FCI Study Plan: Clear Assistant Grade 3 Exam in 90 Days

FCI Study Plan : Food Corporation of India (FCI), setup under the Food Corporation’s Act 1964, has recently released the Notification for FCI Assistant Grade 3 Recruitment 2023. 5043 vacancies have been announced for various posts. FCI has released the schedule of Online examination. Candidates can check the FCI Exam date from the link provided below. For your assistance, here we bring you 90 Days of FCI Study Plan and Preparation Tips so that you can easily wind up your studies before the exam along with the revision and if there remains some more days, you can utilize them by working on areas you are weak at. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Study Plan | 90 days Study Plan

FCI Assistant Grade 3 Study Plan gives you a a weekly target to help you complete the entire portions without much stress. You can customize it based on your preparation level and your weak and strong points.

Week Tasks – MorningTasks – AfternoonTasks – Evening
Week 1FCI Prelims | FREE Mock Test 1

Take The Diagnostic Mock | Spend Time Analyzing Your Performance | Identify Strengths & Weaknesses
Ratio & Proportion Concept + Practice Test

Mensuration level 1 and 2

Percentages & Partnership Concept + Practice Test

Simple & Compound Interest Concept + Practice Test

Current Affairs
Week 2FCI Prelims Mock Test 2Cloze Test Concept + Practice Test

Averages, Mixtures and Alligation Concept + Practice Test

Practice Data Interpretation: Tables, Charts & Graphs

Blood Relations Concept + Practice Test
Week 3FCI Prelims Mock Test 3Order And Ranking Concept + Practice Test

Profit & Loss Concept + Practice Test

DI – Table level 1, and 2

Vocabulary Level 1 and 2
Week 4FCI Prelims Mock Test 4Time & Work Concept + Practice Test

Permutation and Combination Concept + Practice Test

General Science
Reasoning Puzzles Concept + Practice Test

Logical Reasoning Concept + Practice Test

Current Affairs
Week 5FCI Prelims Mock Test 5Simplification/ Approximation Concept + Practice Test

Para-jumbles Concept + Practice Test

Error Spotting Concept + Practice Test
Week 6FCI Prelims Mock Test 6Direction Sense Concept + Practice Test

Input-Output Concept + Practice Test

Seating Arrangements Concept + Practice Test

Time, Speed & Distance Concept + Practice Test
Week 7FCI Prelims Mock Test 7Reading Comprehension Concept + Practice Test

Solve 8 Reasoning Puzzles + 2 Reading Comprehension

DI – Chart and Graph Level 1 and 2

Coding Decoding Level 1, 2, and 3

Current Affairs
Week 8FCI Prelims Mock Test 8Number Series Concept + Practice Test

Fillers Test Level 1, 2 and 3

General Science
Alphanumeric Series + Practice DI: Caselet & Mixed

DI – Caselets level 1 and 2
Week 9FCI Prelims Mock Test 9Inequality Concept + Practice Test

Practice Phrase/ word Replacement

Geography and
Problems on Ages Concept + Practice Test

Data Sufficiency Concept + Practice Test
Week 10FCI Prelims Mock Test 10Solve 5 Reasoning Puzzles + 2 Reading Comprehension

Quantity Comparison Level 1 and 2
Probability Concept + Practice Test

Quadratic Equations Concept + Practice Test

Current Affairs
Week 11Revision of all Mock TestsSyllogism Concept + Practice Test

Sentence Improvement/ Correction Concept + Practice Test

Economy and General Science
Sentence Joining Level 1, 2 and 3

Analytical Reasoning level 1 and 2
Week 12Revision of EnglishRevision of ReasoningRevision of Quant

FCI Study Plan for Preliminary Exam

Before moving on to the FCI Study Plan 2023, it is imperative that you become acquainted with the FCI Exam Pattern. Check the FCI 2023 Exam Pattern Here. The FCI Study Plan is designed such that not only you make your concepts strong but also improve your speed & accuracy by practicing more and more Practice/Topic Tests, Sectional Tests as well as Mock Tests provided by Oliveboard.  It is important to take regular tests to know where you stand and to understand the areas you need to improve in.

Note: Apart from this, Daily Practice of DI and RC is recommended.

