The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster 26 September 2019

Read today’s Dose of Vocabulary Builder with the list of difficult words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms and correct usage. These words are taken from the Editorial section of the Hindu Newspaper. Reading the Editorial section daily provides us with information on the latest and most important happenings in India & the World. It also gives us the Editors’s insights on the news as well as helps us read better and at the same time enhances our English Vocabulary. Read Daily Vocabulary 26 September 2019 below. 

The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 26 September 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Bonhomie Cheerful friendliness;

Geniality, Congeniality, Conviviality, Cordiality, Affability


Coldness We witnessed the bonhomie of strangers singing together around a campfire.
Bulldoze To force someone to do something, although they might not want to;

Bully, Hector, Browbeat, Intimidate, Coerce, Steamroller;

Destroying, Demolishing

Cheer, Comfort, Console, Reassure, Solace, Soothe She bulldozed her daughter into buying a new dress.
Detrimental Tending to cause harm;

Harmful, Damaging, Injurious, Hurtful, Inimical, Deleterious

Anodyne, Benign, Harmless, Hurtless, Innocent, Innocuous, Inoffensive, Safe These chemicals have a detrimental impact on the environment.
Prorogation The action of discontinuing a session of a parliament or other legislative assembly without dissolving it   The government’s loss of control necessitated the prorogation of parliament.
Rebuff Reject someone or something in an abrupt or ungracious manner;

Reject, Turn Down, Spurn, Refuse, Decline, Repudiate

Accept, Welcome


Her desperate request for help was met with a rebuff.
Retaliate Attack in return for a similar attack;

Fight Back, Strike Back, Hit Back, Respond, React, Reply

Turn the other cheek;


The terrorists retaliated against the government with a bomb attack.
Take it on the chin To endure some hardship, difficulty, setback, or defeat, especially with stoic courage or poise;

To receive or suffer the full brunt of a defeat, setback, or hardship

Refuse, Reject, Run Away, Avoid, Misconceive He just took the criticism on the chin and kept working on his art.
Ticklish A situation or problem difficult or tricky and requiring careful handling;

Problematic, Tricky, Delicate, Sensitive, Controversial

Straightforward, Unproblematic This leaves me with the ticklish job of explaining to Debbie that she is not invited.
Tumultuous Making an uproar or loud, confused noise;

Deafening, Thunderous, Thundering, Ear-Shattering

Excited, confused, or disorderly;

Tempestuous, Stormy, Turbulent, In Turmoil, Passionate

Peaceful, Uneventful, Orderly


This year, however, has been especially tumultuous.
Untenable A position or view not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection;

Indefensible, Undefendable, Unarguable, Insupportable, Refutable

Tenable, Defensible


If three people in four no longer support the government, isn’t this an untenable situation?


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