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Want to know about International Organizations? Join the Live Class

International Organizations

International organizations are the organization that are formed under the treaty or due to an international need and they have their own laws. UN, WHO(World Health Organization), ADB, IMF, etc. are examples of such organisations. “International organizations” is a very crucial topic as questions on it are regularly asked in Banking & Government Exams. To aid your preparation, we are going to provide all the information about the online course on Important International Organizations – Their Aims and Objectives. This course would exclusively be available on Oliveboard Edge. This course will be live soon and will be taught by Abhishek Sharma Sir. Aspirants preparing for SBI POIBPS POSBI CLERK, IBPS CLERK, SSC should subscribe to Oliveboard edge and get access to this online course on International Organizations.

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What do International Organizations do?

The International Organisations work towards -:

  • Setting the international agenda.
  • Managing and Guiding Economic Policies on International Level
  • Helping Global Trade and Development.
  • Providing a place for politics initiatives
  • acts as an agitator in coalition-formation for achieving common goals.

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International Organizations – Course Structure

As mentioned above, the International Organisations Online Course will be exclusively available on Oliveboard Edge. It is a newly launched Live courses platform for SSC, Railways and Bank Exam preparation. Once you get enrolled with Edge you will get unlimited access to all the different types of courses like Topic-wise courses, Section-wise course, Exam Specific courses for bank and government exams Learn with the top faculty of Oliveboard and prepare for the exam. The topics that will be covered in this course are as follows:

  • IMF and World Bank.
  • United Nations- History and main bodies.
  • United Nations- Specialized Agencies.
  • WTO (World Trade Organisation).

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Features of International Organizations Online Course

This Short Course is structured in such a way that almost everything on International Organizations is covered that can be asked in the bank and government exams and this course will ensure that you are able to solve all the questions from this topic that come your way. The features of the course are as follows:

  • Introduction to International Organizations.
  • History and main bodies of the United Nations.
  • Familiarizing one about the names and the history of the international organization.
  • Current chiefs of international organizations.
  • Locations of the international agencies.
  • Apart from these you can also learn about the functions of these international bodies.
  • Understanding of the concept.
  • Testing of the concept by Exclusive MCQ sessions.

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International Organizations – Schedule for live session.

This course will be live from 9 October 2019 and will be conducted at 3 pm in the afternoon. The classes are going to be conducted according to the below schedule by Abhishek Sharma sir.

1 IMF and World Bank 9-Oct, Wed 3:00 PM
2 United Nations – History and Main bodies 10-Oct, Thu 3:00 PM
3 United Nations – Specialized Agencies 11-Oct, Fri 3:00 PM
4 WTO 14-Oct, Mon 3:00 PM
5 NDB | ADB | AIIB 16-Oct, Wed 3:00 PM
6 MCQ Session 18-Oct, Fri 3:00 PM


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That is all from us in this blog of International Organizations Online Course, hope this input will help you. We will meet you in the class. For more such updates stay tuned with Oliveboard.

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