FCI Study Plan 2023 – FCI Exam Tips for English Language Section

  1. Read a good English newspaper such as The Times of India. It will help you in improving your overall English skills. You can read it without getting bored and it might help you in improving your General Awareness skills too. Read for around 1 hour a day whenever you find time. This will boost your preparation in English for FCI Exam 2023.
  2. Make a note of all important English Grammar rules. There are around 40-45 of them. Proficiency in these general English rules will make you able to solve 40-50 % questions. Revise these rules daily and practice questions based on them. Generally questions of type “ Find Error” and “Improvement come in this category.
  3. For Vocabulary based topics like Antonyms and Synonyms, revision is the key. Start alphabetically with A and move on to Z. Read the words you come across and revise them. You may need to note down some difficult words for revision as and when you find time. Devote 20-30 minutes for Vocabulary everyday.
  4. For Idioms, Phrases and One word type questions it is important to learn and revise. Daily revision for 15 minutes is very important otherwise you may forget in the real exam.
  5. Practice all previous year questions that have come in past FCI Exams. You will become comfortable with the level of questions generally asked.
  6. For Cloze test, reading is paramount. If you are habitual of reading , you know how to join sentences and what is the tone of the sentence. Practice has an important role to play in these kind of questions. Practice at least 3 Cloze tests from today to master it before the exam.
  7. After you have prepared and practiced, the next important stage comes which is Online Mock Tests. You may come to know about your preparation level only after attempting online mock tests. With Online Mock tests you get an exam like atmosphere and your performance is gauged against thousands of other aspirants. Take 10 online Mock Tests before appearing for the real exam. Mock tests also help you in time management which is one of the biggest factors in your success.
  8. A good online test series comes with sufficient Sectional Tests. Attempt English Sectional Tests and look how many questions are you getting correct. Also find out the time taken by you in completing 25 questions. You should also analyse your weak areas for which you need improvement.

FCI Exam Preparation 2023 – FCI Exam Tips for Numerical Aptitude Section

The trick to scoring marks in Numerical Aptitude Section of FCI Phase 1 exam is to attempt the questions on Quadratic Equations, Simplification and Approximation first and then going for Number Series. Hence, work on strengthening these topics.
The Data Interpretation questions are known to be calculation intensive. Hence, make sure you practice at least 5 sets everyday. So, in the next few days, revise various shortcuts to multiply, divide numbers, find percentage of numbers etc. The faster you can calculate, the more you can score in DI in the exam. Don’t panic if you find the questions long. Solve a couple of DI Sets and move on to other sections.

FCI Exam Preparation 2023 – FCI Exam Tips for Reasoning Section

Reasoning is one of the challenging sections in the exam as it is quite time-consuming. However, with proper practice, one can score well in this section. Divide the questions into two categories to help you gain a better understanding of how much time each question on average would take to be solved. For your reference, the chapters/topics from each of the two categories have been given below:

You must know what to prioritize in the exam when it comes to practicing them and perfecting your knowledge of the same.

While doing the above-mentioned things, it is also important to attempt at least 1-2 practice tests everyday and spend some quality time analyzing your attempts. Devise a strategy on the following three points: –

  • Order of attempting various sections
  • Time to be spent on each section
  • Number of questions to be attempted

Understand that all the 3 things mentioned above are dynamic and vary from person to person, or sometimes even paper to paper, based on the difficulty level. Apart from the subject knowledge, your time management skills play an equally important role in the exam. Taking FCI Mock Tests will provide you with a situation where you can practice making such important decisions, and thus be better prepared for the actual exam.

FCI Mock Test Series 

Oliveboard, the Online Learning Portal, provides FCI Mock Test Series to help the candidates clear the exam in one go. FCI Online Mock Tests will help you prepare for the actual exam because they will give you an idea of how the pressure and situation will be and this will help you feel more confident and more prepared. These Mock tests will also help you in judging and understanding your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them better.
You can Register to Oliveboard to attempt the First Free Mock Test and check the level of your exam preparation and  your National Standing. Analyse your Performance with Oliveboard’s Analytics feature and get to know your Weak Areas. Get Oliveboard’s Expert Guidance to improve your score in subsequent Tests. Oliveboard’s FCI Mock Test series 10 Mocks for Food Corporation of India 2023 Prelims.

Note: Get New Pattern FCI Mock Tests from Oliveboard. Tests can be taken on Mobile App or PC.

That is all from us in this blog of FCI Study Plan and Preparation Tips 2023.  Remember that ‘success comes to those who work hard’. So, take your preparation to the next level, Follow this FCI Study Plan, and give all your heart & soul to the studies to fulfill your dream of clearing the exam.

If you wish to get in touch with your fellow competitors for preparation of Bank & Govt. Exams, you can visit Oliveboard’s discuss forum.

All the Best!?

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How to Prepare for FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam?

Follow a well rounded study plan and stick to the schedule. Practice a lot and attempt mock tests.

Is FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam tougher compared to SSC CGL and Bank PO?

Yes, FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam is comparatively easier to SSC CGL and Bank PO.

How to score well in FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam?

Dedicated, consistent, well planned practice is the only way to clear FCI Assistant Grade 3 Exam. Practice more from your weak area and do not neglect your stronger areas as well.

What topics are included in FCI Assistant Grade 3 General Studies?

Topics of History, Geography, Economy, General Science upto Class 8th level. (20 questions) and Current Affairs (5questions) are included in FCI Assistant Grade 3 exam.

Is it possible to clear FCI Assistant Grade 3 in 3 months ?

Yes, with consistent efforts and a good study plan such as the one above, it is possible to clear FCI Assistant Grade 3 in 3 months.


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