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JAIIB Revision Plan 2022: The JAIIB 2022 Exam will begin on 12th November, which means you have precisely 10 days until your exam! We must begin our preparation for JAIIB 2022 now that the exam is approaching. For better preparation, you’ll need a daily study plan. So, for a structured preparation, we are offering you with a 10-day JAIIB revision plan 2022 that will help you strategize your preparation and ensure that you score well on the exam. Let’s start with the JAIIB Exam Dates and Exam pattern and then move on to the JAIIB revision plan. The exam will be held from 12th Novemeber 2022.


JAIIB Examination Dates November 2022

JAIIB Revision Plan: Before going ahead, take a look at exam dates.

JAIIB 2022 Online Registration Begins1st September 2022
JAIIB Admit Card 2022 Release DateNovember 2022
Exam Date12th, 13th and 20th November 2022
Principles & Practices of Banking12-11-2022
Accounting & Finance for Bankers13-11-2022
Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking20-11-2022

JAIIB Revision Plan for last 10 days

The following JAIIB revision plan is a systematic approach to preparing for JAIIB Exam 2022 in ten days, in which we cover all of the major topics covered in the exam. This revision plan will assist you in identifying a better method of preparation as well as maximizing your effort and time. This JAIIB revision plan is based on the most recent JAIIB Syllabus and Question Paper Trends. You can also browse for other free study notes in addition to this strategy. To get the free notes, go here.

Day 1Mock test-1 – LRABAnalyze mock test properly
Day 2LRAB Module A & BLRAB Module C & D
Day 3Mock test-2 – PPBAnalyze Your Mock Test
Day 4PPB Module A PPB Module B
Day 5Mock test-3PPB Module C
Day 6PPB Module DPPB Module E
Day 7Mock test-4 – AFBAFB Module A
Day 8AFB Module BAFB Module C
Day 9AFB Module DMock test-5– PPB
Day 10Revise for PPB take rest
*Take Mock test on LRAB, PPB, AFB and analyze where you stand, your weak parts, the section where you need to give more attention and then prepare accordingly*

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else

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Because the LRAB Exam is on 20th November, you have an extra six days to study for it. You can prepare for the JAIIB LRAB Exam later if you plan ahead. Take a mock test to assess your subject knowledge before beginning your preparation. Examine how you may improve your preparation and where you can go in your preparation to get ready for the exam.

What Oliveboard’s Mock Tests Offer!

Mock tests and courses are distinctive features of Oliveboard. You will be happy to hear that Oliveboard now offers JAIIB mock tests. These mock tests include,

  • 15 JAIIB Mock Tests
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  • Principles and Practices of Banking Sectional Tests
  • Accounts and Finance for Bankers Sectional Tests
  • Legal and Regulatory Laws for Banks Sectional Tests
  • Complete + Subject-Wise Courses
  • Free Topic-Wise Pdf Notes

    All Questions asked in the JAIIB Mock test Series are as per the latest JAIIB exam pattern, you will get detailed solutions for all the JAIIB – AFB, LRB & PPB Mock test questions and AI-Based Performance Analysis Engine will give you detailed analysis of your attempt. Which helps you to know which sections to focus your prep on! You can take a free mock JAIIB Mock Test for your comprehension

JAIIB Exam Pattern

The format for the JAIIB exam 2022 is multiple-choice questions. The total number of questions in each paper is 120, and the maximum mark is 100 marks. There is no negative marking. So, even in you JAIIB Revision Plan, we included mock tests which will give you actual exam feel, with that you can learn time management and your performance analysis.

To qualify for the exam, the candidate is required to secure a 50% in all three subjects or a minimum of 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate 50% in all three papers in a single attempt.

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsTotal MarksDuration
Principles & Practices of Banking1201002 hours
Accounting and Finance for Bankers1201002 hours
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking1201002 hours

A goal without a plan is just a wish

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The 5 most important JAIIB exam preparation tips

The exams conducted by IBPS and SBI are not similar to those of JAIIB. SBI and IBPS exams are open to common candidates, but not JAII. Those employed in banks or financial institutions are eligible to apply for JAIIB. A diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF) does not require applicants to be employed by a bank.

For the coming JAIIB exams 2022, we have come up with 5 proven preparation methods that will help you score well and clear JAIIB with confidence.

Plan your studies in a detailed manner

Aspirants should follow this one tip. While reading or brushing through the study material, avoid working on other activities simultaneously. Studying and preparing for the JAIIB exams takes a lot of time and a dedicated JAIIB Preparation plan. Using our thoroughly researched and well-structured study materials, we want to make this process easy, informative, and enjoyable for you. Remember, no distractions. Set aside no less than one or two hours each day.

