IB ACIO 2021 Important Last Minute Exam Tips | Know Here

With the exam dates announced for the much-awaited IB ACIO 2021 recruitment exam, we wanted to make sure you use these last few days judiciously. Here we list down the 5 things you MUST do in these days leading up to the IB ACIO!. Know about IB ACIO Last Minute Exam Tips here.

IB ACIO 2021 Last-Minute Tips

1. Practice difficult questions to gain an edge over others

In a competitive exam, even one question can make a lot of difference. The questions in the IB ACIO exam tend to be more tricky than lengthy. Hence, it is a good idea to have a stronghold over the basics and then move on to keeping short tricks handy. So, practice the questions you could not solve during your previous mocks or the ones you marked difficult during the initial phases of your preparation

2. Devise an exam strategy that works for you

Ideally while preparing decide on the following things:-

  1. Order of attempt for sections
  2. Time to be spent on each section
  3. Minimum number of attempts

These parameters are subject to change and can only be worked upon by taking and analyzing full-length mocks. Hence, take at least 1-2 full length mocks every day. Use our performance analysis to fine-tune your preparation by practicing more questions from topics you’re weak or slow at.

3. Improve the mediocre & weak topics

Take full length mocks after your preparation to measure your progress. Mock tests provide you instant feedback in the form of analytics, which will help you determine your speed & accuracy in solving questions. Giving mocks ensures that equal time is being spent on all sections, all of us have one section/topic that is our Achilles’ heel. Devote some extra time to the very important (in terms of weightage in the exam) portions of that section to avoid losing out on the easy questions.


4. Revise & then revise more

Revision is important to retain the concepts learned. It’s also important that you practice sectional tests after revising each topic to master it. Try not to learn something new in the last few days. Make sure you revise everything you have learned up till now. The more familiar you are with something, the better you get at it.

5. Have the right mindset

Last but not the least, ensure a healthy lifestyle and the right mindset. Make sure you are well rested before the exam. Also, have an optimistic and hopeful state of mind instead of being nervous.

6. Ensure you get a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) before your exam. Lack of adequate sleep can render the mind significantly slow especially when speed is the key during the exam.


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IB ACIO 2021 Last-Minute Tips (Generic)

  • Don’t learn anything new now
  • Go through your study notes and take Revision Tests
  • Eat & sleep well
  • Stay confident

IB ACIO Last-minute Tips During the exam

1) Stick to the order of sections that you have decided before coming in: If you have been solving mock tests by following a certain order of sections that you attempt, stick to that. Do not change it. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones first.

2) Keep the difficult and time-consuming questions in each section for the end. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones in each section first. The confidence will create positive momentum for you to do well over the 60 minutes.

3) Do not get stuck on any question:- And if any question takes more than that, leave it and you can return in case you have time. Remember, every question carries the same weightage within a section, so do not waste time on one question only.

Hope this helps.

All the best!


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