Success Story Suvayan Kundu: Read the success story of Suvayan Kundu who cleared many examinations with his hard work and passion towards banking examinations. His story has all the details one needs to know. Here is his story in his own words:

suvayan kundu

Success Story of Suvayan Kundu


I am from Asansol, West Bengal. I have completed my Bachelors in October 2020 from St. Xavier’s College, Asansol in B.Com Accounting Honors. I have completed my 10th and 12th from St. Vincent’s High and Technical School, Asansol. My areas of interest are Finance, Accounting, Banking and Computer Application. I love to listen to Bollywood Melodies, watch infotainment and learn digital skills during my free time. I also like to work out and maintain good health.

Brief Description

I started my preparation during my college days when I was in the 2nd year of my undergrad. Initially, I focused heavily on RBI Grade B where I managed to prepare for Phase 2 of the RBI Grade B examination along with my college curriculum. I devoted half of my study time to RBI Grade B during my college days, the other half being utilized for my college exams.

However, with this over-ambitious spirit, I missed out on diversifying my goal. Lately, I realize the need to prepare for QUANT, REASONING AND ENGLISH. Unfortunately, in 2021, the RBI Grade B examination pattern got revised significantly due to which I found it difficult to adjust my preparation. Hence, RBI Grade B went out of my hand.

Thereafter, through further research, I came across the growth opportunities of an SBI PO, which makes it no less significant than my previous target. So, I started pursuing its examination and in due course cleared several other examinations as well. Today, finally with everyone’s support, my goal has been realized.

Preparation Strategy

i. Quant and Reasoning(Both Pre and Mains) – Relied on online concept videos. Oliveboard’s Youtube channel also has a lot of videos on this subject which are sufficient to gain a strong grip over this subject. But, practicing endless mocks are crucial for mastering this section and applying the theoretical concepts.

ii. English(Both Pre and Mains) – Did no specific preparation as I do inherit a good command of this language from my school days. However, one may focus on learning the basic concepts of the language, rather than rote-learning rules and tricks. Thankfully, Oliveboard also brings good content that emphasizes building grammar concepts. The contents are adequate and very much exam-oriented.

iii. GA(Current Affairs) – Tried to cover the most relevant and important current affairs and facts, rather than running behind all petty information regarding an aspect. I believe it is impossible for any human to register all complex and minute details and figures relating to all current happenings. So, I recommend referring only to the most relevant and exhaustible source for this subject, like Oliveboard’s Bolt magazine.

iv. GA(Static) – Mostly sourced from current affairs. However, for static Banking Awareness, I referred to Oliveboard’s Bolt Banking Awareness and Financial Awareness PDFs. The key merit of these pdfs is that they are not unnecessarily exaggerated and stretched, which enables quick coverage. But, at the same time, they are also comprehensive and reliable for the examination.

v. Descriptive English – Firstly enhanced my typing speed through various applications available over the internet. Thereafter, I practiced mocks on this subject. Infact, Oliveboard provides mocks for Descriptive English as well. Some of them are even available for free.

Role of Oliveboard

Without Oliveboard, cracking SBI PO was confined to a mere dream for me.

1) I do appreciate the quality of the mock test that Oliveboard has provided, especially for the mains examination. The contribution of SBI PO mains mock tests of Oliveboard in my preparation goes beyond expression through words. They are marginally more difficult than the real examination, which exposed me to the worst paper that may turn up this time. Their flawless mock tests shielded me from the worst attack on exam day. As a result, despite scoring relatively less in the mocks, my scores increased in the real exam.

2) The descriptive tests provided by Oliveboard are a unique solution to the challenging and important section for the SBI PO examination.

3) The Bolt magazines of Oliveboard were very helpful for me, especially for Banking and Financial Awareness.

4) For the interview, Oliveboard provided me with the complete guidance and materials required as a fresher.

5) The constant guidance provided by Oliveboard on their Youtube channel has always illuminated my preparation path.

Faculty Feedback

The Faculty team is very cooperative and committed to help the aspirants.

Tips or advice for the fellow aspirants

1) All aspirants who find English difficult should work on it from the earliest phase of preparation. This is because all languages, including English, take some time to be strongly absorbed.

2) Do start attempting mains mock tests as early as possible, as the same cannot be adequately attempted after the pre-examination.

3) Keep increasing the difficulty level as you climb up in the mock practice.

4) Be within a good network of aspiring peers and friends to coordinate together, discuss matters and collectively respond to the problems faced.

5) Finally, do not neglect your physical and mental health during the preparation. Do enjoy your hobbies and interact with your surroundings. These are the basic premises within which all work needs to be performed.


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