Success Story of Prakhar Prateek – Qualified IBPS PO 2019

Read the detailed success story of Prakhar, who has very-well explained how one can analyze a mock test properly by dividing the questions into 3 parts. He says, To clear any exam one should be very well aware of the pattern and the syllabus of that particular exam.

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1. Inspiring Success Story of Prakhar – Cleared IBPS PO 2019

My name is Prakhar Prateek. I belong to Bhagalpur, Bihar. I completed my from Dehradun and got placed in a reputed IT firm in 2017. But there was a lack of job satisfaction, so I started preparing for banking jobs in 2019. I started my preparations along with my full-time job because having a job gave me some sort of security.

I have cleared IBPS PO 2019 (Rank not mentioned but it will be under 1000 as I am from General category and scored well above the cut-off)

2. Prakhar’s Detailed Preparation Strategy

First of all, you need to have a clear mindset about any exam. IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, SBI PO are some of the major exams in the banking sector. You just have to prepare for one exam because all the exams have a similar syllabus and they only differ in marking scheme.

To clear any exam, you need to know the pattern and syllabus first. Have you written down your syllabus in a notebook or have you taken its print out? If the answer is no, do it today.

After noting down the syllabus, give any mock test of the above-mentioned exam. You can go for Oliveboard’s free mock tests- they are clearly the best. 

  1. Mock tests are your lifelines to clear any banking exam. Give at least 30–40 mock tests for prelims and 10–15 for mains, and analyze it thoroughly. 
  2. Do not try to solve very tough puzzles in exams. Puzzles form the majority of the questions but they also consume time and if you are unable to solve them, they dent your confidence. Practice every type of puzzles during practice but be very selective while attempting them in mock tests or exams. 
  3. Focus on GK a lot. Give 30 minutes daily. Nobody gets very high scores in mains in maths and reasoning. So try to maximize your score in GK and English. See daily videos and revise it.
  4. English is the game-changer. Dedicate at least 1 hour for reading, anything you like, newspaper, magazines, blogs, interviews, but READ. If you improve your English, it will help you immensely in mains, also you will be able to read and understand the questions faster. Focus more on Editorials as it will develop your essay writing skills and understanding things better.
  5. For maths, focus on calculations. Take a maths square notebook and write tables, cubes, squares. You will be amazed at how it multiplies your speed! 
  6. Always have a fixed place to study and try to maintain a fixed routine. ( I could not due to office hours and work). I could manage a maximum of 2-3 hours a day during weekdays. During weekends, I relaxed for one day and studied the other day.

For mains, focus more on the miscellaneous section. See concept videos of the reasoning section and then try to solve various questions of the same. 

3. How To Analyze a Mock Test?

It is always suggested to go through a detailed analysis of every mock test you attempt. Here is what Prakhar has to say regarding mock test analysis.

You don’t have to look at the marks, just focus on the questions. Divide all the questions into three sections:

  1. The ones which you have marked incorrectly – These are the chapters in which you are lacking concepts. Go through any book or video of the same chapter and solve at least 50 questions of that chapter.
  2. The ones which you have left – Either you are under-confident about this chapter or you haven’t studied it. In either case, you have to study the concepts and solve at least 100 questions from this section.
  3. The ones which you have marked correctly- You just need to increase your speed in this section.

After giving the first mock test you will need about one week for the above steps. Do it and then give the second mock and analyze it again. Keep doing this and increase your frequency of mock tests. You will gradually see improvement in your marks, but you should follow the same process again and again.

4. How Oliveboard Helped him Prepare?

I enrolled for Oliveboard’s SBI PO Cracker batch 2019 and it helped me a lot in getting hold of concepts. The mock tests are above par from the actual examination, but it is better to practice tough and feel easy in the exam rather than the other way around. The teachers were also like mentors, who helped in every phase of my journey. 

5. Prakhar’s Tips to Aspirants

You will succeed even if you don’t follow the above steps, but you need to have focus and believe in yourselves. Everyone is unique and has their own unique strategy. Follow one source and have faith in it. Keep practicing and keep learning.

Good luck CHAMPS!!

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That brings us to the end of this article. Success Story of Prakhar Prateek will tell you that with a guided strategy and study plan you an easily ace any exam. We hope that this story motivates you and who knows the next success story could be yours.

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