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UPSC CSE Salary 2024

UPSC CSE Salary varies in accordance with the post they get and number of years of experience they have. UPSC IAS Officers salary follows 7th Pay Commission. UPSC Civil Service Exam is considered as one of the most prestigious government jobs in India. The Govt. of India offers the good pay level to the officers recruited through the UPSC CSE. UPSC CSE Salary varies between INR 56,000 to INR 2,50,000 per month excluding TA, DA and HRA. Candidates selected from CSE conducted by UPSC, for the post of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and other gazette posts, get several perks and benefits along with their handsome salary.

In this article, we will let you know about the details of the UPSC CSE salary structure along with TA, DA, HRA, other allowances, perks and benefits, UPSC CSE Salary per month, UPSC CSE Salary in-hand and more.

UPSC CSE Salary 2024- Overview

Basic overview of IAS Officers Salary is mentioned below with other information and detailed information is discussed further: –

IAS SalaryIAS Salary Details
IAS Starting SalaryINR 56,100
Salary of IAS Officer During TrainingApprox INR 33,000 to 35,000 (varies as per deductions)
IAS Salary after 8 years of ServiceINR 1,31,249 per month or INR 15.75 lakh per year
Highest salary of IAS officerINR 2,50,000
IAS Salary Pay Commission7th Pay Commission

UPSC CSE Salary Structure- Post wise

IAS Officer Salary Structure

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer is the highest post recruited by UPSC CSE. This is one of the most powerful and elite rank which provides a decent salary and lots of benefits. The initial salary of IAS is INR 56,100 per month excluding TA, DA and HRA.

The IAS officer salary Pay Level starts from 10 and increases up to Pay Level 18. The details of the IAS Officer Salary structure are as follows:

Pay LevelPostYears of ServiceSalary
10SDM/ ASP/ Asst. Commissioner1 – 4INR 56,100
11ADM/ Deputy Secretary/ Undersecretary5 – 8INR 67,700
12DM/ Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary9 – 12INR 78,800
13DM/ Special Secretary cum Director13 – 16INR 1,18,500
14Joint Secretary/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Divisional Commissioner16 – 24INR 1,44,200
15Principal Secretary/ Divisional Commissioner/ Additional Secretary25 – 30INR 1,82,200
16Additional Chief Secretary30 – 33INR 2,05,000
17Chief Secretary34 – 36INR 2,25,000
18Cabinet Secretary of India37+ yearsINR 2,50,000

IPS Officer Salary Structure

Indian Public Service (IPS) officers serves as the high command of the police forces in the States and the Center. An IPS officer gets an average salary between INR 56,100 to INR 2,25,000 per month. It differs according to the post, which decides the basic pay, TA, DA and HRA. Adding all these together decides the pay scale of IPS Officer.

The IPS officer salary structureunder the 7th Pay Commission is as follows:

Deputy Superintendent of PoliceINR 56,100
Additional Superintendent of PoliceINR 67,700
Senior Superintendent of PoliceINR 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of PoliceINR 1,31,100
Inspector-General of PoliceINR 1,44,200
Director-General of PoliceINR 2,05,400
Director of IB or CBI/ Director-General of PoliceINR 2,25,000

IFoS Officer Salary Structure

Indian Forest Service (IFoS) comes under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC). This department is accountable for the protection and maintenance of the environment. The salary of IFoS officers varies between INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000 lakhs per month depending on their designations and experience.

The IFoS Officer salary structure according to the 7th Pay Commission is as follows:

GradeUnder State Govt.Under Central Govt.Salary
Junior Time ScaleAssistant Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of ForestINR 56,100
Senior Time ScaleDeputy Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of ForestINR 67,700
Junior Administrative GradeDeputy Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of ForestINR 78,800
Selection GradeDeputy Conservator of Forest (Selection Grade)Assistant Inspector General of ForestINR 1,18,500
Super Time ScaleConservation of Forest / Chief Wildlife WardenDeputy Inspector General of ForestINR 1,50,000
Senior Administrative GradeChief Conservator of ForestInspector General of ForestINR 1,75,000
HAG ScaleAdditional Principal Chief Conservator of Forest INR 2,00,000
HAG+ ScalePrincipal Chief Conservator of ForestAdditional Director General of ForestINR 2,05,400
Apex ScalePrincipal Chief Conservator of Forest (Head of Forest force)Director General of ForestINR 2,25,000

IFS Officer Salary Structure

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers are posted in Indian Embassies across the world as well as offices of Indian Ministry of External offices in India. IFS salary depends on the location of the officer posted. The officers posted in foreign countries gets special Foreign Allowance which depends on the Purchasing Power parity of that particular country.

