The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary Booster – 30 October 2019

Newspaper gives us information about the latest happenings in our country and the world. Reading it daily has manifold benefits. One of the benefits would be improving our English Vocabulary. Let us start with a dose of difficult words, their meanings, synonyms, antonyms & correct usage. Read the blog “Daily Vocabulary 30 October 2019” below.

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The Hindu Editorial Daily Vocabulary 30 October 2019

Words Meanings & Synonyms Antonyms Usage
Brinkmanship The activity, especially in politics, of trying to get what you want by saying that if you do not get it, you will do something dangerous Non-interference The talks have collapsed and both sides have resorted to brinkmanship.
Caustic Sarcastic in a scathing and bitter way;

Cutting, Biting, Mordant, Stinging, Sharp, Bitter

Kind The players were making caustic comments about the refereeing.
Dismissive Feeling or showing that something is unworthy of consideration;

Contemptuous, Disdainful, Scornful, Sneering, Snide, Scathing

Admiring, Interested


Monetarist theory is dismissive of the need to control local spending.
Irony The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect;

Cynicism, Mockery, Satire, Ridicule

Sincerity The irony of it is that the new tax system will burden those it was intended to help.
Reprieve Cancel or postpone the punishment of someone, especially someone condemned to death;

Grant a stay of execution to, Pardon, Spare, Acquit

Charge, Punish


He accepted the death sentence and refused to appeal for a reprieve.
Stark Severe or bare in appearance or outline;

Sharply delineated, Sharp, sharply defined, Well focused, Crisp

Fuzzy, Indistinct, Pleasant, Comfortable, Ornate


It was a stark room with a bed and chair as the only furniture.
Strident Loud and harsh; Grating;

Presenting a point of view, especially a controversial one, in an excessively forceful way

Soft, Dulcet


Public pronouncements on the crisis became less strident.


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