Success Story of Rishabh Chandra – Cleared SBI PO 2019

Read Success Story of Rishabh Chandra , A BSc graduate from Patna, who initially could not pursue higher education as per his preference due to financial condition. But these hurdles like financial issues & lack of proper educational facilities could not stop him from achieving his dreams & clearing SBI PO this year.

Here is his inspiring story:

Hello everyone, I am  Rishabh Chandra from Patna. I did my graduation (Bsc Physics (hons.)) from Patna in 2017. The level of higher education in Bihar is not that good & the management in the universities are very poor. Due to this reason, many aspirants fail to get good grades in graduation from these universities.

I have been a bright student since my childhood days – Scored 89% in ICSE 10th, 84% in CBSE 12th & wanted to do but had to do B.Sc and try for Banking or SSC due to financial condition. Thus due to poor education management in universities of Bihar I couldn’t secure even 60% in graduation (58.87%). The day I got that result, my parents asked me to reappear next year to get 60% in graduation, but I had other plans.To be honest after taking my result the first thing which I searched on Google was “Eligibility criteria for SBI PO and SSC CGL“, it showed only graduation not 60%.Thus I was clear in my mind about my proceedings. 

That year I wasn’t eligible for SBI PO due to my age difference so I opted to prepare for SSC CGL 2017. I cleared tier 1 and tier 2 both but here again my graduation result was delayed(exceeded the cut off date) from University which made me disqualified from SSC CGL too and my Tier 3 of CGL got clashed with SBI PO 2018. So I started preparing for banking exams in 2018 & cleared 5 pre exams but failed in mains in all the exams except RRB CLERK mains but was never satisfied with the result. Because the exam which I was aiming i.e SBI PO , I couldn’t clear it’s pre by 3 marks and I failed drastically in SBI clerk mains exam too & scored very low in reasoning section. That made me realise that I was far behind in the race. 

Later on after analysing different test series I came at the final conclusion that Oliveboard provides the best mocks test series, almost the same as in exams. So in 2019 I purchased Oliveboard mocks of LIC AAO, SBI PO and SSC CGL (as I was selected in RRB CLERK and aimed at only bigger exams this year) and decided to give a final boost to my preparations before my RRB CLERK joining, and here I am. I cleared SBI PO 2019, cleared LIC AAO pre (but was unable to clear the financial section cutoff in mains). Scored 94 in SBI CLERK PRE 2019, 67 in RRB PO PRE 2019 and qualified for RRB PO 2019 interview. All thanks to Oliveboard mocks which helped me to overcome my fear of mains exam difficulty level. 

Oliveboard provided me with the standard mocks test series with genuine percentile to analyse my performance which other websites fail to give as per my opinion. Its high level mocks tests series are immensely helpful. I have recommended it to my friends.

My Preparation Strategy

Reasoning: I had a good command over miscellaneous topics so I  just practiced puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles on a daily basis.

Quant: I had my basics clear so all I needed was to practice previous year questions and new type DI which was covered in Oliveboard mock test series.

English: It plays a very vital role in mains exam which also has descriptive section. For this try to read everything in English. I read every article of economic times, money control etc. This is funny but I love reading cricbuzz commentary rather than watching match (Try to enjoy whatever you read). This also improved my English phrasal and vocabulary knowledge.

GA: This was my weakest section in 2018. I needed to overcome this section to clear any mains. Luckily I got a good circle of friends who had GA knowledge. We as a group followed one source as a base and a couple of more as a booster. Just try to read daily current affairs from any one source and revise it from any other. Don’t forget to revise it as without proper revision it is of no good.

Interview: Interview is all about being mentally ready. Just be confident and think that you are going to qualify it. Interviewer doesn’t test your knowledge they check your confidence level and communication skills. Be Honest with your answers. Don’t copy answers from someone else in order to make it look perfect. Create your own honest answers and also be prepared for cross questions (questions from your answer). If you are 100% honest then you don’t have to learn any answers which would reflect your confidence level. I did the same and practiced in front of mirror.

Finally, all I can say is to keep working hard and be true to your preparations. I sacrificed many comforts for this dream of mine because I knew 5-6 months of hard work is what will take you to satisfaction. And that satisfaction came on 18-10-2019 when SBI PO final results came and my mom said that your hard work has yielded you the result. So keep working hard and keep chasing your dreams as Dreams are meant to be chased and grabbed. Good Luck.

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