Elementary Algebra for RRB NTPC | Preparation Tips & Practice Questions

As we all know the Elementary Algebra section is an important part of mathematics for RRB NTPC. In this blog, we are covering all the topics that come under Elementary Algebra for RRB NTPC which will provide you a better understanding of this section. Also, we are giving proper guidance for your practice which will help you in better preparation and will assure you to score well in this section in the exam as well.

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Let us first go through the basic concept and the different parts of Elementary Algebra for the RRB NTPC exam and then we will see the proper ways towards its better preparation and then download the free ebook and practice all the important Elementary Algebra Qs for RRB NRPC Exam.

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Elementary Algebra Questions Free PDF | Download Now

Download the free Elementary Algebra Practice Qs pdf important for the RRB NTPC exam. You can also have a look at the basic concepts & preparation strategy given for the RRB NTPC exam.


Elementary Algebra: Basic concept and its different parts

Elementary Algebra is the basic part of algebra which includes properties of numbers and relation between them. Unlike arithmetic, this includes the representation of numbers in the form of symbols which are known as variables (like x, y, a, b, etc.). These variables are further expressed in the form of some equations with the help of mathematical operations like ‘+’, ‘–‘, ‘x’, and ‘÷’.

Following are the different parts of Elementary Algebra:

Preparation strategy for Elementary Algebra for RRB NTPC

For starting preparation for any topic, it is not necessary to have complete knowledge of it. Beginners can also start their preparation from the basic level. For this, we are providing you a proper preparation strategy for the Elementary Algebra section in the RRB NTPC exam.

  • The first step is to clear your concepts regarding all the different parts of elementary algebra. After this, you can start doing problems based on this without getting any conceptual issues.
  • Practice two variables as well as three variable questions.
  • Practice linear equations in two variables type questions.
  • Figure out the areas of strength and weaknesses, then give more time to understand the concept of difficult topics.
  • Start doing problems based on different topics and try to solve them within a limited time.
  • For increasing the speed of calculation, do a lot of problems daily.
  • Maintain accuracy while managing the problem-solving time.
  • Do difficult problems to increase clarity towards the concepts and accuracy.

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Along with all the points mentioned above, the most important thing is to give mock test as well to analyze it as it helps in the following ways:

  • It gives you a feel of the actual exam and pressure.
  • It helps in finding strong and weak areas so that you can improve that part.
  • It improves accuracy and calculation speed.
  • It provides you the different types of questions before the exam.
  • It helps in recognizing your success rate towards your selection

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Elementary Algebra Questions Free PDF | Download Now

Now you are clear with the basic concepts and preparation tips for RRB NTPC Exam. Let us now download the free ebook on Important Elementary Algebra Questions for the RRB NTPC exam and practice all the important questions


Sample questions for Elementary Algebra for RRB NTPC

Let us test our basic knowledge of elementary algebra for RRB NTPC through sample questions:

Ques.1. Find the value of x.

3(2x – 1) + 5 = 2(2x + 2)

  1. 2
  2. -2
  3. 1
  4. -1

Answer key: c

Ques.2. If 2x – y = 6 and x = 4, then find the value of y.

  1. 3
  2. 1/3
  3. 1/2
  4. 2

Answer key: d

Ques.3. What is the value of (x + 1)(3x – 4)?

  1. 3x2 – x – 4
  2. 2x2 + 3x – 6
  3. 2x2 + x – 8
  4. 3x2 – 7x – 4

Answer key: a

Ques.4. The sum of two numbers is 20 and the difference between them is 4. Find the larger number.

  1. 14
  2. 12
  3. 16
  4. 10

Answer key: b

Ques.5. If 4x2 + 11x – 3 = 0, then find the value of x.

  1. 1/4, -3
  2. -2, 1/3
  3. 2, -1/3
  4. -1/4, 3

Answer key: a

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That’s all from us in this blog. We hope this helps in your preparation for the Elementary Algebra section in the RRB NTPC.

All the best!

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