The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 13 May 2019

Vocabulary based questions are often asked in all Banking and Government Exams. So we at Oliveboard will be providing you with a daily dose of vocabulary to help you with overcoming your struggle in this section. You need to go through it daily to see a marked improvement in your English vocabulary. We hope it will help you in the upcoming SBI PO, SBI ClerkRRB JENIACL AO, FCI, CWC, LIC AAO, SSC, NTPC exams as well. The words in the Daily Vocabulary Booster 13 May 2019 are taken directly from the editorial of the Hindu Newspaper.

The Hindu Newspaper is considered the Bible by the various exam aspirants as it has the best unbiased views on various current news and happenings in the world. Also, it helps immensely if you are looking for daily dose of English reading and building your English vocabulary. So, we at Oliveboard present to all our viewers and Exam aspirants a daily dose of difficult words with their meanings, synonyms and the correct usage in this blog of the Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 13 May 2019.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 13 May 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Usage
Notable Something of Importance,
significant, noteworthy
Shane Watson played a notable innings in the IPL Final
Contradict To challenge or oppose a statement made by someone.
Dispute, Refute
The Opposition party contradicted the statements made by the Prime Minister.
Envisage To visualize/imagine/contemplate a desirable scenario in future.
Foresee, Forecast
He personally envisaged them staying together.
Intent Determined to do something.
Purpose, Aim, Objective
Indian Team has a clear intent to win the upcoming World Cup.
Heed Paying close attention to something.
Mindfulness, Notice.
Ajay did not pay heed to Arun’s suggestions.
Antithesis Being a direct opposite of someone or something else.
Opposite, Inverse
His on-screen role was an antithesis of his real life.
Mainstay Something which is very important to a structure, group, organisation, etc.; Centerpiece, Linchpin Rahul was the mainstay of the College’s Drama Committee.
Exacerbate To make something worse than it already was.
Worsen, Aggravate
His presence exacerbated the already tense situation.
Grievance Having problem about something.
Amol registered his grievances in the feedback form
Rhetoric Persuasive speaking with actual meaningful content.
Bombastic, Hyperbole
His rhetoric on the topic was well known to the people.


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