25 Tips to Ace the English Section in RBI Assistant Prelims 2022

RBI Assistant 2022 exam notification is recently released, and the preliminary examination is scheduled on 26th-27th March 2022. English Language is one of the many challenges for many aspirants. The reason behind this might be educational background, lack of basic knowledge or others. However, if you can get the basics right and do regular practice, you can crack this section with flying colours. There will be 30 questions of 30 marks from the English Language section in RBI Assistant Prelims exam. The question-wise distribution of topics is sorted below.

  • Reading Comprehension – 8 Questions
  • Cloze Test – 7 Questions
  • Error Spotting, Sentence Improvement – 10 Questions
  • Fill in the Banks – 5 Questions
  • Para-Jumbles – 5 Questions

Note: The numbers mentioned above are based on previous years’ exams and might vary in the actual exam.

In the recent IBPS PO exam the difficulty level was high. The error spotting questions were of a new type although the general method of solving was the same. The options were changed, and this took many of the candidates by surprise making them spend more time on these questions than they would have anticipated. Instead of the traditional type where one had to identify the part of the sentence that had an error, here, students had to choose the combination of sentences which did not have an error. The RC passages were also not easy with some indirect questions although there was relief in the form on 4-5 vocabulary based questions. The phrase replacement questions had a portion of the sentence as bold and one had to find a better replacement for the portion in bold. Therefore, candidates should practice ample questions and of different types to overcome such surprises in the RBI Assistant exam.


Below are few tips on how to improve your English preparation for the upcoming RBI Assistant 2022 – Preliminary Examination.

Reading Comprehension

This topic will include passage from banking & economy, finance, business, demonetization, financial policies, economy and more. The level of questions is moderate to tough and therefore needs practice. Last year, the passage was story-based. If that is the case this year as well, it would be slightly easier for candidates. Few tips for reading comprehensions are mentioned below that will come handy:

  1. Choose the topic you are most comfortable with
  2. Work out synonym-antonym questions first as these are straightforward and less time-consuming
  3. The first few sentences of RC passage gives the major hint for the entire text. Also, the first question will be from the first few sentences and so on.
  4. Always stick to the passage while answering questions from RC.

Read more on how to improve your RC scores.

Cloze Test

This topic includes questions that not exactly tough but tricky. The options are usually very close and therefore, there are chances of one getting confused. Here are few tips for this topic.

  1. Use eliminate options to attempt these questions. List out all the options and use the one that seems most suitable. Think of words that fits the context of the entire passage.
  2. Pick questions with commonly used words so that you can build a connect and attempt the question.
  3. Concentrate on the tone while attempting the answer. Understand if the sentence is in humorous or emotional and pick answer accordingly.
  4. Get well versed with grammar rules and sentence structuring

Error Spotting and Sentence Improvement

You need to have strong hold on grammar to answer these questions accurately. Error spotting and sentence improvement are both based on grammar rules and its usage in sentences. Few tips for this topic are:

  1. The verb and the sentence must comply with the subject of the sentence. As for example: a singular subject will go with singular verb and a plural subject with plural verb.
  2. Two or more singular subjects that is connected by ‘and’ usually goes with a verb in the plural.
  3. When the subjects are joined by ‘or’, ‘nor’ the verb agrees in person with the nearest one.
  4. Try elimination option here as well. Read the sentence and eliminate parts that requires no improvement to reach the correct answer.


Fill in the Blanks

This topic can act as a score card if you are good at vocabulary. Improve your vocabulary and master synonyms to score well in this topic.

  1. Recognize the logical structure of a sentence and pay attention to what is required.
  2. Basic grammar rules come handy. Example: If the article ‘an’ comes before the blank, the answer must begin with a vowel.
  3. At times, the answer might not be a commonly used word but a synonym of it. Example: She is reticent to express herself in front of her family. (reticent is a synonym of reluctant).
  4. Read between the lines. This can be mastered with practice.


Though considered difficult, it can actually help you score well. There is no straight-forward approach to solving para-jumbles. However, here are few tips that will be helpful.

  1. Look for the introductory sentence where a person, place, concept is being introduced. This will be the opening sentence of the paragraphs.
  2. Use articles to spot the opening sentence. While the article ‘a’ or ‘an’ will be used to introduce a subject, ‘the’ will be used for something that is already introduced and therefore, cannot be the opening sentence.
  3. Spot connectives like although, though, if, until etc. Sentences will these words will never be opening sentence.
  4. Spot the central theme of the paragraph. This will help you gather pieces of the paragraph faster.

General Tips to ace the English Section

  1. Read the English Newspaper every day to improve your vocabulary. You can rely on ‘The Hindu’ as recommended widely by experts.
  2. Play word games and word search puzzles. This will also improve your command over the language and will help you in Fill in the Banks, Error Spotting, Para Jumbles and more.
  3. Go through all basics of grammar and maintain notes of grammar rules. Revise it at least 2-3 times before the exam to strengthen your preparation.
  4. Attempt topic-wise tests from Oliveboard and analyse performance. Attempt questions from topics that you fail to crack repeatedly to gain an edge over the topic.
  5. Time Management is important. Allot 10-15 minutes to attempt the English section in the exam. Practice the same way to get comfortable with this.


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