10 Tips To Study Smart – For Bank, Insurance, Railways, SSC & Other Govt. Exams

Competitive examinations in India are very demanding and challenging. And to successfully qualify for these entrance exams you must brace yourself for long, arduous and dedicated preparation sessions. But unless you study smart, the syllabus will overwhelm you. Not only will your preparation be incomplete, but you could also fall sick and suffer anxiety attacks. That is why in this article, we will discuss a few simple techniques of how to study smart and also give you 10 Tips To Study Smart that will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy and acquire the desired scorecard.

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10 Tips To Study Smart

For Bank, Railways, SSC & Other Govt. Exams

1. Create a schedule

This is the foundation of your success. Decide how many hours you will dedicate to every section, which subject matters you will tackle on which days, what time of the day you will study etc. Prepare a chart and stick to it. Deviating from it will disorient you.

Schedule a study session every day. This way you can study a little bit every day and yet not fall behind. If you leave off studying till the last minute, you will not be able to make up for lost time.

2. Pick a place

You should have your own study corner. It could be your room, a library, or the living room. But be sure to always settle down in the same place or you will find it hard to get in the right mind-space.

3. Make handwritten notes

Science has proved that jotting down what you have learnt, or your observations is the easiest way to grasp and memorize subject matter.

4. Practice makes perfect

When it comes to mathematics or reasoning, the only way to acquire efficiency and speed is through practice. Solve question papers every day. Time yourself and monitor your speed. You will find plenty of study material online and in libraries. Make the most of them.

5. Take a break

Next in the list of tips on how to study smart is taking breaks. Studying for long stretches will numb your brain. Intersperse your study schedule with small breaks and do what you love doing. Catch up with family and friends, read a little, dance, play music, spend some time on social media. But as soon as the break is over, set aside your novels and phone or you might be distracted.

6. Eat healthily

Eating healthy snacks and meals is crucial for your overall health, especially your brain. The right food will boost energy levels, improve concentration, enhance memory and prevent a breakdown. Some foods that will help your brain are- berries, fatty fishes, all kinds of nuts and seeds, dark chocolate and whole grains.

7. Grapple with the difficult subjects first

You may not want to, but you should start your study session with the tricky subjects. This is when your brain is refreshed and most receptive. And since these subjects require maximum focus and energy, starting the day with them makes sense.

8. Sleep 6-8 hours a day

Sound sleep is the key to unlocking success. When you sleep, your brain rejuvenates itself. Everything you had learnt that day gets reinforced when you sleep. Unless you sleep well you will not be able to focus or memorize.

9. Motivate yourself

Keep the goal in sight. Remind yourself why you are working so hard and what the rewards will be like when you achieve your goal. That will spur you on to study with more dedication.

10. Exercise everyday

Studies have found that people who exercise every day have sharper memories and enhanced learning skills. They can think, memorize and reproduce the memories more efficiently. Moreover, exercise keeps your body fit and averts illnesses that might keep you from giving your 100% to your preparation. Exercise also elevates your mood and boosts positive thinking that will no doubt ward off exam anxiety.

30 minutes of physical exercise every day will help you.

How to study smart is not a challenge. With these sure-fire tips, you will be able to stay happy and healthy and ace any exam. We hope that you benefit from these 10 Tips To Study Smart and eventually emerge victorious in your competitive exams. 

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