CWC vs FCI – Which one to choose?

As it is rightly said “The hardest decisions in life are not between good and bad or right and wrong, but between two goods or two rights”. The same applies when it comes to deciding between two equally rewarding career paths. The path that we choose will decide the trajectory of our lives. So, in this blog we will help you get rid of the dilemma of choosing between CWC and FCI. We will try to give away as much detail as possible about the two exams so as to enable you to choose which one is suitable for you. Read the blog for CWC and FCI Comparison.

CWC and FCI Comparison

Point of Comparison



Job Profile Office Work and or Field Work (Supervision of Warehouses) Office Work and or Field Work


Posting Mostly Urban Postings that too State Capital Urban Postings (Cities)

(Zonal Offices)

Promotions On Seniority Basis Depends on your Cadre & Department
Transfer Every 3 or 5 years (Depending on the designation of the employee) Tenure at an office is 3 years and in a zone is maximum 7 years
Examination Type Online Test + Document Verification + Interview Online Test (Prelims for all) + Post Specific Tests (Objective & or Subjective)


CWC and FCI Comparison – Exam Pattern 

For detailed Exam Pattern for various posts for CWC and FCI Exams 2019, you can refer below:

Detailed Exam Pattern for Various Posts  Detailed Exam Pattern for Various Posts 


CWC and FCI Comparison – Job Profile 

Job Profile of Junior Superintendent in CWC Job profile of Junior Engineers in FCI 


CWC 2019 Mock Test Series – Ace CWC 2019 Junior Superintendent Exam

FCI Online Mock Test Series 2019 – Best Preparation for FCI 2019 Exam

So all and all, both are rewarding careers, It is upon the aspirants to choose the best for them as per their needs and preferences. We hope that you like our blog of CWC and FCI Comparison.

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