Dos and Don’ts for the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022

RBI Assistant Prelims 2022 is scheduled to be held on 26th & 27th of March. With just 3 days away for the exam, you might be on the last phase of exam preparation. Today, we bring to you few dos and don’ts for the upcoming exam.

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Do’s before the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022

  1. Keep your study resources to minimum

While it is advised to rely on limited but good study materials throughout the preparation journey, it is most important in the last few days. You have just a few days to prepare and referring to many resources will just confuse you. Instead, rely on one book per topic and revise the basic concepts.

  1. Practice maximum during the last days

Practice as many mock tests you can during the last days of preparation. This will help you get an understanding of the actual exam pattern. You will be able to identify topics that you are weak at and work on those. Besides, you will be mentally prepared for the exam in terms of time management.


  1. Improve your Speed

Practice mental math as it will save a lot of your time during the exam. Learn tables, square roots and cube roots. This will avoid rough work on paper; you will be able to do a mental calculation and attempt the answer. Similarly, learn reasoning tricks to solve problems faster.

  1. Identify the easy and scoring questions

During the exam, ensure that you attempt the easy and scoring questions first. Therefore, you need to identify the easy and scoring questions. While few questions might be easy for you, it might be difficult for few others. Also, do not spend more time on one question. In competitive exams like RBI Assistant, time plays as important role as knowledge and therefore, you should be quick and smart at the same time.

Don’ts before the RBI Assistant Prelims 2022

  1. Don’t study a topic on the surface level

Don’t prepare for the exam on surface level, try to go in-depth. Understand the concepts in depth. Make notes of formulas and rules and revise them again and again. You can learn shortcuts after understanding the concepts to improve your speed.

  1. Don’t go for anything new in the last days

Don’t start a new topic during the last days. First, you will be confused and second, you will waste valuable hours that you could have invested in some other important topic. Instead revise the ones that you have already learnt and practice tests as many you can.

  1. Don’t ignore the weak links

It is natural to enjoy practicing problems that you are good at solving. However, do not ignore the weak links. Invest some extra hours on the topics you are weak at to improve your knowledge and confidence over the subject.

  1. Don’t over stress yourself

Many candidates compromise on sleep and food and fall sick before the exam. Ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy mindset for the examination.


Dos and Don’ts for the Exam Day


  • Carry your call letter, photo identity proof in original along with photocopy on the day of exam
  • Reach early to the exam centre to avoid last minute rush and keep your mind calm before the exam
  • Attempt easy and scoring questions first in the exam


  • Don’t indulge in any guess work
  • Don’t get nervous if the difficulty level of exam is high. Remember, it will be challenging for all and the overall cut off will vary accordingly
  • Don’t leave any question unread, even a single mark is important

Hope this helps! All the best for the exam.

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