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JAIIB Topper Tips

JAIIB Topper Tips: As the JAIIB October exam draws closer, candidates will be in the thick of their preparation. Self-sufficiency during preparation for exams is excellent. However, it will do wonders for your perspective to get a different point of view. Especially in the case of bank and government exams, taking pointers from a candidate who has cleared an exam is a great way to streamline your own preparation.

This blog brings you the words of Manisha Singh. Manisha is working in SBI as a Probationary Officer and has completed one out of the two years of probation. She cleared the JAIIB exam during this period on her first attempt itself. Manisha is an old student of Oliveboard, so you can quickly adapt her own tips and tricks to your preparation through the use of Oliveboard.

JAIIB Topper Tips: Manisha’s Tips to Ace JAIIB in One Go

Manisha had given one IBPS PO attempt in 2019 for which she cleared the Prelims but not Mains. This was followed by SBI PO 2019. She decided to join Oliveboard for the mock test series. Compared to numerous other online mock tests, she found Oliveboard’s to be one or two levels higher. This, of course, helped make the Mains exam a smoother experience.

With Prelims out of the way and a 99% surety of clearing it, she began her Mains preparation. Oliveboard ensured that preparation for the Prelims and Mains was not separate. This way, as the Prelims were over and Mains followed, most of the subjects to learn and practice had already been learned and practiced. Manisha had also focussed on her GA which she felt was a weak point.

JAIIB Topper Tips 2023

With concerted effort and efficient supplemented learning from Oliveboard, Manisha cleared the SBO PO on her first attempt itself.

1. When to Focus

As Manisha says, the best time to clear the JAIIB (and CAIIB) exams is during the Probation period. This is because, during this time, your training means you will not have many heavy responsibilities. This will allow you time to focus on preparation. You can of course give these exams after probation, but the workload will increase dramatically post-confirmation and in this case, it can be difficult for candidates to focus.

2. The Strategies

In Manisha’s case, she filled out the form in early 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the following months, the exam scheduled for May-June got postponed. In that year, the JAIIB was conducted only once, rather than the usual twice.

3. How to Prepare

The first suggestion is to use the IIBF-recommended Macmillian books. They may be lengthy but they are thorough. In Manisha’s opinion, it will also be very useful to learn through classes than self-study. Courses or videos online would help streamline the preparation for the exam.

Scheduling some time in the morning and in the evening after work is the best way to be consistent with the preparation. Following this steady schedule for at least 1-2 months should make clearing JAIIB a lot easier.

It would be a good method to learn PPB and LRAB simultaneously

4. Selecting a Center

Center selection for JAIIB especially during the probation period can prove to be tricky. You may never know when your branch may change and whether you will be able to make it to your selected center. In this case, it is best to choose a location you can reach irrespective of where you may be posted. Manisha selected Lucknow to ensure that she could reach the city for her exam even though she was posted in Allahabad.

So make sure to be smart in choosing your desired center for the exam

5. Checking the Syllabus

It is always best to check the exam details and syllabus for yourself before asking other people. This way you can gauge the specific method of preparation that you need to use. Another reason to attempt the JAIIB within the probationary period is that you will be fresh out of the bank exam preparation. Your banking concepts will be fresh in your mind, which will make preparing for most topics especially PPB and LRAB a lot easier.

6. Familiar Topics

If you’re a JAIIB candidate who has cleared the bank exam recently, you will find the Principles and Practices of Banking especially easy. Modules A and B are in particular, mostly from Banking Awareness that you learn for Mains. the rest of the modules are mostly basic knowledge like ethics, marketing, and technology. Modules A and B are also the modules from which most questions are asked.

7. To Clear the Exam

Manisha scored 64 in both PPB and AFB, while in LRAB she scored 67. Those who score the minimum 45, 45, and 45 marks requirement get a Pass Class while those like Manisha who score 60+ in all three, get a First Class Certificate. While the monetary perks are the same for all those who pass irrespective of the marks, if would be best to prepare in a way that gets you over the minimum requirement comfortably.

8. Working Knowledge

There is no particular practice knowledge that you need while attempting JAIIB. As Manisha says, the topics she learned for AFB have never been applied in the actual work of a banker. So there is no prior practical knowledge that you need nor can you cut down on preparation depending on practice knowledge. You’ll have to learn each subject well either way.

9. Important Topics

  • PPB: Indian Financial System, Bank and its Roles, Loans, Factoring, Financial Inclusion
  • AFB: Module B in particular- Basics of accountancy, bookkeeping, reconciliation statements. Module A- focuses more on numerical problems which you will need practice. Module C has a lot of topics like ratio analysis and balance sheets which should be learned.
  • LRAB: Acts, Don’t focus a lot on Sections except the major ones like Ombudsman, etc

10. Case Studies

More numerical focussed. Particularly in AFB. Mostly 3-4 questions. Numerical based come for 1.5-2 marks mostly. But case studies are mostly asked for CAIIB and don’t have a lot of importance in JAIIB.


At the end of such an enlightening session, Manisha provides a few key suggestions:

  • Try and clear JAAIB as soon as possible within the probation period.
  • Have at least one standard book for each subject. For Oliveboard’s JAIIB study material recommendation click here.
  • Make sure to do as many mock tests as possible.
  • Make a bit of a consistent schedule in the morning and evening for 1-2 months.

Follow these JAIIB topper tips for a sure shot at clearing JAIIB.

Best of Luck!

JAIIB Topper Tips – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to clear SBI PO in one attempt?

Definitely! As Manisha shows with proper preparation, solid study material, proper guidance, and challenging mock tests, clearing banking exams in one go is very much doable.

What is the best time to clear JAIIB?

The best time to write and clear JAIIB would be during your 1-2 year probation. This is the time when you’ll be moved around for training but you will also get to dedicate time for preparation as the workload will be low.

What books should I follow for JAIIB?

It is necessary to have the IIBF-recommended Macmillian books for each paper on hand. For more book and study material suggestions, check here.

What are the easier topics in JAIIB?

For the less prepared, every topic could be difficult. However, for most freshly selected banking candidates, PPB and LRAB would prove easy as a lot of concepts will be familiar. In the case of AFB, people with a commerce background will also find it easy. But even without that, it’s possible to score well in AFB


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