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TISSNET Study Plan: The TISSNET Exam 2022 would be held on 26th February 2022. With only a month until the exam, it’s time to buckle down and prepare strategically. We’ll show you how to achieve it with the aid of this article! If you’ve previously completed your syllabus, you can organise your modifications using the study plan below.

It’s vital to remember that finishing the syllabus on time should be one of the features of the preparation, not the objective. The goal is to prepare so that on exam day, you can perform to the best of your abilities and pass with flying colours!

Before discussing the study plan, let us first take a look at the exam pattern.

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TISSNET 2022 Exam Pattern

SectionNumber of SubsectionsSubsectionsNumber of QuestionsMarks
English Proficiency (EP)2Verbal Ability
Reading Comprehension
Mathematical Skills & Logical Reasoning (MS&LR)3Quantitative Aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Data Interpretation
General Awareness (GA)1General Knowledge4040

Let us now discuss the plan section wise:-

TISSNET Study Plan – Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

While it is critical to understand and practice all of the concepts covered in TISSNET 2022  Quant, it is also critical to learn them in the correct order. Most quantitative topics are interconnected, which means you’ll need to understand or solve one to understand or solve another.

Most Quant topics, for example, demand you to apply concepts like interest, percentage,  and profit and loss.

As a result, we recommend that you begin by understanding the basics of the Arithmetic section: percentage, profit and loss, and interest.

To master the principles, you must first understand them and then practice them.

Begin with learning things that serve as the foundation for other topics and then go to harder topics that require mastery of these foundational themes.

The trick to scoring marks in the Quantitative Aptitude Section is to attempt the questions on Quadratic Equations, Simplification, and Approximation first and then go for Number Series. The DI questions are known to be calculation intensive. Hence, make sure you practice that every day.

Week 1Basic Arithmetic, Number System, Ratio & Proportion, Basic Geometry, Profit & Loss, Topic Tests
Week 2Percentages, SI & CI, Speed & Distance, Time & Work, Pipes & Cisterns, Topic Tests
Week 3Divisibility, Averages & Alligation, Probability, DI, Topic Tests
Week 4Sectional Tests, Full-Length Mocks

The Reasoning section tests your problem-solving, decision-making skills, and logical abilities. It takes months and constant and consistent practice to master these skills and it is not something you can achieve in a short time. Therefore, we suggest you start spending some time-solving puzzles online, like SudokuCrossword puzzlesMind bender puzzles, etc. These will sharpen your skills and train your brain to think logically.

A good reading speed gives you an edge to score well in the exam, so make sure while preparing for RC you also work on your reading speed.

Week 1Analytical Reasoning, Syllogisms
Week 2Coding-Decoding, Blood Relations, Number & Letter Series
Week 3Direction Sense, Logical Inequalities, Input/Output, Venn Diagrams
Week 4Full-Length Mocks + Remaining Sectional tests

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TISSNET Study Plan : English

The English language section is the one that most applicants are concerned about. However, if one understands the fundamentals, one can easily pass this section’s cut-offs.

The key to passing the English section is having solid fundamentals. So, let’s look at how to achieve that for each of the question categories listed above.

  • Grammar

This isn’t a question type as such in the exam, however, it forms the basis of important question types such as sentence re-arrangement, idioms & phrases, error spotting, sentence correction, etc. To build on your grammar refer to helpful books such as Wren & Martin. You can also refer to custom-made e-books such as 100 important idioms. These help you with your preparation as they cover exactly what is covered in the exam.

  • Reading Comprehension Section

A good reading speed gives you an edge to score well in the exam, so make sure while preparing for RC you also work on your reading speed.

Week 1Reading Comprehension ( Concept + Practice ), At least 5-7 passages a day, Topic Tests
Week 2Vocabulary ( Concept + Practice ), Sentence Correction, Topic Tests, Mocks
Week 3Para-jumbles, Para-completion, Cloze Test ( Concept + Practice )
Week 4Full-Length Mocks + Remaining Topic Tests

TISSNET 2022: English Language Preparation

TISSNET Study Plan : General Awareness

  • Once you have understood the requirements of the exam, it is important that you read the current affairs based on that. You should know what to leave and what to study!
  • Understanding the PRIORITY. The 3 months prior to the exam are of great importance for current affairs.
  • Always be aware of the latest trends, the level of the question/areas from which questions are asked keep changing.
  • You can cover the current affairs on a daily basis or refer to the monthly capsules for your comprehensive coverage. Don’t forget to practice a lot of current affairs MCQ for retention of what you have read.
  • REVISION is the KEY. Keep revising on weekly basis so that your preparation is on point.
Week 1Environment And Ecology, Politics, History, Law, Mock Tests, Current Affairs Revision of November, Daily CA
Week 2Awards and Honours, Defense, Polity Related Questions, Literature, Arts, Current Affairs Revision of December, Daily CA, Mock Tests
Week 3Economics, Finance And Budget, International Politics, Current Affairs Revision of January, Daily CA, Mock Tests
Week 4Current Affairs Revision, Full-Length Mocks

In general, while preparing for an exam, you must decide on the following things:-

  • Order of attempting various sections
  • Time to be spent on each section
  • Number of questions to be attempted

Understand that all three items listed above are dynamic and will differ from person to person, or even paper to paper, depending on the amount of difficulty. Attempting a large number of mock tests (both sectional and full-length) will assist you in deciding on the items listed above. Remember that, rather than merely taking a fake test, the mock tests described in the study plan will fulfill their function only if you evaluate them and commit adequate time to that analysis.

Understand, that the goal is to clear the cutoffs first and then to maximize your overall score. Apart from the subject knowledge, your time management skills play an equally important role in the exam. Taking mock tests will also provide you with a situation where you can practice making such important decisions, and thus be better prepared for the actual exam.

Once you’ve done all that we’ve mentioned, rest assured that your preparation is complete. Just be confident, and go ace that exam.

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Hope this TISSNET Study Plan helps.

All The Best!

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