Learn the syllabus for the JAIIB 2022 exam

Prior to beginning your study preparations, check your syllabus. In order to stay on track with what and how much to read, knowing the syllabus is very important. Having a good understanding of one or two of the subjects above will help you identify and determine which ones require more preparation and focus. When you are reading the material, you should note down or highlight significant points so that they can be referred to later in the revision process. In addition, it will indicate where you require some assistance so that you can take advantage of mentors to clarify your doubts.

Mock tests for the JAIIB are essential

The JAIIB mock test is available online to test your knowledge after you have reviewed the theory sections in detail. After you have developed a deep understanding of the theory, you can also take a mock test series using your login credentials. It will help you analyze your performance and assist you in knowing what your stronger and weaker areas are. You should act as if you are taking the final JAIIB exam when taking a mock test. It will be difficult for you to see the areas where you lag behind and those where you only need a little brush up if you ignore it.

Revise More often

You should not stop preparing for your exam after passing the mock tests. Make sure you set aside time for revision after taking the mock test. As you study, you can review the points you made notes on and work on your weak points. If necessary, you can take a mock test again. We are always available to help you with sections where you feel stuck. In preparation for the test, our faculty is available to help you clear any doubts.

The JAIIB exam can be cleared in one attempt

It is best to take all three subjects at the same time. Although the passing mark in JAIIB is 50 out of 100, if you score 45 in two subjects and 50 in total, you will be declared successful. How exciting!

Before starting your JAIIB Revision Plan, Take a look at JAIIB Exam Syllabus, and see which topics you need to give even more focus for your D-Day Exam.

JAIIB Exam 2022 Syllabus

The syllabus of JAIIB Exam 2022 is as prescribed by IIBF. Each of the papers is further divided into 4 modules, the details of which are presented below in a tabular format.

JAIIB Syllabus for Paper I

The JAIIB paper I is Principles and Practices of Banking. The paper is divided into 4 modules. All these modules are included in JAIIB Revision Plan 

Module A- Indian Financial SystemIndian Financial System – An Overview,Banking Regulation,Retail Banking,Wholesale and International Banking,Role of Money Markets,Debt Markets & Forex Market,Role and Functions of Capital Markets,SEBI,Mutual Funds & Insurance Companies,Bancassurance & IRDA,Factoring,Forfaiting Services and Off-Balance Sheet items,Risk Management,Basel Accords,CIBIL,Fair Practices Code for Debt Collection,BCSBI,Recent Developments in the Financial System
Modules B- Functions of BanksBanker Customer Relationship,KYC / AML / CFT norms,Bankers’ Special Relationship,Consumer Protection – COPRA,Banking Ombudsman Scheme,Payment and Collection of Cheques and Other Negotiable Instruments,Opening accounts of various types of customers,Ancillary Services,Cash Operations,Principles of lending,Working Capital Assessment and Credit Monitoring,Priority Sector Advances,Agricultural Finance,Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,Government Sponsored Schemes,Self Help Groups,Credit Cards,Home Loans,Personal Loans,Consumer Loans,Documentation,Different Modes of Charging Securities,Types of collaterals and their characteristics,Non Performing Assets,Financial Inclusion,Financial Literacy
Module C- Banking TechnologyEssentials of Bank Computerization,Payment Systems and Electronic Banking,Data Communication Network and EFT systems,Role of Technology Upgradation and its impact on Banks,Security Considerations,Overview of IT Act,Preventive Vigilance in Electronic Banking
Module D- Support Services, Marketing of BankingServices/ Products,Marketing – An Introduction,Social Marketing / Networking,Consumer Behaviour and Product,Pricing,Distribution,Channel Management,Promotion,Role of Direct Selling Agent / Direct Marketing Agent in a bank,Marketing Information Systems – a longitudinal analysis
Module E- Ethics in Banks and Financial InstitutionsEthics, Business Ethics & Banking: An Integrated PerspectiveEthics at the Individual LevelEthical Dimension EmployeesWork Ethic and The WorkplaceBanking Ethics: Changing Dynamic

JAIIB Syllabus for Paper II

The syllabus of JAIIB Exam 2022 paper II for all modules is discussed here. Paper 2 is accounting and finance for banks. All these modules are included in JAIIB Revision Plan

Module A- Business Mathematics and FinanceCalculation of Interest and Annuities,Calculation of YTM,Capital Budgeting,Depreciation and its Accounting,Foreign Exchange Arithmetic
Modules B- Principles of Bookkeeping and AccountingDefinition,Scope and Accounting Standards,Basic Accounting Procedures,Maintenance of Cash / Subsidiary Books and Ledger,Bank Reconciliation Statement,Trial Balance,Rectification of Errors and Adjusting & Closing Entries,Capital and Revenue Expenditure,Bills of Exchange
Module C- Final AccountsBalance Sheet Equation,Preparation of Final Accounts,Ratio Analysis,Final Accounts of Banking Companies,Company Accounts I & II,Accounting in a Computerized Environment
Module D- Banking OperationsBanking Operations & Accounting Functions

