UPSC EPFO Exam Analysis 2023, Subject-wise Question Paper Analysis

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UPSC EPFO Exam Analysis 2023

UPSC EPFO Exam Analysis 2023: The Union Public Service Commission conducted the UPSC EPFO EO/AO/APFC exam on 2nd July 2023. The morning shift was from 9.30 to 11.30 AM for EO/AO. Candidates appearing for APFC had the afternoon shift from 2 to 4 PM. This article will provide a subject-wise analysis of the question paper for both shifts.


UPSC EPFO EO/AO Exam Analysis – Difficulty and Topic-wise Weightage

The difficulty level of the UPSC EPFO exam was said to be easy to moderate with a majority of the students finding it moderate. This section will provide a topic-wise breakdown of the question paper.

TopicNumber of Questions
General English20
Indian Polity7
Indian Economy + Current Events and Development Issues6
General Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude12-16
Labour Laws + Social Security in India + Industrial Relations21
General Accounting Principles10
Current Affairs9
General Science and Sci-tech7-8
Knowledge of Computer Applications9

UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 Subject-wise Question Paper Analysis

This section will cover the subject-wise analysis for the question paper of UPSC EPFO EO/AO conducted on 2nd July 2023. The EO/AO exam was in the morning shift. Candidates reported the question paper as being easy-moderate, though for majority it fell in the moderate level. The difficulty level of the paper was pretty evenly distributed over the various subjects. The following table gives a pretty good idea of the difficulty for each topic and subject.

SubjectNumber of Questions AskedDifficulty Level
General English20Easy to Moderate
General Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude12-16Easy to Moderate
General Knowledge of Computer Applications9Easy to Moderate
General Accounting Principles10Moderate
Modern Indian History9Moderate to Difficult
Current Affairs (Current Events and Developmental Issues)6Moderate
Indian Polity5Difficult
Industrial Relations, Labour Laws, and Social Security in India21Easy to Moderate
General Science7-8Easy to Moderate

UPSC EPFO APFC Exam Analysis 2023 – Difficulty

The UPSC EPFO APFC exam was in the afternoon shift on 2nd July 2023. Candidates reported the exam being of easy-moderate difficulty. The difficulty of specific topics and subjects was also easy-moderate.

How does UPSC EPFO Exam Analysis Help?

Going through the exam analysis for UPSC EPFO is highly useful in the following ways.

  1. Exam Pattern- It gives a great idea about the type of questions, their framing, and the distribution of difficulty.
  2. Time- Candidates can approximate their timing for each type of question and figure out which type requires more or less time thus helping with the time management.
  3. Topics- Analysing the question paper gives an idea about the topic and subject weightage which is important when trying to prepare for any exam.
  4. Familiarity- Knowing what the UPSC EPFO exam question paper looks like helps boost the candidate’s confidence as they will feel comfortable with the question paper and pattern.
  5. Practice- Candidates can gain an understanding of the paper on a deeper level by using the previous year paper as a mock test. This helps analyse mistakes made and areas which can be improved upon.

UPSC EPFO Exam Analysis 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was the UPSC EPFO 2023 exam?

A1. The UPSC EPFO 2023 exam was held on 2nd July 2023.

Q2. How many shifts did the UPSC EPFO 2023 exam have?

A2. The UPSC EPFO 2023 exam was conducted in 2 shifts- morning and afternoon.

Q3. What are the UPSC EPFO 2023 shift timings?

A3. UPSC EPFO had a morning shift from 9.30 to 11.30 AM for EO/AO and an afternoon shift from 2 to 4 PM for APFC.

Q4. What was the UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 difficulty?

A4. The UPSC EPFO EO/AO 2023 exam was easy-moderate.

Q5. What was the UPSC EPFO APFC 2023 difficulty?

A5. The UPSC EPFO APFC 2023 exam was easy-moderate.


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