ESIC SSO Preparation Strategy –

ESIC SSO Mains Preparation Strategy- The ESIC SSO preliminary exam is over and you must start your ESIC SSO Mains exam preparation as soon as possible. To put in the words of famous Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, “to be prepared is half the victory”. So if you haven’t started preparing you should start right away. Check out this blog to know how you can ace the ESIC SSO Mains Exam. 

ESIC SSO Mains Preparation Strategy 

As you guys already know, you have 4 sections under ESIC SSO 

  • Reasoning / General Intelligence
  • Quantitative Aptitude 
  • English 
  • General/ Economy/ Financial/ Insurance Awareness

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

John Wooden

Do you know the concept?

One of the most important aspects of ESIC SSO Mains Preparation Strategy is having crystal clear concepts. Having strong basics helps you crack the toughest of all questions and thus score better. The best way to build your basics is to watch video lessons. These are better alternatives as video lessons are interactive, you can learn at your own pace and you can always watch these lessons again and again.

Tested yourself with practice tests?

Practice tests of varied difficulty levels so that you can improve at every stage. Take topic tests from Oliveboard. These tests come in 3 difficulty levels, namely: Level 1 (easy), Level 2 (moderate), Level 3 (difficult). Take these tests to establish your proficiency in a particular topic. Learn the basics and then gradually move from easy to higher difficulty questions.

The Mock Walk

Sectional tests are provided to you for English, Quant, and Reasoning. Use these tests to build on your sectional strategies. This will help you focus on each section and think of it as one paper. Fine tune your strengths, identify your weaknesses and work on them. Also, take the full-length mock tests to give yourself a feel of the exam. Ideally, one full mock must be attempted before you begin your preparation, as this helps you see where you stand and where you need to reach. Think of this as a diagnostic test. As you progress in your preparation, these mock tests should be equally divided during the complete duration.

Mock Test Analysis

It is very important that you analyze all your mock attempts, identify weak areas and fix them. In competitive exams, it is important to be at the top of all topics. So, even if you find a few areas difficult, try to practice more and improve them.

Sectional Wise Preparation Strategy – ESIC SSO 

Reasoning Preparation For ESIC SSO 2022

Before going for preparation strategy let’s have a look at Reasoning syllabus

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Syllogism
  • Circular Seating Arrangement
  • Linear row Seating Arrangement
  • Parallel row Seating Arrangement
  • Stack Based Arrangement
  • Input Output
  • Blood Relations
  • Directions Sense 
  • Order and Ranking
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Inequalities
  • Understanding the question is the first step in solving Syllogism questions, so read the question multiple times to ensure that you have understood all the aspects of the question. Once you have understood the question, you can easily eliminate the incorrect options and solve the question.
  • To Solve Seating Arrangement questions, make use of diagrams. For linear arrangements, draw a line then mark positions on it, for circular arrangement draw a circle and a rectangle for the rectangular arrangement problems. Diagrams give you a clear picture of seating positions and would save you a lot of time in solving these questions.
  • For Solving Coding decoding problems, write down all the alphabets from A to Z and then Z to A one below the other. Also, number them. it would help you identify the coding pattern quickly, which in turn will assist with decoding the pattern and arriving at an answer.

Quantitative Aptitude Preparation For ESIC SSO 2022

Understanding concepts such as percentages and averages, time and work, profit and loss, etc., is necessary. You will need good calculation speed in order to attempt a reasonable number of questions. For this, you should memorize multiplication tables up to 30 as well as squares and cubes of natural numbers. Then practice quadratic equations, number series, and simplification to improve your calculation speed. Another significant aspect of the Quantitative Aptitude section is Data Interpretation. This course requires you to interpret data (presented in the form of tables, graphs, pie charts, or paragraphs) and answer the questions accordingly. Start from basics and gradually move on to high level DI, to build up proficiency in this section.

Quantitative Aptitude for ESIC SSO 2022 – Preparation Tips

While it is important to learn all the concepts across all the topics of ESIC SSO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude, it is equally important to learn them in an order. Most quant topics are interdependent, meaning, you need to know concepts of one topic to understand or solve another.

  • Start with Basics: Brush up you high school math concepts using NCERT textbooks (8th to 10th grade).
  • Improve your Calculation Speed: Learn tables up to 20 and square roots up to 30 and cube roots up to 20. Also, follow and practice the one-liner approach for quicker addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Mock Tests: Practice tests including questions of varying difficulty levels to prepare you for any kind of question in the exam. Also, always analyze your mock attempt, identify the weak areas and fix them.

ESIC SSO English Preparation Strategy

Make sure you practice your reading and comprehension skills so you can ace the English section. Firstly, develop a reading habit. You will benefit from this in more than one way: it will increase your reading speed and comprehension, as well as your vocabulary. Moreover, you will become familiar with grammar and sentence structures. You can read the editorial sections of newspapers like The Hindu, The Economist, The Indian Express, etc.

To ace the English section, you need to master Grammar and Vocabulary. Learn new words, their meanings, and how to use them in sentences. When answering questions about topics like error spotting, fill in the blanks, cloze tests, etc., grammar comes in handy. In order to score well on the English section, you must understand the grammar rules thoroughly.

Topic-Wise Tips for English Preparation

Reading Comprehension

One of the most common yet important topics from the English section in all competitive exams including ESIC SSO. Always, read the questions and then skim through the passage. This way, you will be able to ‘pick’ out the answers from the passage as you go through it. Try answering the vocabulary questions first if you are good at it.

Cloze Test

Make sure you read each word that is given as an option and try fitting it in the sentence and seeing if it makes sense to you; that way by the method of elimination, you can remove the parts that you think are not a good fit for the sentences.

Sentence Rearrangement

Read through all the sentences to determine the gist or summary of the passage; look up the sentences independently and then think of how they come or match together. Then try arranging them separately or one-by-one; try to identify the first and last sentences of the passage, because that helps build a mental image or idea of how the rest of the sentences should be like.

Error Spotting

Read the sentence and see if it makes sense to you; quite often, some error will be obvious and hence it will be easy to spot that out. If not, look for the options and see what appears is the logically correct answer.

Phrase Replacement

Once you read the initial sentence first, you shall be able to answer the question easily by eliminating the options. Ensure that your preparation and knowledge of grammar is at par, because often spotting a grammar error is one of the easiest ways to eliminate an option.

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥

You have the right to work only but never to its fruits.
Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction.

- Bhagvad Geeta


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