The IFS Officer salary structure according to the 7th Pay Commission is as follows:

GradeRankBasic PayGrade Pay
Junior Time ScaleUnder SecretaryINR 8000INR 5400
Senior Time ScaleUnder SecretaryINR 10650INR 6600
Junior Administrative ScaleDeputy SecretaryINR 12750INR 7600
Selection GradeCounsellor DirectorINR 15100INR 8700
Senior Administrative ScaleJoint SecretaryINR 18400INR 10000
High Commissioner/ AmbassadorForeign SecretaryINR 26000 fixed

Salary Structure with Time Scale and Experience

GradePostExperience (yrs)Pay LevelPay Scale (INR)Basic Pay (INR)
Junior or Lower Time ScaleASP/SDM/ Asst. Commissioner  1-41015,600-39,10056,100
Senior Time ScaleADM/Deputy Secretary/Undersecretary5-81115,600-39,10067,700
Junior AdministrativeDM/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary9-121215,600-39,10078,800
Selection GradeDM/Special Secretary cum Director/Director13-161337,400-67,0001,18,500
Selection GradeDivisional Commissioner/ Secretary cum Commissioner/Joint Secretary16-241437,400-67,0001,44,200
Super Time ScaleDivisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/Additional Secretary25-301537,400-67,0001,82,200
Above Super Time ScaleAdditional Chief secretary30-331680,000 (fixed)2,05,400
Apex ScaleChief secretary34-361790,000 (fixed)2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary GradeCabinet Secretary of India37+1890,000 (fixed)2,50,000

UPSC CSE Salary- Perks & Allowances

Apart from the decent salary, there are various special perks and allowances which are offered to the officers

  • Officers are provided with residence to live
  • They get free electricity, water and gas supply
  • They get vehicle facility for official travel
  • They get medical treatment claim
  • They are provided with personal security guards.
  • They can hire STF commandos for security if they sense any danger for their lives.
  • Officers are also eligible for two years of study leave.
  • Lifetime pensions and other retirement perks are provided.
  • When traveling for work or vacation, IAS officials can stay in government guest homes or bungalows at reduced rates.

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UPSC CSE- Initial Appointment

When any candidate clears every round of UPSC examination and seems fit to be an IAS officer, he/she will be given training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). The training duration will be of 2 years and no any salary will be given during this duration. Further they will have to clear the foundation course which is common for all civil service officers. After that they will be eligible for the first training phase.

In training, officers will be introduced to their respective work and duties. After completion of the training, they will be able to understand the rules and regulations of their duties set by the government and the constitution. They will be able to understand the emerging socio-economic and political trends upcoming across the whole nation. They will be given the training of the local language where they will be posted.

At the end of the training, if candidates seem fit, they will be sent into probation with respect to their cadre. In total, there are 24 cadres as of now. The probation time can be for a couple of years and they will be a part of a government department to learn the basics of government first hand. An exam will be conducted to test if the probation period was successful or not. Time scales will decide the time for the post and pay scale in accordance with that. The scales are mentioned below:

  • Junior time scale
  • Senior time scale
  • Junior Administrative Grade
  • Selection Grade
  • Super Time scale
  • Higher Administrative Grade
  • Apex Scale
  • Cabinet Secretary Grade

UPSC CSE – Promotion

The IAS Officers promotion list and rules

The promotion of officials is based upon their years of service.

Years of ServicePost 
1-4ASP/SDM/ Assistant Commissioner
5-8ADM/Deputy Secretary/Undersecretary
9-12DM/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary
13-16DM/ Special Secretary cum Director/ Director
16-24Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary Cum Commissioner/ Joint Secretary
25-30Divisional Commissioner/ Principal Secretary/ Additional Secretary
30-33Additional Chief Secretary
34-36Chief Secretary
37+Cabinet Secretary of India

There are certain guidelines, set by the government regarding promotion. These guidelines are also known as IAS promotion rules.

Some of the major rules or guidelines are as follows:

  • Screening committees are set up for each post, and they ensure the suitability of the candidate is while choosing for promotion in just an objective manner.
  • The committee has to fill in the vacancies every year, and thus the committee should meet frequently on a fixed date every year. There should be a time schedule laid down in advance and the state government must ensure the proper functioning of the committee.
  • The number of vacancies must be predetermined and accurate. Vacancies due to death or retirement should be taken into account whereas short-term vacancies for personal leaves or holidays should not be taken into account.  
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1. Is the salary of IAS and IPS same?

The salary of IAS and IPS is mostly the same. The initial salary of both IAS and IPS officers starts from INR 56,100 and highest salary goes up to INR 2,50,000 for a cabinet secretary and for a DGP.

2. Which is the highest paid post of the UPSC?

The post of Cabinet Secretary of India is highest paid post by UPSC. They get INR 2,50,000 per month as their salary.

3. What is the effect of the experience on the UPSC salary?

Experience plays the significant role in salary growth. With increasing experience, salary also increases proportionally.

4. How much time it takes for an IAS officer to become a Cabinet Secretary?

It take 30 years for an IAS officer to become a Cabinet Secretary.

5. What are the job roles of UPSC officers?

The officers are in charge of monitoring the execution of government schemes and the policies. They also contribute in making new laws and notifications.


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