50 Essay Writing Topics Asked in the Past Few Years – Check Here

Bank Exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, RBI Grade B, as well as the SSC CGL and SSC CHSL, have papers wherein you have to write essays. Once you have qualified the preliminary exams, you will have to gear up to tackle descriptive English papers and essays are an important and challenging segment of this paper. Essays usually require you to discuss recent socio-political-economic developments. To give you an idea on what kind of current topics for descriptive paper 2019 you should prepare for, here are 50 essays that showed up in various competitive exams in recent years.

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Topics for Descriptive Paper 2019

50 Essay Writing Topics Asked in the Past Few Years

  1. How can we make women empowerment a reality?
  2. The benefits and drawbacks of ‘One Rank One Pension Scheme’.
  3. Women’s safety is our responsibility.
  4. GST- One Nation, One Tax
  5. Global warming and its effects on our lives.
  6. How to solve the problem of ‘Brain Drain’ in the medical field?
  7. Rights of the LGBTQ community
  8. ‘Make in India’ is it jargon or is it a reality?
  9. Social Media- Does it help or hinder social progress?
  10. How to tackle the menace of NPAs in banks?
  11. The challenges encountered by ‘Namami Gange’?
  12. E-commerce and its ethical problems.
  13. How overdependence on monsoon is affecting our crop cycle?
  14. Is the presidential form of government viable in India?
  15. Generation gap: Is it a reality?
  16. What are your suggestions for lifting people above the poverty line?
  17. Unskilled labour: Its contribution to our economy.
  18. What are the pros and cons of bank accounts for 10-year-olds?
  19. United Nation aggravated the turmoil in Ukraine: Your thoughts.
  20. Is technology enslaving humans?
  21. Why should the common people be worried about the economy?
  22. Swadeshi vs. Globalization.
  23. Examples from Indian politics that prove that there is no permanent foe or friend in politics.
  24. Delhi smog, what is the solution?
  25. What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds?
  26. Do you think the Election Commission was justified in banning the use of symbols when votes are cast?
  27. Those who saved more were taxed more: your opinions
  28. Fewer students are interested in research work
  29. Can we solve the unemployment problem?
  30. Are newspapers still influencing the youth?
  31. What does the future hold for the banking industry?
  32. Travelling vs. watching documentaries
  33. Environment and genes contribute to forming personality: Your opinions
  34. How can we avert the problems that arise during the monsoon?
  35. Can the Bankruptcy Code enhance Financial Inclusion?
  36. How will Brexit impact India?
  37. Tourism and its relation to religious pilgrimage
  38. How is technology influencing education?
  39. Small and Payment Banks and their contribution to Financial Inclusion
  40. Did the nationalization of banks improve the economy?
  41. Why stability of government is crucial for economic growth
  42. Why is NABARD a boon for Indian agriculture?
  43. Outsourcing of banking activities: its pros and cons.
  44. Why it’s important to have a financial goal early in life?
  45. Your opinions on Bitcoins
  46. Banking risk and management
  47. Can India become a developed country?
  48. How is Indian tourism improving the economy?
  49. How has information technology changed the workplace?
  50. Distance learning vs classroom education.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what kind of topics you may be expected to write based on previous years’ essays, you can start your preparation for current topics for descriptive paper 2019 ASAP.

Take a Free Oliveboard Mock Test for Bank, SSC, Insurance & Other Govt. Exams

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