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Highest Paid Government Jobs in India : Government jobs in India are pretty much a big deal, and rightly so. The stability and security that a government job can provide, a private job cannot. A government will not just take care of your financial stability while you work, it will also do so after you retire. In addition to offering competitive compensation, government employment in India also provides job security, retirement benefits, allowances, and other benefits that entice candidates to prepare for numerous competitive exams. That is why thousands of candidates sit for government exams every year. Some of the highest paid government jobs in India are IAS, IPS, PSUs, Officers in Military, IFS etc. Let us know more about these jobs.

10 Highest Paid Government Jobs in India 2022

Here we have listed 10 Highest paid government jobs in India in 2022.

  1. IAS and IPS Officers
  2. Defense Services Officers
  3. ISRO, DRDO Scientists
  4. Indian Foreign Service
  5. Indian Forest Services
  6. PSU Jobs
  7. Assistant Professors/Lecturers
  8. SSC
  9. ASO in MEA
  10. RBI Grade B

1. Indian Administrative Services (IAS)

Being in the IAS and IPS is a very big deal, as it is the most prestigious government job in the country. In order to get in the IAS and IPS, aspiring candidates will have to crack the toughest government exam. IAS and IPS officers are given government sanctioned houses and cars for transportation. Check the salary structure below.


2. Public Sector Undertakings

Today government jobs are one of the best decisions you can take for yourself and your family, and an important part of that is the PSU. Some of the best- known public sector units are HPCL, IOCL, ONGC, BHEL etc. PSUs recruit many people every year and offer numerous benefits to their workers. The biggest reasons why people lean towards this job is due to its amazing salary structure, fixed work hours, job security and the fact that it is not very stressful. The salary structure of a PSU worker is as follows-

Graduate Engineers

  • Pay Scale- INR 24,900 – 50,500
  • Annual CTC- INR 10,80,000

Management Trainees

  • Pay Scale- INR 24,900 – 50,500
  • Annual CTC- INR 14,10,000

3. Defence Services- Navy, Army and Air Force

If you are seeking a well-paid job with many benefits, then the defence services are one of the best options of you. Apart from being a well-paid job, it also offers benefits such as medical facilities, official residence, and transportation. The salary structure is as follows-

  • Commandant (Junior Grade)– INR 15,600 – 39,100 and the grade pay is INR 7,600
  • Deputy Commandant– INR 15,600 – 39,100 and the grade pay is INR 6,600
  • Assistant Commandant– INR 15,600 – 39,100 with grade pay of INR 5,400

4. Indian Foreign Services (IFS)

IFS officers are nothing short of representatives of the nation i.e. they are the face of the country. This job entails you to attend many diplomatic meetings with foreign delegates and do a lot of national and international travelling. It is a very high paying job with a lot of prestige and respect associated with it. The salary structure is as follows-

Senior Time Scale

  • Pay Scale- INR 15,600 – 39,100
  • Grade Pay- INR 6,600

Junior Time Scale:

  • Pay Scale- INR 15,600 – 39,100
  • Grade Pay- INR 5,400

5. ISRO, DRDO Scientists/Engineers

Engineering candidates who are having an interest in Research and Development can apply for the post of scientists and engineers in ISRO and DRDO. People working in these organizations gets a great accommodation facility. Also, working in these organizations gives you immense respect in society. Below is the salary structure.

Scientist60, 000

6. RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B is one of the highest paid job in the banking industry. Check the salary below.

RBI Grade B67, 000

7. Indian Forest Services

The Indian Forest Services is one of the best jobs for a person who is nature-loving and who wants to escape city life. Indian Forest Officers generally work in forests and protect forest life and the environment. Here is the salary structure for IFoS.

Indian Forest Service60, 000

8. Assistant Professors/Lecturers

Teaching is one of the most reputed career in Indian Society. Many people have a dream of being a teacher. here is the salary structure for teachers.

Assistant Professors/Lecturers50, 000

9. Staff Selection Commission

SSC Conducts various examination such as CGL, CHSL, MTS, CPO. These jobs are based in the central government.

Various posts45, 000

10. ASO in MEA

To get a job as an ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs a candidate need to crack SSC CGL. Check More about SSC CGL.


Today government jobs are the best option if you are looking to lead a financially secure and stable life. However, if you want to land one of these coveted jobs, then you will have to make sure that your competitive exam preparation is nothing short of the best.


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