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UIIC AO Interview Questions 2024

UIIC AO Interview Questions 2024: The United India Insurance Company (UIIC) will conduct the interview round for the recruitment of Administrative Officers 2024. The exam for the same was conducted on 13th February 2024. Candidates who qualify the exam will receive the call letter for the interview. This article guides candidates on how to prepare for the interview, including different types of questions and how to prepare for them.

UIIC AO Interview Questions – Important Dates

Candidates who have applied for the UIIC AO 2024 recruitment and appeared for the exam should keep an eye on the schedule of the same. The following table provides the schedule and important dates of UIIC AO Recruitment 2024.

UIIC AO Notification 20247th January 2024
UIIC AO Apply start8 January 2024
UIIC AO Apply Last Date23 January 2024
UIIC AO Written Exam Admit Card2nd February 2024
UIIC AO Exam Date13th February 2024
UIIC AO Result 2024TBA
UIIC AO Interview Call LetterTBA
UIIC AO Interview Result 2024TBA

UIIC AO 2024 Interview Questions

Candidates preparing for the UIIC AO interview should anticipate and prepare the answer to the following questions:

  • Self-introduction
  • Extra-curricular
  • Personal Life (About parents/siblings)
  • Location preference
  • Why are you pursuing a career in Insurance as opposed to your field
  • Questions specific to your specialization/ work experience.
  • Current affairs particularly relating to Banking, Insurance, and Economy
  • Social Issues
  • Basics of Insurance- basic concepts, definitions, institutions, and trends in India
  • About UIIC

UIIC AO Interview Questions 2024 – Types of Questions

Now that we broadly know the categories of questions, let’s take a look at a few examples.


  • Name, education, work experience (if any)
  • Family’s occupation
  • About your native place and state
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Difficulty situations you may have navigated before and how
  • Future plans
  • Hobbies and extracurricular activities
  • What makes you suitable for the role

Tips: Make sure to be honest. Interviewers can always tell when a candidate is lying. This section is about you so make sure you are certain of everything you’re saying.


  • Why Insurance
  • How dedicated are you to the career path of insurance
  • Why you aren’t pursuing a career in your specialisation
  • How does your specialisation help
  • What is the path you see for yourself in insurance

Tips: Be very clear and straightforward. Research about the field, talk to current/previous employees in the field, understand your skills and how you can apply them to this career.

About Specialisation/Work Experience

  • Basic definitions
  • How you can solve problems on the job with knowledge from your specialisation
  • Formulae
  • Basic concepts
  • Situations you faced at your previous workplace that you handled well/did not handle well.
  • Why do you wish to switch to insurance as a career from your previous occupation?

Tips: Try and relate your specialisation and work experience with how you can contribute to UIIC. Make them see how the knowledge and skills you bring will benefit them.

Current Affairs

  • Major financial, political, social, and economic issues.
  • Ex.-FDI in Insurance
  • Brexit
  • RBI’s Raghuram exit
  • Euro16
  • Copa America16
  • Tennis majors
  • Smart cities
  • Inflation
  • NPAs in banks
  • Competition in insurance
  • Innovations, etc
  • Major social issues like intolerance, communal unrest, women’s security

Tips: Alongwith knowing the basic facts, in cases like this, it is also important to form your own opinions. In particularly politically divisive questions, make sure to prepare a logically sound response, supported by your reasoning. Interviewers may not always like neutrality, so make sure that if you have a strong opinion, back it up with good reasoning. Do not argue with the interview ever, just state your points politely.

Basics of Insurance

  • General insurance underwriting
  • Insurance Penetration
  • Opportunities and Threats to Insurance sector
  • Total general insurance premiums
  • Market share of PSUs
  • Microinsurance
  • Life insurance v/s non-life insurance difference
  • Information on IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India)
    • Establishment and history
    • Chairman
    • Head Office
    • Features and Functions
    • Acts
  • Reinsurance
  • Insurance trends in India

Tips: Visit websites of IRDAI and Indian Institute of Insurance (III) to gain more insight and knowledge into the latest rules, regulations, data, and trends in insurance in India. Make sure to read up the latest insurance journal/digest to know the news in insurance sector.

About UIIC

  • Establishment
  • Mission and Vision
  • Head Office
  • Chairman
  • Business model
  • Major profits and/or losses
  • What aspect of UIIC attracted you

Tips: Try and reach out to employees/ex-employees of the company to understant their working experiences and what they learnt. Speak about how you wish to add certain skills to your professional skillset, and how UIIC can help with that.

UIIC AO Interview Questions 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What questions are asked in UIIC AO Interview?

A1. UIIC AO Interviews test the candidate’s self awareness, general and current affairs knowledge, technical knowledge based on specialisation, insurance related theory and concepts.

Q2. How to prepare for UIIC AO Interview questions?

A2. Candidates can mainly prepare the HR questions sections themselves. Revise your college specialisation basic definitions and concepts, learn about insurance basics, read up on banking and insurance related news and affairs, etc.


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