World Hepatitis Day 2024, Its History, and Importance

World Hepatitis Day 2024

World Hepatitis Day is a special day each year that focuses on telling people all around the world about hepatitis. Hepatitis is a group of sicknesses that can harm the liver. This day, created by the World Hepatitis Alliance in 2008, wants everyone to know about testing and ways to stop all five types of hepatitis: A, B, C, D, and E. It used to be on May 19, but they changed it to July 28 in 2010 to remember Baruch Samuel Blumberg, a doctor who found hepatitis B and won a big prize for his work.

Why World Hepatitis Day is Important

A Sickness Everywhere

Hepatitis isn’t something that only affects certain groups of people or places. It can happen to anyone, no matter where they live. About 400 million people all over the world have hepatitis. You can get it from things like contact with infected blood or through sex. Even a mom can pass it to her baby. This is a big deal in places where people might not know much about how to stay safe during sex or the dangers of drug use. If you don’t treat hepatitis, it can lead to really bad liver problems, and sometimes, it can even be deadly.

Getting Better at Stopping It

The good news is that we’ve made a lot of progress in the last 100 years in preventing and treating hepatitis. There are shots that can protect you from getting hepatitis A and B, and in many countries, kids get these shots when they are very young. Hepatitis C is now easier to treat, and hepatitis D and E are not very common.

Still a Long Way to Go

Even though we’ve done a lot, nearly 90% of people who have hepatitis don’t even know it. The World Hepatitis Alliance has a tough goal to get rid of hepatitis as a big health problem by 2030. We can reach this goal, but we need everyone’s help. This means we all need to learn more about hepatitis, get tested, and take steps to stop it from spreading. Together, we can make sure that by 2030, hepatitis is not a big threat to public health anymore.


World Hepatitis Day is a day for all of us to think about how we can protect ourselves and others from hepatitis. It’s a problem that affects people all over the world, but if we work together by learning, getting tested, and preventing it, we can make sure that hepatitis doesn’t cause big health problems by the year 2030. Let’s join hands in this fight for a world without the threat of hepatitis.

28th July 2024 Special Day

World Hepatitis Day and the new chance it brings to spread awareness. The date is a good time to make goals for teaching people about this illness, refocusing priorities to promote testing and prevention, and being hopeful that hepatitis can be stopped. The coming of 2024’s World Hepatitis Day brings back hope for a good year ahead and a future without the five types of this liver disease (A, B, C, D and E). As we mark the day started by the World Hepatitis Alliance in 2008, though moved to July 28th in 2010 to honor Dr. Blumberg finding hepatitis B, this special day focuses global attention on a health problem affecting millions.


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