The Journey of Becoming An SBI PO – Success Story Of Sneha Pandey

The motivational success story of a B.Com graduate, Sneha Pandey, who started her preparation a little late, but made sure that all her efforts and dedication showed true colors. Soon with the support of her family and a planned preparation strategy, she was able to clear SBI PO in 2019.

1. Here’s The Success Story Of Sneha Pandey

Hello everyone, I am Sneha Pandey, a B.Com graduate from Allahabad University. Becoming a part of SBI is a great feeling and in my case, it took a little longer to be here. 

2. My Journey So Far

Although I graduated in 2016, but my journey for the banking sector started at the end of 2018. As I am from the defense background, initially I focused more on defense services. At the end of 2018, I did some research and decided to do it without any coaching.

Accuracy and speed are two things that matter the most in banking exams and I was on the bad side in case of speed. So, I started giving Oliveboard mock tests to improve my speed. These helped me to score good marks in prelims exams. 

3. Complete Section-Wise Preparation Strategy

3.1 Quant Section Preparation Strategy

I ensured that I start by clearing my concepts and then proceed with giving mock tests. For quants, I also brushed up my basics and learned all the rules, tables, formulas, cubes and squares and I believe the practice is the best way to prepare yourself for such a competitive exam.

3.2 English Section Preparation Strategy

My strategy was to learn 10 vocabs daily, read some good newspapers daily and watch news channels which will help to improve the English section. You can also refer to Oliveboard New Pattern English tests which are specially designed to improve the English section and also attempt mini-quiz daily.

3.3 Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

I only focused on test series as test series are sufficient. Oliveboard provides you with a good number of puzzles and its post-exam analysis helps to improve a lot. But for the reasoning section, it is very important to select the right types of questions that come with practice.

3.4 GK Section Preparation Strategy

I took the help of videos available on youtube, made notes and attempted as many weekly quizzes as I can. I believe GK is the most scoring part and hence must be mastered for better scores in the mains exam.

I ensured that I attempt one mock test regularly that helped me in finding out my strengths and weaknesses and led to my selection in SBI.

I started reading one newspaper editorial on a daily basis, gave a lot of emphasis on GK updates, attempted quiz based on English comprehension, thoroughly read 6 months GK before Mains, gave mock tests and analyzed my performance. My only target was to prepare wisely and systematically.

4. Sneha’s Tips For You

  1. Don’t panic during preparation, the more you are relaxed, more are the chances of getting good marks
  2. Attempt a test daily
  3. Daily practice of reasoning and maths
  4. Read newspapers or any novel daily, for improving your reading habit
  5. Read GK capsules and news bullets

Lastly, I would like to thank my grandfather, parents, sister and all my well-wishers whose blessings are always with me. I definitely recommend everyone to practice Oliveboard test series because it definitely contributed towards my success. I wish everyone who is putting his/her best efforts is selected soon and I am looking forward to read your incredible success story.

That brings us to the end of the Success Story of Sneha. Hope you are inspired and motivated by her journey.  Follow her section-wise preparation tips and who knows the next success story could be yours. All the best for your Exam Preparation.

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