FCI Practice Papers PDF – FCI manager and FCI AG III

FCI Practice Papers PDF : Food corporation of India has released the FCI recruitment notification for FCI manager and FCI AG III. The application process for both the post has already begun. Aspirants who are eligible and interested in this opportunity, can fill the application form for FCI exam 2022. The phase-1 of the FCI exam consist of 4 sections i.e. reasoning, quantitative aptitude, English and general studies. In this blog, we have provided two practice papers for FCI exam. You can practice questions from these two PDFs in order to be better prepared for the upcoming FCI exam. Keep reading to know more.

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Data sufficiency questions

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Data sufficiency questions

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into E-book 

Q. 1 – In the following question, the sentence given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Select the correct alternative out of the four and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.
The warning bells ………………several times before anyone realized the danger.
1) were ringing
2) had rung
3) had rang
4) would have rung
Correct Answer: had rung

Q. 2 – Select the antonym of 
1) pious
2) hallowed
3) divine
4) profane
Correct Answer: profane

Q. 3 – In the following question, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which is the best substitute of the phrase.
Rub a part of the body to restore warmth or sensation. 
1) Fuzz
2) Chafe
3) Scum
4) Oblique
Correct Answer: Chafe

Q. 4 – Improve the bracketed part of the sentence.
Human beings are social animals, (who are living in communities), regulated by social norms and laws.
1) living in communities
2) living amongst a community
3) living in midst of communities
4) no improvement
Correct Answer: living in communities

Q. 5 – Select the synonym of 
1) mundane
2) empress
3) overwhelm
4) calm
Correct Answer: overwhelm

Q1. Arrange the following words in a logical and meaningful order.
1. Promotion
2. Application
3. Job appointment
4. Written test
5. Merit list
a. 1. 2, 4, 5, 3, 1
b. 2. 2, 5, 4, 3, 1
c. 3, 2, 4, 1, 5
d. 4, 2, 5, 3, 1
Correct answer: 1. 2, 4, 5, 3, 1

Q2. Three of the following four letter clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out .
Correct answer: GSVE

Q3. Select the word-pair in which the two words are related in the same way as are the two words in the following word-pair.
Spoke : Wheel
a. Word : Sentence
b. Printer : Computer
c. Square : Side
d. Tree : Branch
Correct answer: Word : Sentence

Q4. In a code language, PERMUTATION is written as IBKFRMXMFLG. How will PUBLICSECTOR be written as in that language?
Correct answer: IRUEFVLBVMLK

Q5. In a family of 5 members, X is the sister of Y. M has two children and he is the son of E, who is the father-in-law of H. H has only one son. Y is not the granddaughter of E. How is X related to E?
a. Grand-daughter
b. Grandson
c. Daughter
d. Sister
Correct answer: Grand-daughter

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