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Complete Arithmetic Online Classes – Join Now

Arithmetic Topics

Time is the most important factor when it comes to solving maths questions in any competitive examination. And one cannot think of maths without knowing the basics of Arithmetic! Questions from Ratio, Average, SI & CI, etc are asked in almost all exams. You know how to solve it but it takes too long! It’s not that you are weak at it. Perhaps you just don’t know the right trick. And that’s why you need someone to mentor you throughout your preparation. Many exams like IBPS PO, Clerk, NABARD, LIC HFL, SSC, etc. are lined up and you need to gear up your preparation to face the exam with confidence. For that, we have come up Complete Arithmetic course that’ll not just cover important arithmetic topics for exams but will also hone your arithmetic skills.

The Online Arithmetic Course is available exclusively on Oliveboard EDGE, the online learning platform where you get Unlimited Access to all the courses. It means that along with Arithmetic course, you can attend all the courses available on Oliveboard. Login Here to check what all courses are offered on EDGE. Now without further ado, let’s quickly go through the Arithmetic course details:

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Complete Course for Arithmetic Topics

This 1-month course will cover the latest pattern questions across all the major topics of Arithmetic section like, Ratio, Percentage, Averages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns, SI & CI, Time, Speed and Distance, etc. Join this course to learn quicker techniques to attempt any type of question in Bank PO, Clerk, Insurance, Railways, and SSC exams. Check what type of questions might come from these topics:

Average: Includes questions based on Weight, Height, Age, Marks, Expenditure, Temperature, etc.

Ratio & Proportion: Simple Ratios, Compound Ratios, Direct & Indirect Proportions, etc.

Time & Work: Work Efficiency, Work & Wages, Pipes and Cistern

Speed, Time & Distance: Problems on Train, Boats & Stream

Profit & Loss: Find Selling Price, Cost Price, Profit/Loss, Discount, Dis-honest shopkeepers, etc

SI & CI: Direct questions, Mixed Interest, Installments

Mensuration: Calculation of Area and Volume of geometrical figures like Square, Rectangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, Circle, Semicircle, Triangle, Cone, Cylinder, Cube.

Probability: Basic problems on arrangement & selection.

Arithmetic Online Course – Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the course. The Classes are to be conducted at 4:00 PM but don’t worry if you are late or miss any of them. These Video Lessons will be available there and you can just watch them anytime, anywhere, for ‘n’ number of times!

1 Ratio part -1 (Ages & mixture) LC Sep 16, Mon
2 Ratio part -2 (Partnership) LC Sep 17, Tue
3 Percentage LC Sep 18, Wed
4 Profit & loss Part-1 LC Sep 20, Fri
5 Profit & loss Part-2 (Discount based) LC Sep 23, Mon
6 Simple Interest & Instalments LC Sep 24, Tue
7 Compound Interest & Instalments LC Sep 25, Wed
8 Live Practice session – 1 LPS Sep 27, Fri
9 Time & work LC Sep 30, Mon
10 Pipe & cistern LC Oct 1, Tue
11 Time & Distance Part-1 (Problems on trains) LC Oct 3, Thu
12 Time & Distance Part-2 (Boat & stream) LC Oct 4, Fri
13 Mensuration (Area & volume) LC Oct 7, Mon
14 Probability LC Oct 9, Wed
15 Average LC Oct 10, Thu
16 Live Practice session – 2 LPS Oct 11, Fri

*LC – Live Class | LPS – Live Practice Session

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That’s all from us. We hope the Online Arithmetic Classes provided in the course helps you in giving you a deep understanding of the topics mentioned.

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