JAIIB Syllabus for Paper III

The syllabus for JAIIB Exam 2022 for the Paper III i.e., Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking is given below. All these modules are included in JAIIB Revision Plan

Module A- Regulations and ComplianceLegal Framework of Regulation of Banks,Control over Organization of Banks,Regulation of Banking Business,Returns Inspection,Winding up,Mergers & Acquisitions,Public Sector Banks and Co-operative Banks,Financial Sector Legislative Reforms,Recent Legislative Changes in RBI Act,Financial Sector Development Council
Modules B- Legal Aspects of Banking OperationsDifferent Types of Borrowers,Types of Credit Facilities,Secured and Unsecured Loans,Registration of Firms and Incorporation of Companies,Indemnities,Bank Guarantees,Letters of Credit,Deferred Payment Guarantees,Laws Relating to Bill Finance,Various Types of Securities,Laws Relating to Securities and Modes of Charging-I,Laws Relating to Securities and Modes of Charging- II,Registration and Satisfaction of Charges,Case Laws on Responsibility of Paying Bank,Case Laws on Responsibility of Collecting Bank
Module C- Banking Related LawsRecovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993(DRT Act),Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act (SARFAESI),Banking Ombudsman Scheme,Bankers Books Evidence Act, 1891,The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987,The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and CERSAI,The Law of Limitation,Tax Laws,Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881,Payment & Settlements Systems Act, 2007
Module D- Commercials Laws with Reference to Banking OperationsIndian Contract Act, 1872,The Sale of Goods Act, 1930,Indian Partnership Act, 1932,Definition and features of a company,The Companies Act, 1956 (Now Companies Act, 2013 ),Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999,Transfer of Property Act, 1882,The Right to Information Act, 2005,Right to Information and Obligation of Public Authorities,The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002,Information Technology Act, 2000


JAIIB Exam is not just an exam, it is an access through which you can reach new heights in your career. So preparing for this exam is bit hard on top of that while working makes it even harder. We understand your situation and hence we are providing you with revision plan so that you can achieve your goal. For Free Study materials and Mock Test visit Oliveboard Website.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

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Happy Learning!

All the Best for you Exams!

JAIIB Study Material Compilation

Principles And Practices Of Banking Principles And Practices Of Banking | Study Notes For JAIIB (oliveboard.in)
Reserve Bank of IndiaReserve Bank of India: Organisation & Functions – Oliveboard
Types Of Shares And Their IssueTypes Of Shares And Their Issue- Types, Classification, Bonus Shares (oliveboard.in)
Understanding The Balance Sheet And Its FormatUnderstanding The Balance Sheets And It’s Format (oliveboard.in)
Accounting And Finance For BankersAccounting And Finance For Bankers | Study Notes For JAIIB (oliveboard.in)
Assets & Liabilities Assets & Liabilities – Meaning, Legal Requirements and more (oliveboard.in)
Public Sector Banks And Cooperative BanksPublic Sector Banks And Cooperative Banks | JAIIB Study Notes (oliveboard.in)
Calculation of Interest and AnnuitiesCalculation of Interest and Annuities-Business Mathematics For JAIIB (oliveboard.in)
Calculation of YTMCalculation of YTM(Yield to Maturity)-Basics of Business Mathematics (oliveboard.in)
Consumer Protection ActConsumer Protection Act COPRA- Free Pdf Notes for JAIIB 2022 (oliveboard.in)
Risk and Basic Risk Management FrameworkRisk and Basic Risk Management Framework JAIIB | Oliveboard
Risks in Banking BusinessRisk in Banking Business
Functions of BankFunctions of Bank – Short Notes for JAIIB Exam | Oliveboard
Payments and Collecting ChequesPayment and Collection of Cheques and Other Negotiable Instruments for JAIIB I Oliveboard
Data Communication NetworkData Communication Network and EFT Systems for JAIIB I Oliveboard
Technology Upgradation and it’s impactRole of Technology Upgradation and its impact on Banks JAIIB I Oliveboard
Security Considerations: IT Security & IT AuditSecurity Considerations: IT Security & IT Audit for JAIIB I Oliveboard

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Q. When is JAIIB Exam? JAIIB Exam Dates 2022

A. PPB- 12-11-2022
AFB- 13-11-2022
LRAB- 20-11-2022

Q. Where to download JAIIB Admit Card 2022

A. The Admit Card for JAIIB 2022 is yet to be released. Once it is released you can find it in the Official IIBF Website.


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