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Employee Friendly Banks in India : These days, customer service is rapidly gaining popularity and all the big banks are now recognizing the importance of providing the best service. Just as customer satisfaction is important for banks so is employee satisfaction. The employees of a bank can make or break its reputation and functioning. That is why it is equally important to treat your employees right. Listed below are the most employee friendly banks in India, currently-

Here is the best employee friendly banks in India

1. State Bank of India

State Bank of India is probably the most employee friendly bank in the country, as of yet due to its values pertaining to transparency.

Additionally, its customer-centric approach plays a big part in it being one of the best banks to work in. It always employs the best people for the job and makes sure that they are guided and trained properly. This contributes to their personal and professional growth and development.

Such are its values, that it has won numerous accolades when it comes to their employee handling quality. In addition, the SBI PO salary and perks are still unrivalled.

2. Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is considered one of the most employee friendly bank in India. This is due to payment and job security. In addition, the working atmosphere is also very amicable and the bank provides its employees with abundant opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

3. Bank of Baroda

The Bank of Baroda is primarily known for its friendly working atmosphere and employee friendly regulations. This bank offers amazing learning opportunities and recognizes the talent of all its employees, making them feel secure and happy in their workspace.

While working in Bank of Baroda, the employees are exposed to a climate of openness, sharing and the need to inspire each other to give their best. The guidance and help they receive while working in the bank helps them become business leaders and entrepreneurs.

4. Kotak Mahindra Bank

The scores of benefits that the Kotak Mahindra Bank offers its employees make it one of the best places to work. Except for medical and basic benefits, it provides its employees with some fun and extra-curricular benefits too.

Kotak Mahindra sometimes organizes huge screenings of Hollywood and Bollywood films. Additionally, it also offers free naturopathy and yoga classes, indoor and outdoor games or activities and yearly family days.

5. Federal Bank

Federal Bank might not be counted as one of the giants when it comes the banks in India, but it is definitely a gem in its own right.

It provides a salary along with an allowance that is on par with the government jobs out there, and in addition, you will get a handsome yearly bonus. The job security offered by the Federal Bank is one of the best in the country right now and the work pressure is less compared to other big banks.

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Working in a bank is one of the best things you can do for your career and financial growth, as a bank job gives you financial stability like no other. However, if you get to work in a very employee friendly bank, as mentioned above, then it is a total win-win situation. Hence, keep an eye out for all the latest bank exam notifications.


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