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IBPS Clerk 2019 Prelims Exam is scheduled to happen this weekend that is 7th & 8th of December 2019. We hope that you are prepared for the IBPS Clerk prelims paper and are ready to this face challenge. To help you a bit in your endeavour, we have come up with the IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2018 for the English Section. Go through these once and get yourself acquainted with the type of questions being asked in the Clerk Prelims paper. 

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IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions 2018 – English Language

Q. A sentence with one blank is given, indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word that best fits the blanks.

1. Usually, when the local festival is a week away, the number of customers in the shop ………………….

A. Will have increased 

B. Has increasing 

C. Will be increased 

D. Increases

E. Increased

Answer: D

2. You will have to undergo a ……………… of tests before the interview. 

A. Large

B. Series

C. Design

D. Booklet

E. Delegation

Answer: B

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Q. In the given sentence, some words are printed in bol, one of which may be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context. Choose that word as the answer. If all the words printed in bold are correct, mark E, i.e. ‘All are correct’ as the answer. 

1. Unless more information is collected, the police will not reveal the details of the altercution between the arresting officer and the suspect.

A. Information

B. Reveal

C. Altercution

D. Suspect

E. All correct

Answer: C (Altercation)

2. Considering the fact that Indians have outsed the non-natives almost always, it is not flawed to state that the nation will remain integrated till the kingdom come. 

A. Fact

B. Outsed

C. Flawed

D. Conjointly

E. All are correct

Answer: B (Ousted)

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Q. In the following questions, one part of the sentence might have an error. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and select the appropriate option. If the sentence is free from error, select ‘No Error’. Ignore errors of punctuation, if any. 


A. The world’s first commercial-scale fusion reactor project.

B. is on track to officially launch operations at the

C. end of 2025, but as per reports it is expected that

D. they will take at least a decade to fully power up the facility.

E. No Error

Answer: D


A. As businesses pour resources into designing the next generation

B. of tools and products powered by AI, people are not inclined

C. to assumed that these companies will automatically step up to the 

D. ethical and legal responsibilities if these systems go awry

E. No error

Answer: C

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Q. In this question, two columns I and II and three sentences are given, which are divided into two parts. Match the column I with column II, so that the sentences formed are both meaningful and grammatically correct. Choose the relevant option as your answer.

Column I Column II
A. Selfish politicians should never make it D. Usually in the form of a circle on a map showing the approximate range.
B. Being rich doesn’t guarantee you E. Goes to the backseat of the car.
C. There are apps that calculate the range of your electric car, F. There was still an attempt made.


A. C-D

B. B-D and A-F

C. A-E, B-D and C-F

D. C-F

E. B-D and C-E

Answer: A

For a detailed understanding of the questions and solutions, watch the video by our Expert English Faculty here. 

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So this was all from us in this blog of “IBPS Clerk Memory Based Questions – English Language”. We hope that you would like the contents of the article. For more, stay tuned with Oliveboard.

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