50 Important Simplification Questions – Download Free PDF

Your Exam preparation is as diverse as possible. There are multiple topics under different sections that are to be covered while preparing. One such topic is a simplification. It has a good number of questions in almost all bank and government exams which makes it all the more important to cover and practice this topic efficiently. In this regard, we are bringing, important simplification questions free pdf to aid your preparations.

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Let’s move ahead and see the questions:

1. Important Simplification Questions – Free PDF

You can click on the link provided below to download the free pdf.



2. Important Simplification Questions  – Sneak Peek

Here are a few questions that are covered in the ebook. You can attempt the questions here and download the ebook to check the answers:

1. 6156 ÷ √? × 53 = 4028

a) 6731
b) 6561
c) 6741
d) 6531

2. [(sqrt 2401 + sqrt 625) – (29 + 5)] ÷ 4 = ?^1/2

a) 100
b) 105
c) 102
d) None of these

3. 333.44 + 33.4444 + 3.444 + 3333.4 = ?

a) 3703.245
b) 3709.265
c) 3701.234
d) 3703.7284

4. (3469.24 + 1209.53 – 2046.27) = ?^2 + 2551.5

a) – 2
b) 10
c) 4
d) -9


3. Few Tips To Solve Simplification in Exams

Follow the below-mentioned steps to master the simplification topic and learn important practice tips to solve faster:

  • Practice The concept of BODMAS & master-concept.
  • Learn cube roots, square roots up to 30.
  • Learn cubes, squares, and tables upto 30.
  • Practice Tricks learned while practicing the questions.
  • Solve multiple questions to encounter different logics and types.
  • Apply BODMAS effectively and practice enough questions.
  • Try & Solve equations mentally.

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That brings us to the end of this article, important simplification questions PDF. We hope that the questions provided here prove effective in your exam preparation. attempt Questions and download free PDF to know the answers.

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