration to many aspiring bankers.


I am Praveen from Jaipur. I am in my early 23s, and I cleared the IBPS Clerk exam in my first attempt.

Praveen Mandar – Preparation Journey

My journey to prepare for the IBPS Clerk exam was about doing a lot with a little. I didn’t have much, but I made the most of what I had. I used clever study methods and practiced a lot. It wasn’t easy, but I kept going. My story shows that with hard work and smart thinking, you can achieve your goals, no matter what.

Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy 

English: Sheetal Ma’am’s classes are a game-changer. Her teaching clears up any confusion and boosts confidence. With her help, mastering English becomes a breeze, ensuring success in your overall preparation.

Reasoning: Focus on puzzles, coding-decoding, and logical thinking. Practice regularly to get better at solving problems.

GK/GA: Keep up with what’s happening in the world by reading newspapers and staying updated on current events.

Interview: Prepare for the interview by practicing common questions and improving communication skills

How Oliveboard helped you?

I had a free session on YouTube with Sheetal Mam.

Tips or advice for Aspirants

Get always positive

We hope that the Success story of Praveen Mandar inspired you to give your best in the preparation. To read more such success stories, visit the Oliveboard website.


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