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Descriptive Writing: Descriptive Writing is a writing format in which the writer describes the topics in an ideal way so that the reader can easily picturize and experience the scenario. This is very important for all the students and government exam aspirants. This writing process not only improves an individual’s writing abilities but also helps construct subjective answers in exams.

It can be done in various formats of writing like essay writing, answer writing, story writing, poetry, etc. In this, the writer briefs every detail to the reader and creates an interesting space through the minor details. Although, dragging the same things won’t make the article worth it. Instead, writers need to use a proper format and make the most sense out of their writing.

How to do Descriptive Writing?

Many people find it difficult to expand their thoughts while writing or they habitually write each piece in short. This is a major problem that students experience while writing subjective answers or essays. We will be providing you with the techniques to make your writing descriptive and interesting for the readers.

  • Have a depth knowledge of the topic: To write anything or to think about writing any piece, you need to have a clear understanding of your topic. An individual cannot construct interesting descriptive writing when he/she does not have knowledge of the topic. Before writing, the writer needs to do research about the given topic and dig for as much information as possible.
  • Always start with an introduction: Whenever writing any piece, people always make the mistake of skipping the introduction. The introduction is a very important part as it gives the reader idea about the contents and relevance of the whole article. This not only makes the article more informative but also helps in elaborating the whole article.
  • Create the outline: Whenever you start writing, it’s very important to create an outline of the whole article. By outline, we refer to the subheading and headings of the article and brief them accordingly. This will make your task easier and more effective for the reader.
  • Always summarize the article at last: After completing the writing, always add a conclusion part and summarize the whole article. If you are unable to summarize the whole thing, make sure to summarize the main points of the whole writing.

Essay Writing 

Descriptive writing can be used in various forms of writing. Although, it is mainly used in essay writing. Descriptive essays are very different from normal essays but descriptive writing can be used in other forms of essays also. An essay is one of the best ways to convey your thoughts or experience in an interesting and precise way.

Essays are generally used for academic purposes and are often asked in government exams. There are basically four types of essays and they are as follows:

Narrative essays

These type of essays basically narrate a story in the form of essays. While writing this kind of essay, writer needs to properly detail about the characters, plot and climax should not be missed. Narrative essay give an emotional ride and provide relevance to the reader.

Argumentative Essays

This is also called a persuasive essay. Through these kinds of essays, the writer tries to prove their point or create a point of view for the readers they want. Writers try to create an opinion about a particular topic whether it is in favor or against the topic.

Descriptive Essays

As the name suggests, descriptive essays are always in brief detail. Writer explains the topic from every perspective and covers each minor detail. In these kind of essays, it is very important for writer to have a deep knowledge of the given topic. Although, descriptive does not mean that you can fill it up with anything that comes in your mind, essay should be interesting and engaging for the readers.

Expository Essays

These types of essays exposes the perspectives or problems regarding the particular topic. The main idea of these kind of essays is to provide information with the explanation. Although, storytelling is also included in these essays but they only to convey information in a simple and easy form. The motive of these essays is to provide the explanation to the readers and it should be fulfilled.

Formats of Essay Writing

When writing an essay, you should follow a proper set of formats. The format makes it easy for the writer to design a blueprint for the essay. Also, essay is judged or reviewed on the basis of proper format and it’s elements. The format of essay writing is as follows:

  • Introduction: The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay in which the writer introduces the topic. This gives an idea of the content of the essay to the reader. Although, the introduction is not lengthy and mostly has 5-6 lines.
  • Body: This is the most crucial part of the essay, you can also call it one of the favorite parts of writers. In the body, writers give all the information about the topic and this is the part that engages the readers. It is very important to write an informative and interesting body so it provides information to the readers and at the same time engages them.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is the summarization of the whole essay. It is necessary to inform the readers about the output of the whole essay. Sometimes, the body has vast information and it becomes necessary to conclude the information to give an accumulative perspective.

Example of the Descriptive Essay

As mentioned above, you must have understood the format and types of essays by now. We will provide you with a sample of an essay to give a better understanding. The topic of sample essay is “Is Technology a Boon or Bane?”


Technology has highly evolved over time. In fact, nowadays almost everybody has some sort of machine at hand, be it computers, cars, or even washing machines. But although machinery was devised to benefit mankind, it has also brought along many flaws to match.

[The topics is introduced and developed in this paragraph. The write talks about both, the good and the bad aspects. This not only indicates knowledge of the topic but will also help him present a “range of ideas” in the subsequent paragraphs.]


Firstly, when it comes to technological equipment such as computers, disruption most often arises between the person using the computer, and the household he or she is surrounded by, or living with. For example, many old family traditions such as eating meals with your relatives at the dining table seldom take place now that one of the family members might be too busy working on his Mac. laptop. Thus, family values and morals have changed in order to adapt to this technological age. 

Secondly, having many kinds of machinery at hand is not only destroying family traditions, but is also very harmful to our environment. Many people are careless about allowing their car engines to run haphazardly, or leaving their laptops on for long periods of time, however they do not seem aware of the fact that all this energy and electricity consumption is dangerous to not only our local environment, but to the world as a whole. Additionally, it is the over-usage of machinery big or small that is bringing our society ever closer to Global Warming, and we must stop.


As mentioned in the introduction, technological equipment was never programmed to damage nature per se, but to help people all around the globe. Now that nuclear families aren’t as closely intact compared to the 1950s or 1990s, technology has given us an alternative method to keep in touch with our relatives thanks to computer applications such as Skype, or even mobile phone applications such as WhatsApp. Machinery has most definitely done wonders in our lives, and we as people should be grateful to easily possess cars, and phones when poorer countries do not even have the chance to. 

[ In the above three paragraphs, the usage of pointers, such as ‘firstly’ and ‘secondly’ shows the logical cohesiveness of the essay. The writer has developed each supporting point richly by using examples and connected the ideas together so that the essay reads smoothly. ] 

However, with all the advantages machinery has brought to us all, I personally believe that possessing too many cars or phones, or even consuming too much of their energy and battery, is beginning to get out of hand and needs to be controlled. 

[ Note that the writer has also, made a conclusion. This is a very important part of an essay. The entire essay shows a proficiency with grammatical structures and vocabulary. ]

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We hope that this blog gave you a better understanding of Descriptive Writing- Essay formats and their examples. To read more blogs like this check out the Oliveboard website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the four major types of essays?

The four major types of essays are Narrative essays, Argumentative essays, Descriptive essays, and Expository essays.

Is introduction important for the essays?

Yes, the introduction is a crucial part of any essay.